Upcoming Events, A Mystery Within A Mystery & More About My Mega-Party

Hi everyone! A lot is going to be happening in the next few months on Club Penguin! Here’s a quick preview of what you can look forward to:

  • The Fall Fair party (all the favourites from last year plus new stuff!)
  • A visit from Rockhopper (who always brings cool stuff!)
  • Halloween Party (complete with an igloo decorating contest, awesome costumes, and lots of spooky surprises!)
  • 3rd Anniversary Party (Club Penguin is turning 3!)
  • A new Yearbook (with highlights of the past year!)
  • A new mission

That’s not all of course! New catalogues and pins will be released too!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Moving on…

There are lots of mysteries around Club Penguin, and the most famous is probably the ninja mystery. Do they exist? Or are they just a myth? A few weeks ago, a hint was given in the newspaper about the new play:

This hint caused a great number of rumours to start about the next play being about ninjas, all because of a simple letter “n”. Think about the title of the new play, “Ruby And The Ruby”, is there an “n” in that? No. I think it was just a publicity stunt by the mods to get us interested! Clever plan, pity there are some very observant penguins out there (not me though 😀 , this was all found by Bioe)!

Finally, for more information about my Mega-Party; I now can release a list of all the things we’re celebrating for the party:

100,000 hits on this site

My penguin turning 500 days old

6,000 pieces of blocked SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages 😀 ) on this site

1000 hits on Interiordes3’s site

7,000 hits on Kimi 07’s site

Kimi 07 and Interiordes3 turning 1 year old on Club Penguin

45,000 hits on Chinsetakout’s site

Bioe‘s penguin turning 900 days old

Wow that’s a lot of celebration! The party will start at 10:00am PST (Penguin Standard Time) on Saturday 20th September, on Matterhorn server at the Dock. I’ll post the official invitation tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Long title 😀 !


8 Responses

  1. oh man i hope i can come but i have a cross country meet on saturday but i will try :/
    Also please enter my commenting contest!

  2. Hey! Well I have made a new video on Youtube! I got it for arronplatt and it’s a Music Video!!! The song is Apologize by Timbaland! THe song is probably my favorite! It’s really good. Please comment on it and suscribe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q229Tw21D04


  3. Hi Bodge I have a rare MEMBER penguin contest on my site at http://www.icynemocheats.com! thx Icynemo!

  4. my penguin is turning 600 days old on that day

  5. if i still had hibob98 i’d be 730 days old 😦

  6. acctully bodge there is a N in ruby and the ruby! ruby aNd the ruby. in the and! lol. how did u miss it?
    spotted by star

  7. and by me…..lol!!! VISIT MY SITE PLZ PPL!!!!

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