New Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today. It is issue #153. Here are the top stories:

“Fall Fair Fanfare”, where we learn of an unopened box from last year’s Fall Fair:

“Stage Review”, where a reporter reviews the new play, Ruby And The Ruby. You have to click on him to activate the review, and hover your cursor over Ruby to read a quick overview:

And “Autumn Preview”, where we have yet another look into what’s happening this Autumn. Drag the leaves away and hover over the pictures to read:

This week’s In Focus is about surfing, and gives you useful tips and an insight into surfing lingo, and this week’s Aunt Arctic questions are: “Big Fish In A Small Pond”, where a penguin asks how to catch the mullet in Ice Fishing, and “Jer Nalist”, who asks what it’s like to be a reporter for a newspaper. This week’s “Tips And Secrets” is about finding the right job for you, and this week’s “Reviewed By You” says the most popular igloo designs. As well as all this there are the usual jokes, riddles, comics, a puzzle (this week a shuffle puzzle) and some pretty good poems. And, finally, the Upcoming Events:

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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