Vid Of The Week

Welcome to Vid Of The Week, my weekly post where I feature one fantastic Club Penguin video, every week! This week’s Vid Of The Week is…

Viva La Vida- Club Penguin by Sneezy26! I love this song, and there are some wonderful effects, which I think really go with the music!

See you next week with another fantastic video!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. bodge can i plz work here ill do anything ill give u a super rare penguin with the four leave clover pin!! or any other penguin u want

    ps its safe chat lol but i got more rare pengs

  2. that rocked that was one of my favortie songs to 🙂 im sorry because i was mad at you and said stuff but i take it back because you and your site rocks and that vid was the best yet

  3. its ok blue flame! also sorry mowloft, but i dont need any other workers at this site at the mo

  4. kewl video, awesome song!


  5. Dude i like the vid but u have to put this on up as video of the month!!!

    its brill!!


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