New Newspaper

It’s Thursday again, like it is every week, and you know what that means! New newspaper! Here are this week’s top stories:

“Fall Fair Festivities”, where we are told more of what’s coming at this year’s Fall Fair:

And “Special Section: Environment”, where they tell us about being environmentally friendly on Club Penguin (I think they’re implying what we should do in our real lives, as well):

There is another advertisement for stuff happening this autumn:

The In Focus this week is all about sledding and this week’s Aunt Arctic questions are “Too Short To Reach”, who asks about the window in the Ski Lodge and “Not Height Happy”, who asks for help overcoming their fear of heights (what have heights got to do with Club Penguin???). Also there are the usual jokes, riddles, poems, etc. And, finally, here are the upcoming events:

Look out for the Fall Fair tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. theres a secret letter in the newspaper fyi click the paper on aunt arctics desk

  2. oh i may add that livin la vs a vid of week sometime. also i just put a new out cause last time it was only 1o seconds long lol

  3. Open the newspaper in Club Penguin

    Click on the paper on the table on Page D1
    Click the Red Book held by the Lime Green penguin in the picture of the article “Best Book in the Library” in the Reviewed By You section
    Then click on the Cookie held by the Pink Penguin in the Poetry section on Page C5
    Click on the TV on Page A5
    Click on the Tea Cup held by the Green Penguin on Page B4
    Click on the Message again.

  4. get how to find the secret note from G at


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