100,000 Hit Party Relocation

Fall Fair 2008 Cheats:

Fall Fair

Ticket Cheat

Because of the Fall Fair,  servers are a lot more full at the moment than usual, as was proved yesterday with my last attempt at hosting my 100,000 Hits Mega-Party. That it why I am relocating the party (relocating- not cancelling) to Snow Bank server, at the Plaza. Here’s a reminder of the details:

When: Today, (Sunday 28th September) at 12:00pm PST

Where: Starting at the Plaza on Snow Bank server.

For more details on the party and what it will include, click here.

Club Penguin is still not working perfectly for me, so I might be going on as Bodge102, we’ll see.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. Nice your cool
    Hey guys check out my site:
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    I forgot to say that your site is cooler than watex site
    Keep up the good work

  2. i will try my best to come 🙂


  3. 12PM????? P-M???? you mean AM right?

  4. sorry I did not come. I have been quite busy at home. Hope you had fun!

  5. no 12pm- that’s club penguin noon- am would be club penguin midnight. also it hasnt happened yet interiordes!

  6. I cant get onto the server

  7. Hello! Ready for the biggest contest ever? Well go to http://clubpenguinseven.wordpress.com and Tell people to vote for you to win a rare penguin!

  8. figures!
    i thought i messed your party. so than i went to trens party 😦 if i would of known i would of came after trens

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