100,000 Hit Party Review & Prize Draw Results

Hey guys! The party was AWESOME! Loads of people came and we totally rocked the server! I took loads of pictures, and I’ll have the slideshow ready by Tuesday, in the meantime here’s a few snapshots for you:

It was, without doubt, my best party EVER! The winner of the prize draw was Icey Taco, who won our grand prize of a member penguin! Well done! Please tell me how you would like the penguin delivered (eg. by email or by comment etc.).

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. If you are looking for Fall Fair stuff, click one of these links:

Fall Fair

Ticket Cheat


9 Responses


  2. i missed it too 😦 i had to do homework and totally forgot 😥 man 😥


  3. Dang! I missed it ass well! It was my grandpa’s birthday so we went to celebrate it!


  4. good job icy taco… i didnt if you saw i was in like 2 pics and bodge is my friend now along with heatblast and icy taco!!!!! oh and aqua from cp trio!!!!!! YOUR PARTY ROCKED BODGE!!!!

  5. thnx eagles!

  6. I am at all the pictuers..!!!

  7. nice! that looks massive! bioe ur rare. lol

  8. that was awesome

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