Club Penguin October 2008 Clothing Catalog Cheats

A new clothing catalog came out today. Here are the cheats:

1. Click on the pumpkin to find the Red Viking Helmet:

2. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times to find the Blue Viking Helmet:

3. Click on the yellow puffle while viewing the Blue Viking Helmet to find the Gold Viking Helmet:

4. Click on the torch bracket to find the Black Superhero Mask:

5. Click on the pink flipper to find the Mixed Bracelets:

6. Click on the lighthouse to get the Black Scuba Mask:

7. Click on the wristband for the Jade Necklace:

If you weren’t here last Hallowe’en, make sure you check out the cool fashions! If you were, make sure you check out the catalog anyway, there might be some new surprises 😉 .

Until next time…

Waddle on!



35 Responses

  1. wow cool i lve this website.
    tnx o and does anyone no wat happened to the
    grab & spin game at the dock?

  2. after you get to the blue viking helmet click on the yellow puffle for the gold one!!!

  3. pnce you get the nlue viking helemet click on the yellow puffle and youll get the gold one

  4. hey bodge u need to include the gold viking helmet check out my site for it

  5. wen the blue viking helmet comes up press the yellow puffle for the gold helmet

    add this cheat and email me back

  6. thnx for that guys! i didnt spot that one!

  7. the gold viking helm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. there was a cheat to get infinite tickets, so they shut down the grab and spin game

  10. finally the golden is back!!!!

  11. and 100 hits from Israel

  12. i bought the blue vicking helment and and it still wont give me the gold helment even when i click on the yellow puffle


    I’m having a contest, one of the prizes are to win a free penguin!


  14. nice bodge! bodge u are offically a famous penguin. u have over 100,000 hits have an average 5 people on ur site. i bet if u go to mammoth or the frozen dock people will be crowding u and asking to be ur buddy

  15. Nice Post! 😛

    Comment back by clicking the name! 😉

    P.S: Comment back on the page marked “260 Funny Pictures.” THANKS! 😀



  17. omg! i have been wondering the same thing for the grab and spin game but i love the catalog its not as better as last years bu its okay thanks for posting! i finally got the yellow viking helmet!! YES! THANKS!

  18. Nice post!

  19. Hey, I just made a pin widget that updates itself and you can put on your sidebar if you want to. Check it out at my site!


  20. Hey Bodge could you plz add the aces to your blogroll as

    aces of clubpenguin

    and the thing is hhtp:/

    And if you could please make a post about us we are really struggling for hits.


  21. Oh and could it be on the links most traffic blogroll

  22. Hey my pc dident crash this time!!

    Cool I Will Comment More!!!!!!!!

  23. How frustraiting, THEY ARE ALL REPEATS!

  24. hey bodge i need to know how to make more than 1 blog rolls. plz go to cp7 and tell me

  25. oh not to be picky but u can remove the source and i think clubpenguinseven would be on the freinds roll unless u hate everyone who works there. lol

  26. I never see you on cp anymore!! What has happened? We should arrange to see eachother some time.

  27. lol we see each other all the time these days

  28. ok des we can meet up sometime 😀

  29. hey bodge i tried but i cant do it. ill add u as admin and can u name it other blog roll and add oatman, jayman, and zebrahorse to it so i know its there. plz. then ill do the rest.

  30. bodge
    u shud save ur pictures as .png not .jpeg

  31. Hey Bodge! You know what I just noticed? Your site gets a lot of hits but barely any comments. It’s weird.


  32. ojoc: I would ojoc, but my computer is nearly 9 years old and isnt able to do that- and file conversion takes too long
    source: ok ill do it later when i have time
    aussie: i have nearly 6000 comments- is that barely any lol!

  33. sure and now how u used to visit my old site plz visit cp7 instead. im not sure jayman and oatman will be able to comment though 😦

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