Vid Of The Week

Welcome to Vid Of The Week, my weekly post which features one fantastic Club Penguin video every week! But bear in mind- it’s not always the ones you’d expect!

This week’s Vid Of The Week is:
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved- Club Penguin Edition, by lilsushigirl! It’s a great song, and there are some awesome effects in the video:

Tune in next week for another Vid Of The Week!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


6 Responses

  1. hey do you have a dizzywood account bodge? everytome i ask no one answers!

  2. nice vid when is the next

  3. Blue Flame: next wednesday
    Bouquet: No

  4. nice! it got off to a slow start though! check out the viedo of the wekk page at cp7

  5. OMG I fricking LOVE that song!!!!!! I got it on my phone! Ive been on this site like 400 times to listen to it! And I love how penguin say the words, its cool!!!!!

    Check out the new newspaper! ITs ammaazzinngg!!!!


    I love bodge! NUMBER ONE ON FAVORITES!!

  6. ok thx for answering

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