Club Penguin October Clothing Catalog Cheats/Secrets And Rockhopper!

Rockhopper arrived today, along with a new furniture catalog. Here are the cheats:

Club Penguin Oct-Nov Furniture Catalog Cheats/Secrets:

1. Click on the books to find the chalkboard:

2. Click twice on the Pizza Oven to find the Stainless Steel Fridge:

3. Click on the Guitar Stand to find the Music Stand:

Now onto the Rockhopper cheats!

Club Penguin Rockhopper Visit October 2008

The new rare item catalog is great. Everything is new except for the eyepatch:

Rockhopper will be staying for the 3 Year Party, so you have plenty of time to find and meet him! Click here for hints and tips on finding Rockhopper.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



15 Responses

  1. Rockhopper is going to be around for awhile this time

  2. moomoomoo

  3. Well, I want to know where rockhopper is!!!

  4. Bodge has slipersliden contacted u? She had someone leaving a disturbing comment!

  5. shes freaking out saying obama has a speaking disorder

  6. No, not about that! Someone is trying to scare her.

  7. Man

    Check out my site

  8. obama will lost

  9. ????????????????????????????

  10. my new site is:

    pretty simple. do u want to work on it? im going to delete my old site as soon as i get all the stuff off it. just cause that stupid person threatened me in a way. they said it would b their life goal to find me and stuff… creepy.

  11. bodge were having a party on CP! its matterhorn until around 1 PSt or so
    RED OUT :mrgreen:

  12. For the DJ game if turn everything you can on just leave it and you will get ALOT of coins i am doing it right now

  13. any more info too short but good pictures
    Bodge101: Thanks!

  14. hey peeps thers a cp party on nov 8th at tnt pandas iggy at 1pm penguin time be dere

  15. 😆

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