Portugese Club Penguin, Club Penguin Party In New York & Party Hat Colours

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Earlier this week, new Portugese servers were introduced, with the entire of the Club Penguin world translated into Portugese. Here is a picture of the new servers:

Some of the servers are old (eg. Altitude), but they’ve been changed into Portugese ones and are no longer available in English. On Portugese Club Penguin, it is easy to learn useful Portugese, such as “yes”, “no”, “thankyou” and “you are cool”. Also there is a cool bug, where you can see what the serial number for your penguin is:

Bodge101’s penguin serial number is Penguin29143227! Make sure you check this cool glitch out before it goes! I can only assume that there are going to be many more languages Club Penguin is available in, like French, German and Spanish.

And now, onto the second part of my post. You may have heard about the Club Penguin party in Times Square, New York, which will be broadcast live on the internet (and the internet will be broadcast live there- it’s something to do with a connection between the two). Well, invitations are now available! But they’re in limited supply, so if you live in or around New York, apply fast! But make sure you check your parent/guardian can take you first! Click here to apply for an invitation.

 If you can’t go to the party, make sure you’re on Club Penguin on October 24th, between 12pm and 3pm PST, to watch the live broadcast!

In other news (although kinda connected), here is what this year’s party hat is going to look like:

Note the three colours. It’s probably to do with it being the third anniversary, don’t you think? Anyway, one thing’s for sure, this year’s anniversary party is gonna be the best ever!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Hey Bodge can you make our site cool like yours? We want the theme it has but can you make it awesome?

  2. i may go to the times square thing. i might go idk. also check out my cp7 cp comedy page!

  3. Hiya Bodge. Shall I start a poll widget? Go to my site to vote!

  4. im not allowed to go

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