Rockhopper Tracker, Finding Guide & Sidebar Redesign

We all want to find Rockhopper, right? Everybody wants that famous background, don’t they? Well, I can’t guarentee you’ll find him, but, to help you find him, I have here one of the most accurate Rockhopper trackers ever made:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>
This is version 2.0, and is much faster and more advanced than version 1. But just in case you want the original, here it is:

I hope this helps you find Rockhopper. These widgets were made by Tooly228. If for some reason the tracker is inaccurate, click here for a guide to help you find him yourself! Good luck and happy hunting!

In other news: today my site underwent a series of changes to the sidebar, including updated and new widgets, updated blogroll requirements, a new poll and much more! Check it out, and there are more updates to come, so stay tuned!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


9 Responses

  1. Whats a BOTTOM SERVER?

  2. its one of the servers on the lower half of the last page of servers i think

  3. i also have a rockhopper tracker if you want i update it very quickly just as fast as tooly228… its at my site.


  4. oh by the way i like the new sidebar and widgets

  5. Thank’s Bodge101

  6. New code version on my site. Thanks!

  7. Hey! I just got a Domain! My new site is

    Please visit it! Wow it’s weirsd not having it!


  8. you didnt add brax and red to friends? 😥 lol just wanted to tell ya that
    RED OUT :mrgreen:
    p.s. i figured out how to translate the portugues blog to english! yay me!

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