Club Penguin 3 Year Anniversary Party, Yearbook & New Pin

Update: Here is some footage of the New York party:

Happy Club Penguin Anniversary! Here are the cheats:

The 3 Year Party Hat can be found by clicking on the Wishmaker3000:

The Ice Cream Apron can be found next to the desk in the Coffee Shop:

The new pin is an anniversary cake, and is hidden in the Dance Lounge:

Don’t forget to check out the cool new Yearbook in the Boom Room!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Videos thanks to funnycpvids08 and lookintothesky123.


8 Responses

  1. clubpenguinaces are falling apart and we’re about 2 lose 1 or 2 more people soon we really need everyone to pull together and get us out of this could you make a post to say you’re proud to be an aces


  2. I wish I could go on again my parents banned me :[

  3. Bodge I need you’re help noooowwwww
    Go to the CP7 and read my post and look at unpublished pages
    quiiiccckkkk that for the party

  4. My hits are going GR8! (Earlyer I had NINE people on at once!)

  5. holy quapickle! youve got 14 people on right now! 5 is my record!

  6. nice

  7. It was a new best day ever yesterday! 439 hits! Also I have allready had 199 today and its only nine oclock in the morning!

  8. my 10,00 hits party today at matterhorn dock. visit for more details

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