Club Penguin Halloween Party 2008 Cheats

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2008 Cheats

The Halloween Candy Baskets are located in the Snow Forts:

The Lanterns can be found in the Secret Lab, this party’s secret room:

 To get in, you need the Rad Scientist costume. If you have it, go to the Book Room and click the green candle:

Then walk down the passageway.

Here are the cheats for the candy scavenger hunt:

The first piece of candy can be found at the Snow Forts. Click on the flag, and it will be replaced with chocolate:

The second can be found in the Dance Lounge. Click on the lampshade and the candy will come out:

The third piece can be found in the Lodge Attic. Click on the Blue Box:

The fourth can be found in the Plaza. Click on the Cauldron:

The fifth can be found at the Cove. Click on the “Caution! Swim at your own risk” sign:

The sixth piece can be found at the Iceberg. Click on the green lights:

The seventh can be found at the Beacon. Wait for three lightning flashes, then click on the piece of candy that appears in the Pumpkin’s eye:

The final piece of candy can be found in the Book Room. Click on the green candle (that also activates the secret passage), and the candy will appear:

Once you have gathered all the pieces of candy, click on the “claim prize” button:

You will get a free Giant Pumpkin Background:

Make sure you check out all the cool decorations across the island!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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  1. Wow im first to post!

  2. Thanks for coming on club penguin bodge!

  3. You can only get in the monster maker if you have the Rad Scientist costume! 😀
    Bodge101: I know.

  4. Also what is the answer to your riddle on Kimi’s site? Thanks! Lol mine was that he was born in a hotel called 1954! Strange, I know. 😉
    Bodge101: The answer to mine was “time”.

  5. can i use your pics for my site?
    Bodge101: Sure! But give me credit! What’s the site URL?

  6. Do you know the code to unlock items online if you do tell me
    Bodge101: Sorry, I don’t have any toy codes. I have book codes though, check the main site.

  7. Thanks alot for the cheats! You are definetly a club penguin expert!
    Bodge101: Thanks!

  8. Ahh, clever. I thought it was life-lol! Do you like my profile pic? I thought that if my site was green then my profile pic should be green too.
    Bodge101: It’s cool!

  9. Hi…Your site is really good and helped a lot!!
    I have my own CP site The only prob is i cant paste pics onto the blog! lolz plz visit it! Thanks!

  10. This party isn’t fun why do u need a dam rad scientist coutume?
    no fair

  11. great post bodge
    Bodge101: Thanks!

  12. ty but I don’t really care from halloween
    I mean I do from items and all but I am still Jewish
    Happy Halloween anyway !

  13. are you going to get a fancy css and get rid of the wordpress domain now that youre a famous penguin
    Bodge101: Not unless i get loads of money! 😆

  14. hey!Club Penguin is back as #1 on the Miniclip Top Ten Games.

  15. Hey Bodge! Please can you go on club penguin.

    Server: Frostbite
    Place: Dojo
    Time: as soon as you can

    From Teamabo

  16. how did you get the cooler that has the gear frozen in snow

  17. soundage website….. keep it up

    xxx lol xxx

  18. Hi ur blog is great! 😀
    Bodge101: Thanks!

  19. is there a way to get into the scientists secret room without being a member or having the lab coat?
    plz tell me if there is
    if there is or if anyone knows plz email me at:

  20. or does anyone know any un-used toy codes that i can use?
    if u tell me i will give u an account that has some stuff on it from a while ago…..
    plz plz plz plz plz pz plz plz

  21. email me if u know any of the things above!
    email me on:

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