Club Penguin Gary Tracker & Finding Guide

Gary the Gadget Guy is giving out backgrounds in the secret lab across Club Penguin. Here is a guide to help find him:

How to find Gary on Club Penguin

  • Form a search party with your friends
  • Check popular servers (some say unpopular servers are more likely)
  • Check servers with irregular amounts of people
  • Ask around- some people may have found him

Gary Finding Cheat

Here is a cheat that will speed up your searching:

When you log onto a server, if you appear in the Plaza, he isn’t on that server; if you appear in the Town Centre he has just left; and if you appear at the Dock, he is on the server. If you appear in any other place he is coming to the server soon.

I’m not sure how it works, but it does! Cheat thanks to Weypink.

If you are lucky, you will find him, meet him and get the background. Here’s what his player card looks like:

Use this tracker to help find him:

<a href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

Good luck! I hope you find him and get that background!

In other news: the igloo background has been changed so the sky is dark. Here’s a picture:

The party ends tomorrow, so make sure you check everything out before it goes!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Tracker and pictures thanks to Tooly228.


29 Responses

  1. First
    trying find gary now xD

  2. sorry but the cheat doesent work 😦
    Thanks Anyway for comming to my site 🙂

  3. cool web check out mine.

  4. I hope i find him! Thanks for the advice though!

  5. Bodge I found a free domain that’s better than .com it’s .tk so now clubpenguin aces is and it has an emailing service.

    Please psot on cpaces some time.

    Bodge101: Cool! I’ll try to post soon!

  6. BODGE!

  7. Hiya!!! Cool website… anyway i have been having trouble finding G. Some people say he goes to less populated servers and others say he goes to full servers (there are many other silly rules and comments about where G goes) My questions is which ones are true?? THX

  8. I just logged on a server and i appeared at the dock,so i checked the secret lab and Gary wasn’t there!
    Bodge101: Maybe you just missed him. Was your computer acting slow?

  9. I so want to see G he’s really hard to find though i dont think i will see him now so do you think he will be here next year ? By the way nice website!
    Bodge101: He will probably come again sometime, and thanks! 😀

  10. Bodge, did you watch the grand prix? it was awsome!
    Bodge101: No, but I heard Hamilton won.

  11. Hey Bodge I saw Gary but when I did I appeared in the and he stayed for about thirty minutes and then people came in and he said he was scared and said bye and left.
    Bodge101: Cool! You met him!

  12. I think G is usually on Crystal, Husky, Christmas and Frozen!

  13. what if you start in the ski village?

  14. there is a realy big time difference on the post times . i am in the south western united states your in england + your site is the only site i go to for help cause your site ROCKS!!!! :wow: :mrgreen:
    P.S. i found out your in england on another post
    P.S.S. this post was made at 8:57PM mountain time
    Bodge101: Thanks! And yes, that is a big time difference!

  15. in my last post its still the 2nd
    this post was made at 9:02PM

  16. i know a cheat that you have not said yet!
    if you want to know if G is online just type in his name into the login screen then any password if when you log in it says incorrect password then he is online if it says this penguin does not exist or this penguin has been band then he is offline.
    hope this helps!
    fabulous me xxx

  17. WAZ UP!


  19. did you see what happened to the dojo if not you going to want to see this

  20. The dojo got covered by alot of snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It could have been the fake ninjas trying to attack people during the halloweem party klepman <_<.

  22. how do u use the tracker email me

  23. or leave message here idk im silly dupit

  24. does anyone know how to use the tracker

  25. whats ur email adress i want to send u something

  26. I just got him! he was at the boiler room at the server.. i think snowglobe.

  27. i met gary thx to u

  28. i met gary thx to u its great man

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