Dojo Construction, Free Item, New Room, Mystery Guy & New Map

Construction has begun at the Dojo! Could this be connected to the ninja we saw during the Halloween party?

There is a free Miner’s Helmet to help with the construction:

There is also a brand new room, the “Dojo Exterior”. Walk up the steps or click on the “to outside” sign to get there:

There is some sort of Asian penguin digging underneath the sign- could it be one of the original Club Penguin settlers who built the Dojo? Here’s what his player card looks like:

Finally, the map has been updated with new and more 3D pictures:

Check all these cool updates out, and don’t forget to help “dig out the Dojo”!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



29 Responses

  1. Who do you think the mysterious guy at the Dojo Exterior is?

  2. Did you notice the penguin’s color? IT’S GRAY. So, I think that we will all fix the Dojo and then as a token of gratitude we will get a ninja belt and that whatnot. Yah, like we did for Rockhopper when he it a *dun dun dun* iceburg.

  3. i think its a ninja

  4. its the long lost pen chi
    Bodge101: Could be! Good idea!

  5. Where do you get the shovel?

  6. hey man how r u. Hey there is a election on for president on the site. Scrool down on the page and please vote for me. I need votes. Thank you so much!

  7. cool do you think they could be making a new game
    Bodge101: I think that is likely, yes. Billybob said a new one was coming!

  8. i think the shovel penguin is a hacker or try to find out his real name.the shovel penguin has 6 question marks on his player card that must mean his real name has 6 letters!
    Bodge101: Cool idea!

  9. Do you see the two snow covered pillars in the bottom I think the Dojo is going to be huge! and remodeled and that may be why they rearranged the map.

  10. Your’e right guys but keep it on the download. The penguin may look old and wise, but on the inside he is a true ninja!
    Stand by for more secets on the “Dojo Mystery”
    Until Then…..Waddle On!
    Sincerly,Club Penguin Moderator #62
    (This message was approved by The Board Of Club Penguins Directors before postage)

  11. Like the yellow puffel first seen at halloween and now its not a ledgen

  12. hes definitely a ninja maybe his name is ninjas that has 6 letters
    Bodge101: Cool idea!

  13. Wow but how will we find out who it is?!

  14. i saw this guy before the Asain guy might be rock hopper

  15. OK OK Bodge NO WAY that a game! like evryone will be mad at theme for not making ninjas avilable!
    You will be able to become a ninja soon probably 50 dyas old(not fun) but I hope for 100 or even 300
    anyway that JUST LIKE YELLOW PUFFEL used to be a ledgen till at last halloween was seen.
    now ninjas was the biggest ledgen for now and hope till we saw theme at halloween!
    and 6 letters doesn’t matter(I think) anyway in a week or tow ninjas are avilable(my opinion)

    Waddle On!

  16. I think the guy is a ninja maybe. OR ITS A SIGN NINJAS WILL BE REALSED SOON! I HOPE!

  17. I think its one of those ninjas that apeared at the halloween party myself
    Bodge101: Great idea!


  19. His name is Pen Chi. Do not leave any unturned stone to Master Pen Chi


  20. i think he’s a ninja too because the 6 question marks represent n-i-n-j-a-s!!! Im brilliant arent i

  21. anyone know about the glitch on the sled races. When your cp lags, it goes to this place where is, i dunno. But its extremely annoying. It happens to me all the time now
    Bodge101: I’ll check that out.

  22. i saw someone with the shovle i tride to ask were he got it but he wouldnt answer and he left

  23. I think it’s the creator and sensei of the dojo

  24. i think its a ninja he might give us a belt and a costume for helping and there might be a new game i think hes name is ninjas

  25. what is the guys name?

  26. I think its a ninja or something like that

  27. his name is beagle and he is a ninja
    im telling you

  28. his name is Pen chi

  29. we will we will rock you

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