Club Penguin Times Issue #160 & Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Update: There is a secret message hidden on the Dojo page:


Spell the word “Ninja” from the title to bring it up:


What do you think it means?

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out today. Here are this week’s top stories:

Lightning Strikes: Dojo Damaged:

We find out why the Dojo was damaged:


Grateful Gadget Guy:

We find out what Gary was doing in the Secret Lab during Halloween:


Get Set For Winter:

We hear about the great selection of winter clothing to be released tomorrow:


Here are the events for this week:


Now, here is a sneak peek of the fabulous new winter fashions coming out tomorrow:


Looks cool, don’t you think?

In other news: check out the fireworks at the Iceberg and Ski Hill- they’ll be gone tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



9 Responses

  1. Hi bodge if you add me I can add you to my blogroll thx!! : )

  2. Don’t worry bodge video clip ready with fireworks!

    I think I find out what that mean!
    Fire is the first so go to the lodge and look at the ninja at the mirror it’s moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    next go on water place with ninja I have no idea where
    the last one is also the snow but keep searching the clues!!!
    you can add an edit just say I though of it!

  3. I can’t get that message up!

  4. What is th water place Bioe because there are a lot of water places on clubpenguin.

  5. oh yeah and the last one is at the dojo.

  6. i think the “N’s” in the new clothing catalog has something to do with the ninjas

  7. i figured it out!!!!
    i think anyways the fire is the ninja in the ski lodge ,the water is the one in the lighthouse nets where his shadow is behind the nets then the last one the snow one is in the jobs thing for the new clothing catalog
    Bodge101: Cool idea. Some people are saying it means the Cove.

  8. heya well how do u spell ninja using the newpaper
    it wont let me??

  9. hey sa123789 i cked all of your said places .al shadows are in on map loked in three romms whos make a TRIANGLE -the beach -ski village-town maybe its will bw new room in middle of these places.

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