Club Penguin Dojo Grand Re-Opening Party Cheats/Secrets

The Dojo Grand Re-opening party started today! Here are the cheats:

The Geto Slippers can be found in the Dojo Courtyard:


There is a shed which looks like it will be where the Card-Jitsu game is kept:


Note the symbols- fire, water and snow- just like in the paper.

If you wait a while inside the Dojo, you will be able to play the Gong with snowballs:


Check out the music- it’s oriental-style! I wonder if it’s room music or party music?

Until next time…

Waddle on!



14 Responses

  1. Strange… they added a new HQ screen to the courtyard… And another empty screen… NEW ROOM!

  2. where is the book everyone has??

  3. Yeah they added a room at the HQ so what new room is gonna come?

  4. why there apears penguins and walrus or something

  5. It is fun! I can’t wait till ninjas come!

  6. Bodge!
    Good on you for checking your mail today your the only person who does.
    I sent an email aobut our big plan for Monday.

  7. bodge i want to talk to you on hotmail here is my email

    and my site here

  8. the new dojo SUCKS!

  9. I think the new room is going to be the Airport!

  10. nice bodge! 200,000 hits party! im ciked!

  11. I know where the blue book is……………………………BUT im not telling(its a secret

  12. hey the dojo is so cool! im sour583 i like to go on mammeth and frozen and somtimes powder ball

  13. how do you get a black belt in the dojo

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