Club Penguin Ninja Training/Card-Jitsu Cheats/Secrets/Guide

The new ninja training game, Card-Jitsu came out today! Here’s a guide:

Before you can play the game, you must talk to Sensei and recieve a deck of cards. Click on the cushion to go to him:


 He will explain to you how to play, how to rise through the ranks and how to become a ninja, including animated demonstrations! The card deck will appear in the awards section in your player card:


After giving you the instructions, Sensei will put you up against a random opponent. Once the game starts, you will have twenty seconds to choose a random card, trying to imagine what the other person is thinking. Snow beats water, fire beats snow and water beats fire- so it is a lot like “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, except that each card has a value on it (these are important if you get two of the same type), and that there are funny animations to go with each win, draw or loss:


Once you have finished this first game, click on one of the mats to play another, or click on the Sensei. If you go to the Sensei, there are two modes you can play in: Competition Mode and Sensei Mode:


Competition mode is the normal mode, against another random penguin; Sensei Mode is where you duel against the Sensei himself:


The duel against Sensei is impossible with only the Starter Deck. To duel him (and stand a chance), you will need to work your way through the ranks. The more wins you get, the higher your rank will get. There are nine ranks in total- from White all the way up to Black! There’s a free belt with each rank.

Good luck on gaining that Black Belt!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



200 Responses

  1. the game is so cool..i have got my white belt but i see some other got more ranks…i have also seen some penguin has crazy animation moves…

  2. hoW many times do u have to win a belt

  3. awesome!

  4. Im a red belt!! its seams to be about 10 wins per belt

  5. i have the blue belt!


  6. It’s Really Hard! You Got Any Pointers?

  7. Great post Bodge! I hate it! It won’t let me get on Clubpenguin. It never loads 😦

    But the only time I played it, it was fun!


  8. cool

  9. same for me aussie

  10. you have to win from 5- 10 deuls for a belt and i recomend buying decks if you wanna win easier

  11. same here it only loaded for me on down under…. im aussie

  12. I have the black belt but i cant beat sensei 😦
    Bodge101: Even when you have the black belt, beating Sensei is hard! Just practise with other people until you are strong enough, grasshopper! 😉

  13. lolz.

  14. how much will the deck cost??

  15. ah so hard to win sensei i can never win him can u give me the idea to win him someone?

  16. I now have the Orange belt! I have seen 3 people with black belts. One had the Ninja suit.


  17. hey i love the game and i have a brown belt
    Bodge101: Wow! Nice going! One more belt and you’re a fully fledged ninja!

  18. CP wont let me on!!!

    Thats so stupid!

    Well I played it yesterday and it was great!


  19. 😦 I can’t even get a yellow belt! 😦 It’s so hard! 😦 I’ll never get the Black belt. ;(

  20. Woot, i got the black belt and won over sensei, i got the ninja suit now :D!

  21. I have been trying to get on the game but my cards dont appear please tell me why this happens im so very sad penguin!

  22. It dosnt work for me either

  23. But it works with Kimi Kool Kt

  24. it is impossible to beat sensi he always does the element that wins! and he never picks first. and i have no money to buy cards!

  25. where do i buy decks ?
    Bodge101: You can buy them from Disney, Toys ‘R’ Us, Club Penguin Shop, Amazon and a few other shops (if you live in America).

  26. I have a green belt ;(

    Sensei is impossible

  27. Winning doesnt matter grasshopper. The way you play is the most important!Play with honor and do not attempt to cheat!


  29. To beat sensei you need a black belt lv.9..
    To rank up a lvl. in training beat 5 penguins in Card Jitsu battles.

    ~Waddle on…

  30. I got the Black belt and I can’t beat the Sensei And I’ve been trying for 14 and a half hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >: ( and I am mad about it

  31. I’m now a Blue belt!!


  32. hey guys,
    what do i do if my cards wont show up when im playing?

  33. im orange, how many wins to get up to green? T.T

  34. orange belt! Strange… I read somewhere that you use snow first, I did that with Sensei tons of times! And always get beat with fire so once I use water as my first card, he uses snow! How unfair!

  35. I am only light blue……Boo hoo hoo!

  36. How can I get Snow 10 Card?

  37. I Have some help for you guys. It takes 5 times in a row winning to level up your belt. If You Keep losing, before the gong strikes, leave the game. It will not be counted against you.

  38. Did you understand me?

  39. can someone help me? I cant get white belt and i am winning at least 1/2 of the time!!!!!!!

  40. WOOHOO I GOT A BLACK but sensie Is SO hard! anyways… if i beat him and become a ninja are ninja suits for mems only???

  41. it wont load me either

  42. How unfair sensei does the egzact oppisite than u ive triede about 50 times .

    ( PS. im only a orange belt whenever i beat a penguin it allways says SORRY THIS ROOM IS CURRENTLY FULL. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 )

  43. :/ 🙂 :> :< :]

  44. 😕

  45. 😐 :\

  46. i won! Im now a ninja!

  47. im a blue belt with 7 wins

  48. Hey i hear you have to win 5 times per belt
    i never counted but is this true?

  49. awesome!Im now a purple belt!! YAHH!!!!

  50. is just me or am i the only yellow belt. im going to wait awhile when the game isnt crowded to start playing again
    Bodge101: I’m Orange Belt so far.


  52. Do you know how?

  53. I’m a Red belt! And what belt are you Bodge? Comment back at


  54. i won but did not get a belt i dont get it
    Bodge101: You have to win several times to earn a belt.

  55. i need help i dont get it

  56. you need five or ten wins to get the white belt.
    i hope bodge doesn’t mind me answering people’s questions :mrgreen:
    Bodge101: Of course I don’t mind!

  57. wait why answer peoples questions on other peoples blogs? lol

  58. I’m a black belt, but I cant beat sensei! can u help?

  59. Awsome site!!!!And i no a cool coin cheat its simple!Just email cp that u lost some coins or something and ask if you can have say 20000 coins or somethin,then when they emial back they will give you your coins!Cool cheat ey?

  60. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have internet so I can’t play the new game….I am in my mom’s computer but… here Club Penguin doesn’t load…!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  61. 🙂

  62. :0

  63. := :¡

  64. I have a purple belt how many till brown??!!

  65. I have my yellow belt and won like twenty matches and still didnt get my orange belt!!Thats whack!

  66. Bodge how many wins do I have to win to get the brown belt. Is it seven like you said in Hlp’s comment?

  67. Please answer my question!

  68. UGH! I am an yellow belt and have won at least 50 times in a row and still cant get my orange belt =( =( Any advice bodge?

  69. Hi bodge its me again DaZiE1 umm….. well i have some friendly advice for penguins who cant get on some servers.The servers that work 4 me are Brumby, Mammoth,and Polar Bear.So try those out penguins.

  70. i am a ninja and i beat the sensei

  71. Hey guys Im on an orange belt, and for those who want to know how to, This is what I did 🙂 I played against Sensei 8 times or 7 times, then I played lower belts (I was yellow belt then so white belt or no belt 🙂 ) And you have 2 win a game and you have to play atleast 3 times against them, then you play agaisnst Sensei 3 times or less if you dont have time, and finally play higher belts (Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Brown, Purple, Black)
    And it doesnt matter if you win or not, Then you should have it But if you are lucky you might get it earlier, and if it doesnt work you might of done something wrong. Ok Byeeeeee!!

  72. I will check this to see your comments now and then 🙂

  73. whats up peeps//…..

  74. how many times do u have to win and do they have to be one after another?

  75. i need some help how meny times do i haft to win to get purple im on red right now plz i need HELP
    (never bin posted before)
    Bodge101: I’m not sure the exact number, and it depends whether your playing it through the mats in “Friendly Mode”, or playing it through Sensei in “Competition Mode”. “Competition Mode” generally earns you more points.

  76. r there any cheats off winning games i dont mean to trouble u but im really bad plz help
    Bodge101: To help you win games, you could buy the Trading Cards at Toys ‘R’ Us, Disney, Amazon or the Club Penguin shop.

  77. im a white belt but it wont let me play.Every time i click on a mat or sensi it says ‘sorry the room is full’!

    How will i ever get a yellow belt.

  78. I cant play ninja game it says:the room is full

    I need hellp

    Bodge101: Try going on the Portugese servers.

  80. hello

  81. hi

  82. Hey that happens to me but im sure club penguin will fix it soon I think tomorrow morning until then waddle on!

  83. Hey Guys Ive Got A Tactic That Alot Of The Time Works!
    First. Use fire (most people will use ice)
    Then. use ice
    Go back to fire (so people dont know if your gonna use water to win or fire)
    Then use water (but make it a high numbered water)
    Hope it helps remember this is only a tactic it doesnt always win.

  84. how come i dont have deck of cards?

  85. oh wait nvm i have it

  86. i got BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. how do u buy a deck of cards?

  88. my belts dont show up on me wen i finish and deffete a person… now what

  89. nvm im a brown belt now but i need help winning easier without buying the cards

  90. ive got dark blue

  91. How many times do you have to win the games in a row to get a new belt?
    Bodge101: There is no fixed number: it all depends on how often you win (not neccesarily in a row), how much you win by and what mode you play in.

  92. I need to know because I have only got a white belt!

  93. ok i need some help with card jitsu, i play, i win, but how do i know if i got a white belt? its frustrating and i need an answer please!!! Thank you SSSOOO much.
    (please answer in this comment board!)
    Waddle on! -Sarra56 ; )
    Bodge101: Sensei will tell you when you earn belts.

  94. p.s. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! NEAT!

  95. ok,ok, one more question, and i`ll be out of your way.
    Does a notice come up if i get a belt? Do i buy cards? Were will the belts show up? many more from-Sarra56
    Waddle on!

  96. yup mine says “sorry, this room if full” So annoying!!! and when i log on to clubpenguin i cant go to the dojo cuz it wontload after i click on a server! it get stuck saying “joining deep snow” is it clubpenguin or my PC?
    Bodge101: It happens to me a lot too- trying going on Portugese servers.

  97. I’m on red going for purple and might be blakc by end of today

    Bodg howd’d you make dat header?
    Bodge101: I used Microsoft Paint and UnFreez (a free animation program from the internet).

    Bodge101: Yes, you have to be a member to get the ninja suit, but if you reach black belt, you get a free ninja mask.

  99. i see charts that say next to red 52 total

    is that total since you started like before you had a belt or to get to the next belt please help me

  100. i dont think it is fair if that you have to win 52 times to get to one belt higher that is stupid if its true

  101. i see charts that say 52 ttotal wins next to red i want me purple belt but 52 does that mean 52 starting before you had your white belt or does it mean 52 wins to get one belt higher???please help me

  102. sorry i didnt think the one went through i didnt mean to send it 2 times

  103. Bodge, i really need an answer here please, im a black belt and i cant even win a match against sensei. Do i have to go buy a new deck just to beat him??
    Bodge101: No, you need to play him until he makes a mistake, which is normally about the seventh game.

  104. oh ya, and no one will tel me where to get the ninja mask either… where can i get that?
    Bodge101: Sensei will give it to you when you beat him.

  105. Im a ninja now!

  106. How do you get a new deckof cards??????????????????/

  107. Great thngy but how do you see you play???

  108. i just got to a yellow belt yy and towday i just got a white belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. my cards arent showing up!!

  110. Hi
    Im Blue Belt!

    Win about 10 times on competition mode to reach a new belt or on friendly mode win about 15 times. I can’t wait till im a ninja! I will start saving coins right now. I hope this helps with everyone who is stuck!
    Oh theres a penguin up for grabs if u want it email btw anyone know what the fast path to card jitsu is?

  111. nimioni

    y not have black belt>please not ban me

  112. hi

    i won 5 games, so how do i get my belt?

  113. omg i am on purple belt right now and i one like 30 games in a row and i cant get my brown belt! help me

  114. III LOve clubpenguin but im having trouble getting the yellow belt!

  115. how do you level up soooo fast?

  116. dude your penguin is old in a cool way!my penguins name is demelavato.i dont care about punktuatoin.see i bet you i spelled that wrong!!! im realy not her!!!!so i think your penguin is cool.ummm……….oh yeah !!!!:):):)have a happy thanksgiving tomorrow!

  117. hi doods,]

    iv got sum advice if ur redn this that thing wen it dusnt work that happns to everyone not just you[remember]. and keep battling sensei to tire him out he might reward u as a ninja i dont no. but keep tryin and tryin hopfully u will get there. and wen u receive a belt it dusnt cum up on u it just gos in ur inventory plz sum1 tell me sum cheats like how to c wot the otha person put down im really srugglin plz help me plzplzplz

  118. Dude your website rocks!

  119. Dude your website rocks!
    You should help Aunt Artic with the CPT and you might become famous like Rockhopper,G,Aunt Artic,and Paint Boy!

    Good Luck with the website!

    – Benguin2000

  120. O and Happy Thanksgiving!


  122. hey i was just wondering why you dont answer my question but you answer the people the posted theirs after me?!? that is kinda rude you know i really want a reply

  123. Actually there are 11 ranks: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple, brown, black, and ninja. and when u become a ninja u get access to a secret room heres how to go in it: Go into the dojo outside, and theres a stone with letters. it you beat sensei and u have the ninja mask and black belt you can go in and theres a catalog where u can buy two types of stuff: Stuff for igloo-dojo wallpaper, dojo flooring, and big chinese lamp. Stuff for penguin: Gong that u can ring when u wave if ur holding it and ninja suuit and when ur wearing the ninja suit, black belt, and ninja mask and dance u become transparent

  124. im black belt my users sajid1999

  125. come on! I want cheats!

  126. im am a blackbelt and ive worked soo hard to become 1 and now that im finally a black belt its soo cool, get the secret hide out, i encourage all of you to keep battling and winning its alot of fun once you get a black belt, little tip, always think ahead of your opponet, it helps to be one step ahead and chose fire for snow or snow for water (snow is a big winner!!!)

  127. I’ve been a black belt since last weekend! The ninja room is sorta boring if you don’t have the ninja suit! I’m not even a member! 😦

  128. F.Y.I. more like 12 ranks: No belt, white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt, red belt, purple belt, brown belt, black belt, and ninja. lol 😀

  129. 😀 😉 Card Jitsu is awesome, but i cant wait 4 rockhoper 2 com too cp.

  130. 😀 🙂 😦 😉 ;D :>


  132. :l

  133. $.$



  136. were do you get more cards

  137. How do you get the kind of cards the sensei uses?

  138. I AM A BLACK BELT IT IS AWSOME I SWEAR MY LIFE I AM A BLACK BELT!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. for people wondering about the cards you have to buy them in real life at toys r us

  140. u don’t have to buy the card in toys r us… you get them from the sensei!

    P.s. im a purple belt and im having a really hard time getting to brown… what should i do???

  141. hello i was just wondering do u hav to be a member to get the suit after u win againt sensi wen u hav black belt plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me coz all that work would be for nothing
    Bodge101: Yes, you need to be a member to get the suit.

  142. plzz reply

  143. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  144. im orangebelt 🙂 😀

  145. sensei can see all your cards so its like impossible to beat him:(:(:(:(:(:(:(i want to be a NINJA:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(((:(::(:(:(:(

  146. 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  147. how do u get white belt? do u have 2 get 5 wins in a row?

  148. how do i get a black belt? im a brown belt now, so, do i keep doing competition mode? but i know when you have the black belt you go against sensei to be a ninja.

  149. im BROWN BELT!! i want the black soooooo BAD!!

  150. hi how do ya get better cards plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  151. Im yellow belt, what r u bodge?

  152. Hi! Cool Guide!!
    I love this game! Im only yellow belt…How do you get higher belts?? Please help and if you have time write back to me at my CP site

  153. It might not work for you but when you challenge Sensei (you have to be a black belt) sometimes fire ice then water works to beat him.

  154. Is it true that idf you beat a black belt you get a black belt?
    Bodge101: No, but it does help a lot!

  155. by the way ichigo756 is my username on CP.

  156. Ok……………..

    I have been on my orange belt forever!!!!HELP!!!

  157. wooo im black belt

  158. Um hey bodge i was wondering about the cards, mine wont show up! how come!!!!

  159. hi im a red belt. how many time do u have to win to get purple? how do u know how many times u have won?

  160. hey dude
    plz plz plz plz help bodge me i dont know how to get more cards

  161. how many wins to get the belt after green?cause i need it and i need to know how to beat sensei with green belt!!!!!!!!!!

  162. i made a guide to winning, it works well!
    most common used all the way to the seventh turn.
    first:ice 2nd:fire 3rd:water 4th:ice 5th:water 6th:fire 7th:water.I recorded matches for an hour this is a true survey.

  163. I need to no how much money cards are from toys r us! Do they come in packs????? Do you no what cards your getting in the pack?????????????????????????

  164. IM BLACK BELT that game is sooo easy

  165. iloveit



  168. i got to yellow belt and won like over 20 battles and i still dont have my orange belt!!

  169. im a yellow belt and won like over 20 games and still haven’t got my orange belt!!

  170. hi

  171. I have a ninja suit and its really easy to beat sensei!!!

  172. Im on brown belt and it was soooooooooooo had to get there. But is there any cheats to get a black belt.

    Bodge101: There aren’t any actual cheats- but there are tricks to becoming one.

  173. i beat the sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. I WANT CHEAST!!!!!!! NOT GUIDES!!!!!

  175. well its cool to be a Ninja

  176. the new game is wicked i love it i have my PURPLE belt already!!!!!!

  177. Hey, I need help. I went to sensei and talked to him then i got my starter pack. but when I started playing my cards wouldn’t show up and I can’t play. What should i do?

  178. if your cards dont come up send a technical question to club penguin and theyll sort it out for u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. dude how to fight sensie i got black belt is it fire first water second or ice last plzzzzz telllll ma man ok =D

  180. i got black belt but i cant beat sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  181. Can you make my penguin ninja,I will give you one more penguin
    This one is,
    User.Y Yellow 1

  182. ok your the worst advice give ever you dont even help anyone well not me you jerk

  183. Does anyone know how mant games you need to win a to Get a red belt?
    also are there any cheats to see other peoples cards?
    Ps due you give great advice :):):):):):):):)

  184. how many games do you need to win to get a red belt
    ps. are there any cheats to see other peoples cards? hehehehe… 🙂
    pps. dude, you give great advice

  185. yo just keep playin

  186. I’m on my green belt……….I wish there was a cheat to see what card the opponent has!!

  187. I’m at my red belt already! Just three more to go! I just got my red belt like literally ten seconds ago!

  188. Im a purple beltt

  189. if you just keep playing sensei he will eventully get tired and u will win

  190. me again i have a black belt FINALLY.but it stinks cuz im not a member

  191. Bodge, please answer this question. Many people have posted this but there have been no answers. I am a black belt and i cannot defeat sensei. i have tried many, many times but he keeps picking a card that will defeat mine. It is no different from when you don’t have a black belt. It is impossible for me and i really want to become a ninja (i’m a member). Please, please give me some answers.

    -concerned penguin
    (P.S. I will be checking this site everyday to see if anyone has responded)

    Bodge101: Are you sure yu’re black belt? It should work after about 7 tries!

  192. you dont need to win 5 in a row cause i got my green belt after loosing. this one penguin was owning me but they were waiting till the last second to oick a card i was suspecting they were using a cheat or glich. has this happend to anyone else?

  193. Hi! I’m Magicalzora1 and i’m a ninja. I’m gonna tell you how to beat the sensei. Al you have to do is…
    1. Go to the cusio in the dojo
    2. Click Sensei mode
    3. pick the higest fire card
    4. pick the higest water card
    5. pick the highest ice card
    6. Keep doing that in the correct order (fire,water and ice) and eventually you will get to the point where you will beat him and receive your ninja mask and able to go to the ninja hideout.
    Ninja hideout: Dojo courtyard
    the door at the side with the foreign writing on. for even more fun!

  194. i am ninja on seven difrent chars

  195. magicalzora1cpcheats is a lier ps he gives up when you lose seventimes

  196. sensi gives up when you loose seven times-_-

  197. my penguin is over 1000 days old

  198. a gold card code is 68g1876590ghhj76

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