Club Penguin How To Beat Sensei & Become A Ninja

Do you want to know how to defeat Sensei and earn your ninja mask? Do you want access to that ninja room? Here’s a tutorial:

How To Beat Sensei- Written Guide

First, reach black belt level in Card Jitsu- any other level and he beats you easily:


Next, click on Sensei and choose Sensei mode and play it until he makes a mistake, it is usually around the seventh game. Even after he’s made his first mistake, you have to be careful. Try to trick him with lots of consecutive cards of the same type. When you beat him, he will give you the Ninja Mask.

I will post later with how to reach Black Belt level, so stay tuned!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



52 Responses

  1. Thx dude. ur site helped me a lot and i beat sensei. Nice idea

  2. Sorry Bodge,

    Im quiting club penguin because i constantly cant log on. This is my last comment on your page as i will be playing on build a bear ville alot.

    Bye, (for now)

    Bodge101: Don’t go! It’s happening with a lot of people at the moment!


  4. Bodge, have you beaten him yet?

  5. im a yellow belt!!!!!

  6. Im a black belt i beat sensei i turn into a ninja it’s very cool

  7. Hey what happens if he beats you after ?

  8. Cool post Bodge!

    Comment back.


  9. Bodge, one thing i’m wondering about card jitsu is that say i win a couple games, log off, and then log on later. Do those previous wins still count, or are they wiped out so i would have to start over?

  10. nimioni

    please not ban me i wil ninja

  11. i play on babv more now

  12. I can’t get my computer to load card-jitsu or even the sensei! IT SUCKS!

  13. i bin in the secret ninja room but you have to be a ninja

  14. :9

  15. :*

  16. :/

  17. :=

  18. i dont get it can you explan alittle better

    thank you

  19. i still green belt


  21. Chunky Bacon!


  23. Ive seen 6 yellow belts who have beat Sensei.

  24. TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO BEAT SEINSEI WITHOUT A BLACK BELT

  25. yo im still a brown belt cus the competition mode doesnt work for me

  26. I don’t know how to beat him I’ve tryed like 100 times to beat sensei and i’m a blue belt.

  27. I am a ninja 🙂

  28. i cant do it help me im black belt

  29. I have tried — I swear — about 16 times against Sensei (Don’t worry I AM a Black Belt) And I have never won once! He can see the future, I CAN’T WIN AGAINST HIM!
    If you have any ways to help me PLEASE post them.

  30. it took me 3 tries and seriously I was sick to my stomach! *blech*

  31. i can not beat him i tried

  32. i have just become a black belt and i have just versed the sensei about hmmmmm 999999999999999999 times and all he does is wait for me to choose a card then he gets the card thwill win against mine in one second
    i hate it its stupid im soo confused?!?!?

  33. thanks he is easy

  34. dude meet me on mammoth wednesday seven o clock

  35. great thanks 🙂

  36. I finally beat Sensei —- don’t worry I beat him three moths ago —- I just forgot to post.
    NEVER STOP TRYING, you’ll eventually get Sensei right in the rabbit snare.

  37. nimioni
    ur band

  38. put any card then 10 or 9 matches after he will lose atomicaly realy try this

  39. i want u to be my friend

  40. i beat sensei but in first day when the game started

  41. pls tell u r penguin password i will not bann .OK sent me in my email

  42. Thanks it really helped me but do you know how to become a Sensei?

  43. Im a black belt but when ever i go to challenge sensei, there is no sensei mode.
    Why is that?

  44. Helped me heaps. Now I am helping my brother on it.

  45. i have tryed but it useless

  46. i wish i could beat sensei

  47. i done it!
    not really

  48. i cant beat sensei when i try a card he wins every time so please help me because i cant even win one card against him and how do i get a better card but i dont want to unlock a card because i dont have any club penguin and do you have to be a member to have the mask

  49. Its so hard i try to do a fire card and he beats me so i tryed a water card and he beat me so i tryed snow and he beat me

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