Club Penguin Times Issue #163

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out today. Here are the top stories:

Sensei speaks out at last, and tells us of the Dojo, his whereabouts and ninjas:


We are given tips on how to decorate a Christmas igloo:




Finally, here are the upcoming events:


Look out for the new Snow & Sports catalog coming out tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. First Comment
    Bodge101 go to

  2. bodge i have an engenius plan. im trying to convince the cptrio to give you the site. then if aqua does. then give the site back to red and brax! then cpt is back and running!!!!
    Bodge101: I’m not sure they’re really giving it away at all.

  3. so try to get everyone to want you to get the site

  4. Nice post Bodge.

    I’m having a 10,000 hits party for my site and I was wondering if you wanted to go. If you show up you have a chance of winning a FREE MEMBERSHIP. More information here:

  5. New cpntest at my site! visit and click on weekly contest. Good luck!

    P.s good idea source.

  6. bodge, about card-jitsu, i just earned my blue belt. When i tried to put it on it did not work, so i logged off and logged back on. When i was back on my belt was gone! Do i need to win ten more games again?

  7. Hi Bodge! Can you pass this message on to Bioe please? Thanks!

    Hi Bioe! You know you are on my buddy list? Well I was going to everyone’s igloo and yours was so cool but not in the catalog! How did you get it? Thanks!
    Bodge101: I’m guessing it was the Dojo Igloo, but I’ll pass it on anyway (if I can).

  8. wow im so cool im like fithcomment

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