Elite Penguin Force Cheats/Guides & Treasure Book Update + Coins For Change

Click here for guides to all 13 Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force missions! With my help, you’ll have completed them all in no time, and will have loads of cool DS items! 😀

Now, because Christmas is coming soon, the Club Penguin Treasure Book will soon be updated with seasonal items! If you own a Club Penguin toy (and haven’t redeemed the code yet), you will be able to get cool exclusive festive items for your penguin!


In other news: Club Penguin have announced which charities the money will be split between in this year’s Coins For Change:

  1. Kids who are sick
  2. Kids who are poor and can’t go to school
  3. Kids without parents or have been hurt by the war

From December 12th-24th, there will be three donation points across the island, so make sure you donate to the cause you think is most worthwhile!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



16 Responses

  1. You can still run for president of Fjord.

  2. i can’t wait to see the new items in the treasure book

  3. I cant wait to see the new items

  4. Bodge, were u really banned?
    Bodge101: When? I was 6 months ago- is that what you’re on about?

  5. Awesome post!

  6. Bodge can u support me and aussie for president of fjord. plz vote for us tell others for us to win too!

  7. cool!

  8. I beat the game on elite penguin force and i only had it for 6 hours

  9. lol me too cool man

  10. i just got this game 5 hours ago and im on mission 12

  11. csn u tell me how to getr the rench on epf

  12. how do you uncover g from the snow in mission 4 of EPF??? HELP! IM STUCK!

    Bodge101: Go to my Elite Penguin Force Cheats & Guides page for help.

  13. um i have no clue i have been trying for at least five days trying to find out too

  14. Ho do u get past levl 5????

  15. in level four you just have to follow these steps>
    first when you start the mission 4 talk to Director blah blah blah next>then you grab the G thing next>you show the folder to both D and get pack guy and then go out the door next>
    go to the sport shop and show the folder to the guy at the counter then hell give you a pair of old glasses G left behind next>put the glasses on and go to the HQ next click the eye scan 3000>then you will have access to the PSA head quarters
    next>look in Gs little drawer and pull out the duster next>
    put it in the spy gadget then go to the ski hill next>dig in the big snow an youll find a key go back to the sport shop and put it in the door then you completed the mission THE END!

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