Club Penguin Series 2 Plush Toys, Snow In Attic & Fireworks!

Club Penguin have released loads more cool CP Plush toys:
The new toys include Gary The Gadget Guy, a dragon, a king and a ballerina. Each toy comes with a series two coin code to unlock items online. Click here to see the full selection of Club Penguin toys.

Gary the Gadget Guy’s latest invention, the AC 3000 (an upgrade to the AC 1000 we’ve seen in missions), has filled the Lodge Attic with snow:
Apparently, it will be used for “Febuary fun”, which means the snow could be there for a while! We’ll just have to wait and see what they do with it!

Finally, with the end of the Christmas party, the New Year fireworks have been set off. This year they are even more extravagent than usual:
Check them out at the Iceberg and Mountain!
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Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Written & Video Tutorials

The new mission, Waddle Squad, has been released. Here is a walkthrough video and my written guide:

Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Walkthrough Video:

Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Written Guide

1. Talk to G, Herbert and the Director, pick up the solar panel from the box of odds and ends, then go to the Beach.

2. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, then enter the Lighthouse.

3. Pick up the barrel of Cream Soda next to the boat.

4. Go back to Jet Pack Guy and give him the Cream Soda barrel.

5. Solve the puzzle- pour the 8 beaker into the 5, the 5 into the 3, the 3 into the 8, the 5 into the 3, the 8 into the 5, the 5 into the 3 and, finally, the 3 into the 8. I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn’t!

6. Go to the Dock and collect the rope from the guy with the boat.

7. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table and bring it outside to the Town. Place it near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop. For the gift, take the clothes on the ground in the Gift Shop and put it on the table you just placed outside.

8. Go back to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

9. Take the solar panel out of your inventory,  then click on the broken wire with it.

10. Connect the solar panel to the wires. Look in the instructions to help you do it. It should look something like this:


12. Go to the Night Club, and put the rope you got earlier onto the pulley above the machine. Pull the lever.

13. The machine will malfunction. Open it up using the wrench from your spyphone and align the gears so they fit best.

14. Go to the HQ. Your spyphone will ring. Answer it, then head to the Dock.

15. You will see Klutsy with a Herbert cut-out. He will run away, then your spyphone will ring again. Answer it, then head to the Night Club.

16. You will see Herbert steal the golden puffle. Pull the lever so the cage comes down. When he has escaped the cage, your spyphone will ring. Answer it.

17. All the agents will move in. Herbert will try to pull the Golden puffle from the magnet. Take Jet Pack Guy’s jet pack, then angle the lights so they are over the solar panel. Next, click on the cage with the jet pack. Herbert will be trapped.

18. G will arrive, then Herbert will escape using Rookie’s teleporter. Talk to G. He will find a packet of seeds.

19. Collect your medal and gift. Well done- mission complete!


What did you think of the mission? Comment by clicking here.

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Club Penguin Mission 10

Update: I will have my mission tutorial up as soon as the mission is released.

Club Penguin Mission 10 is coming out very soon, so stay alert agents! It will probably be released around midday PST. For now, let’s take a look at my Mission 10 sneak peeks, and see what’s in store for us this mission:

Peek 1: Penguins gathered around a picture of a puffle- could Herbert P Bear’s latest plan be something to do with puffles?


Peek 2: An agent chasing Herbert- could this mean we are finally reaching the conclusion to the Herbert saga?


Supposedly, in this mission we will be depended upon more than ever- the fate of Club Penguin might rest in our hands!

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Club Penguin December 2008 Igloo Upgrade Catalog & New HQ Message

Here are the cheats for the new Igloo Upgrade Catalog:

Click on the Crowbar to find the Secret Stone Igloo:


Click on all the words “candy” on the page to get the Gingerbread House:


Finally, you can find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo by clicking on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo:


There is a new message in the HQ, telling us to be on alert:


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Club Penguin Coins For Change Results, Rockhopper Departs & Secret Message From G

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Here are the results for Coins For Change 2008:


We will find out what the charities did with the money around January. If you gave coins throughout the campaign, you will recieve a postcard thanking you.

With the departure of Coins For Change, which he followed every step of the way, Rockhopper has turned his sails to the horizon too. Here is a letter he wrote to us:


Finally, if you are a Secret Agent, you will recieve this secret message in your mail, warning you about the new mission on 29th December- it’s almost as if G plans these things 😉 :


Merry Christmas once again to you all!

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Club Penguin Toys: Unlock Items Online Treasure Book Series 2 Cheats

Here are the cheats for the new updated Treasure Book catalog. With this catalog, you can unlock special items online with codes from Club Penguin Toys.

Note: You can only unlock these items if you have a Series 2 Club Penguin toy or a Series 1 puffle toy.

The first page has pirate items:


The second has arts-related items:


The third has winter items:


Page 4 has the medieval items from earlier this year:


The fifth page has some Christmas items:


The sixth has items from the “Quest Of the Golden Puffle” play:


Page 7 has the secret agent items:


There are superhero items on page 8:


And finally, on page 9 there are some cool new items, exclusive to the Treasure Book:


Remember, you can only unlock these items if you have a Series 2 toy, which you will be able to buy in stores very soon, or a Series 1 puffle toy.

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