Club Penguin Christmas Party Sneak Preview

The Club Penguin Christmas/Winter Party 2008 starts on December 19th!  Here is a sneak preview of this year’s decoration:christmaspeek

What was your favourite part of last year’s party? Or is this your first? Comment and tell me!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



15 Responses

  1. Hi bodge 101.
    i have a good photo for rockhoppr ship ,,
    plaz visit :

  2. hey bodge. plz go to oatmancp wordpress com and vote for me for president of iceland! i need to win!

  3. OMG! the menorah is so cool i’m Jewish, and that means a lot to me. Can’t you hear it? Barach ata adonai elohanouh… lol, that’s what you’re supposed to say when u light the candles

  4. hey bodge i know how you can link things in your widgets. how do u do that

    Bodge101: It’s quite simple really! Insert an image into a post, making sure it’s on HTML setting, then highlight it and write your link. Finally, paste the HTML into a text widget.

  5. Actully bodge, those candels are used by christians too, not just jews

  6. It’s called Hanukkah…

  7. Dear Bodge,
    How do you get the number of people on the site thing on your blog?

    For the interview the questions are;
    1. how many hours a week are you on clubpenuin?
    2.How long have you had your blog?
    3.why did you start this blog?
    4. how old is your penguin Bodge101?
    5.What is your favorite outfit in clubpenguin?
    6.Do you have any pets?
    7.what infulenced you to start this blog, because your blog infulenced me.
    Thanks for your time and please also send me a picture of your player card or meet me on clubpenguin somtime.
    Thanks again your the best,

  8. no i dont wanna paste images. i can already do that. but how do you make the words linke
    Example: About page, Click here.

  9. hello guys
    go on GULCHI”S site
    it is really cool
    his site is :
    it is very good and don’t forget to comment on his site


    Server: Abominable
    Owner of igloo: Teamabo

    All your disturbing questions will be answered at mine
    on the map!

  11. what still?

  12. you are not there no?

  13. Friday, 2:30 pm cp time, Iceland, Cove, To celebrate my victory!
    Go to my party!

  14. hi your party was awsome do it tomorrow on husky at 10:00 pst please be my buddy there at the ice berg P.S. your awsome

  15. oh yeah its on the 21 plz come

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