Club Penguin December 2008 Better Igloos Catalog Cheats/Secrets

Here are the cheats for this month’s Better Igloo Catalog:

Click on the holly berries for the leaning Tree:


Click on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat:


Click here for the Rockhopper and Coins For Change cheats.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. bodge, aussie229 has deleted me from his blogroll and buddy list and now he is ignoring me!!!!!!

  2. also im busy 2night so can you plz post one of your posts on my site plz

  3. Hey Bodge can you please make a post That i got
    a money maker for cp on my blog
    i need the hits and im pretty sure this will do the trick and please give a link to my site for credit since i found it thanks bodge! it will really help cause i need the hits

  4. 😀 plz

  5. im the same guy that will give 5 thousand cpins a day 4 a member i have changed my mind i will get three thousand coins a day for non members

  6. kewl thx 4 the cheats it helped me : )


  7. hi im famous

  8. Thx alot!!!!! lol yea!!!! 😀

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