300,000 Hits/1 Year Anniversary Party Review

My 300,000 Hits/1 Year Anniversary Party was great! Despite a time change, several lost connections and a faulty computer, we still all had an excellent time! Here are some pictures:






Sorry if I couldn’t add you- I tried to add as many people as possible! What did you think of the party? Comment below and tell me!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



21 Responses

  1. Yo Bodge
    Thanks again for adding me :p
    my account name is i am haribo
    So what software or whatever do you use to make your hit party invites like the one for this one?

    Please check out my blog :p

  2. hi, I was at that party & you added me 😀 Im in 2 of those pics, im the one in green with the black guitar and brown hair. By the way, did you record the party?
    ~Your blogs the best~
    Poly Penguin

    Where?: Matterhron Bioe’s Igloo
    When?: 10am PST time.
    Why?: Hannuka first candel!!

  4. That party was awesome! My regular penguin Megazboy1 got hacked, so I had to use my back-up penguin Magicalboy91 and you added me! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. How did you take picturres of this and what site of program did you use?????

  6. Your party was AWESOME!!!!!
    Thanks for adding me!!!
    P.S. There’s a site thats using your 40 free penguins is that ok????? (Its not mine!!!!)
    P.S.S. Chocolate cake is sometimes better than pie!

  7. can we have another party i was so busy watching football i think chargers vs cartinals i forgot about everything i want to be youre friend on clubpenguin my name is pufflejr57 on clubpenguin ok.

  8. Yay I am in the pictures! Thanks but you did not add me as a buddy, its ok I understand cause theres so much people. I am in the first picture on top beside the penguin facing the puffle shop. I am wearing the glasses, santa hat, red shirt, and my penguin color is orange with a santa beard. See me yet? Thx again Bodge

  9. wow that would hav been so awesum but i liv in an opposite time zone! i was thinking of getting up in the night and sneaking onto my laptop just 4 the party…but then i thought nahh. Oh well u will rock 4eva

    keep being awesum!!

    PS: when i created a new penguin a new penguin in normal chat it came up as penguin229929789 or something even though i gave it a real name! do u no y? thanks anyways

    -bodge fan

    Bodge101: Each name is checked by staff, and if it’s rude or has too many spaces or capitals, it’s name is changed to it’s serial number. Also, if you go on safechat servers, the penguin will appear as it’s serial number anyway- were you on one?

  10. oops i accidently repeated a new penguin soz!

  11. Looks like you had fun!!! Sorry I couldn’t make it, the server was full when I tried to log on. Are you looking foward to Christmas? What do you think you are getting? I can’t wait till Xmas!!! I will miss my advent callender though 😦 lol!!!

    Bodge101: I sure am looking forward to it! I think I’m getting some new Wii games- probably Mario Kart and Wii Music! Hopefully lots of money and chocolate too, but I bought a new electric guitar a month ago and am still paying it off, so I won’t have much money left. 😦

  12. Yeah lol I have like no money left because of all of the presents I bought for my friends. Mario Karts is really good – its a bit hard at first but when you get used to it, it is really fun, probably my favourite wii game after wii fit.

  13. I’ve played it lots of times before- at Kimis house, so I’m quite good at it. I have Wii Fit too, but I found it got a bit boring after you went on it for over an hour every day for more than a month (I got it just before the Summer Hols)! 😀 I like the step-ups.

  14. What has Wiis got to do with an anniversary?! :L

  15. GO TO:




  16. We just got our wii fit started up! I like the ski jump game best plus when the wii balance board is on he screen he looks cute.

    GO TO:



  18. I have bodge on my buddy list.

  19. hi bodge if you look at your pictures to the left my penguin is there my name is scoobyd5

  20. hi i have a wii too wii music is not really fun but rappala fishing is p.s. i loved ur party p.s.s.im a epf(elite penguin force) p.s.s.s.i have a party at:the ice berg when:saturday time:8:00 to 9:00 server:fjord back up server christmas why:bodge had one hope you can come p.s.s.s.s.especialy bodge

  21. oh yeah the partys at pst penguin standard time

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