1 Year Of The Best Club Penguin Tips- A Look Back

Today is the 1st Anniversary of The Best Club Penguin Tips! 300,000 views. 10,000 comments. 580 posts. My site has travelled a long way in a year. Let’s take a look back at all the good times we’ve had over the last year:


22nd December

This was the day I started this blog. Click here to see my first ever post, just as I was coming to terms with how to use Wordpress. Back then, I didn’t know how to put pictures into posts, and my posts were very short- I had much to learn.

27th December

This was when I got my first membership. I got it just in time to buy the Christmas stuff before it was shut away for the year. Because I didn’t know how to post pictures back then, I never had any pictures of me as a non-member, except for this one:



4th January

This was the date of my first major site update. I updated the theme (to the Digg 3 theme which I still use today), added music and my original custom image header, which was a picture of my penguin’s face.

7th January

At this point I had just started to use pictures, and was coming up to my first 1,000 hits. Here is a Web Archive of the day, when I had just 818 views.

12th January

On this day I held my first party: my 1000 Hits Party! Here’s the invitation from it:


It was a great party! Here is a Slideshow of the pictures I took of it:

16th March

This was when I released my massive page network, Bodge Library, which many of you may remember- I only deleted it a few months ago when I did a page clearout. You can still find the many stories I wrote here.

15th April

This was the day that one of Club Penguin’s biggest updates ever (CPIP) went horribly wrong. I lost all my items: member, non-member, awards, colours and awards! I came very close to quitting that day- as I couldn’t bear to go through Club Penguin without all my items I’d been gathering for nearly a year. But, eventually, the items came back on 19th April.

15th May

This was my penguin’s 1st birthday. I celebrated with a party (three weeks later) and a penguin autobiography you can read here.

27th-31st May

This was when I got suspended from posting on my site because of using too many tags. The ban would have been lifted sooner, but I was on holiday in Wales, and didn’t get back until the 31st, so really I’m not entirely sure how long the ban went on for.

10th June

This was the date of my first and only Club Penguin ban. Luckily it was only for 24 hours.

19th October

This was the day my site underwent some major changes to make it what it is today. I deleted 40 pages (yes, I know I had a lot), updated the sidebar with most of the current widgets, updated the blogroll and much more.

28th September

This was the date of my 100,000 Hits Party, which, in my opinion, was the best party I’ve held yet (although the 300,000 Hits/1 Year Anniversary Party last weekend was good). Here are some snapshots of the party:

20th December

My 300,000 Hits/1 Year Party was on this day (two days ago)! It was a great party (although it didn’t last long). Here are some snapshots:






So there we have it- one year of my site! It’s just flown by, hasn’t it? There’s just a few people I’d like to thank for such a great year:

  • All the friends I’ve made throughout the year who have helped me so much
  • The Club Penguin staff, for making Club Penguin so awesome
  • And, of course, all my fans and visitors without whom this site would’ve even have got started.

What a great year! Comment below on which bits of the last year you found most memorable!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



11 Responses

  1. Which bits did you enjoy the most?

  2. Remember when we shared a party in like april! Remember you commenting on my old site. good ole days.

  3. the one I was in! I enjoyed the most!

  4. l

  5. Bodge, just wanted to inform you there are New Servers! I found out just now, New Servers are Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Ascent, Snowmobile, Snowcap and i’m not sure about Snowy RIver. Credits of this news goes to me! Thx!
    Just want to help since im bored

  6. Wow, you went to holiday to WALES!!!


    You might of seen me but didnt know me and all that stuff!!

    And Poly Penguin!!!

    Wow! How weird would that be!!!


  7. I live in wales!!!
    I liked all of the memories!

  8. Looks like u had sum gr8 times!

  9. great post! you’re doing so great! those were fun times 🙂

    you’re friend,


  10. Omg in Wales the best thing is…

    Oooh! Barry Island aages ago though…

    There used to be a Butlins next to it ut they kncoked it down and built houses…
    The Barry Island Pleasur Park land is owned by my uncle. AND the best thing is I get these band things which you wear and you get unlimited access to all the rides and it annoys everyone because you dont pay and the owners are losing money!! 😀
    They arent sold though… If you ask nicely I’ll get you one!! 🙂

    Go to the beach… Its got crabs like ( ) < that small!!

    You kind of have to stick your hands in mud to get them though but it is fun…

    I am Welsh but I dont know the language… Everyone says that is stupid ut where I live we all speak English and no one speaks Welsh but in West Wales (I live is South) they all speak Welsh.

    The easiest thing to learn is Welsh is the word “Hello” which is… Guess what!! “HELLO!!” Its the same!

    I am only saying this because I’m bored so now I’ll leave…

    Bye!!!! Ooh… Thankyou is… Uhh… You say it like “Dee ock un vow” but I dunno how to spell it!!! Bye!!!


  11. Oh good times. I remember when you only had 14,000 hits. I just don’t get it! Like how did you get 300,000 visits in a year? On January 30, is when I have had my blog for a year. I only have 28,000 hits. I don’t think i will get 300,000 hits in a month.


    Bodge101: Why not aim for a lower target? How about 30,000? That’s still a lot- think of 30,000 people all gathered together!

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