Club Penguin Toys: Unlock Items Online Treasure Book Series 2 Cheats

Here are the cheats for the new updated Treasure Book catalog. With this catalog, you can unlock special items online with codes from Club Penguin Toys.

Note: You can only unlock these items if you have a Series 2 Club Penguin toy or a Series 1 puffle toy.

The first page has pirate items:


The second has arts-related items:


The third has winter items:


Page 4 has the medieval items from earlier this year:


The fifth page has some Christmas items:


The sixth has items from the “Quest Of the Golden Puffle” play:


Page 7 has the secret agent items:


There are superhero items on page 8:


And finally, on page 9 there are some cool new items, exclusive to the Treasure Book:


Remember, you can only unlock these items if you have a Series 2 toy, which you will be able to buy in stores very soon, or a Series 1 puffle toy.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



31 Responses

  1. STORES? HAPPY HOILLIDAYS? Wjo are you and what have you done with Bodge101!!! 😆 lol

    Bodge101: The “Happy Holidays” header is because not everyone celebrates Christmas- but I don’t know why I wrote “stores”- maybe I’m going crazy! :mrgreen:

  2. Also enter the new christmas quiz, There are only two possibe winners and you are one of them.

  3. can u tell me a code pleasex

  4. Hey Bodge,
    Merry Christmas Eve and can I be on your blogroll.

  5. see ya on my birthday, bodge! (my mum said you were exite, erm Why?)

  6. Yeah, Merry Christmas!


  7. Can you tell me specifically what a Series 1 puffle toy is? And when exactly will the series 2 toys come out? My son in concerned that any toys he receives for Christmas tomorrow will only let him select items from the first Treasure Book. Any help is appreciated!

    X X

  9. i got 4 toy codes today. i unlocked black guitar, shadow guy cape and mask, and the i-pod!

  10. I have the cool new exclusive hoodie, scarf, and keyboard guitar and it gave me 1000 coins!

  11. Where did you buy these? How do they look like?

  12. this helped sooooo much
    i didn’t even know u had to have series 2 toys to get the new items
    thanx again!
    : )
    (plz post has never been posted)

  13. I just bought the puffle i think i’m gunna get the tutu and the kitty hat! I love clubpenguin!!!!

  14. can u send me a code plzzz on this website plzz

  15. Hey I’m Moracomole a girl and satasfied player on clubpenguin…. I have been on Clubpenguin since April 07……… I have been looking everywhere for clubpenguin toys series 2….. But they only have series one…. You have a lot of competision on the web…. such as 1 om my favorites Snowdobby……….. partnered up with Ojac…… ok well plz plz plz plz leave a post…




  16. hi… can you plz plz send me a code

  17. Heyyah we don’t have any money to buy a toy and we are in a big overdraft PLEASE GIVE US THE CODE…

  18. how do u do this code thingymiajig? [: :DD XD

  19. where can u buy both of the treasure books??

  20. give me the code man

  21. How do you get the codes without having the toys or books

  22. look on ebay for series 2 toys

  23. what are you takling about

  24. plz code

  25. heres a code C333H8LBHR

  26. ya were do you get the code without the toy or book tell me plz gust one or two codes!!!

  27. can you send me a code on this website plzplzplz !!!THX if you can!!!

  28. hello my penguin name is adrian32704 can you help me to unlock treasure book series 1 please

    thanks adrian32704

  29. Can you help me unlock all the tressure books plz!!

  30. okokokokokokok 😀
    😀 😀

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