Club Penguin Coins For Change Results, Rockhopper Departs & Secret Message From G

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Here are the results for Coins For Change 2008:


We will find out what the charities did with the money around January. If you gave coins throughout the campaign, you will recieve a postcard thanking you.

With the departure of Coins For Change, which he followed every step of the way, Rockhopper has turned his sails to the horizon too. Here is a letter he wrote to us:


Finally, if you are a Secret Agent, you will recieve this secret message in your mail, warning you about the new mission on 29th December- it’s almost as if G plans these things 😉 :


Merry Christmas once again to you all!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



8 Responses

  1. What did you get for Christmas?

  2. Hey nice post 😀

    Comment back on my site


    I GOT A WII – Hey you have aim

  3. Its contest time !!!!

  4. Nice Post Dude !

    Could you Submit your funny at my
    Funny Pictures & Fan Art & Party Pictures Page ?

    Waddle on snow !

  5. Awesome post! May you please help me? I am in a slump of hits. I usually average 200 hits a day but in the last week or so, I’ve been averaging around 80. All you got to do is visit and maybe comment. Thanks!


  6. coin code contest at my site!
    its the post that says winner & contest

  7. Hello!

    Can you please check out and see my new Header and CSS. Please tell me if you like it by commenting!


  8. hey bodge!

    I hav an update for u!

    In cp, if u go 2 the edit igloo thing and then the igloo catalog, u can get a new igloo!

    Go to the pg where the pink candy igloos r, then click all of the words ‘candy’ from left 2 right and u can get a gingerbread igloo!

    -Ur #1 fan

    Bodge101: I know, thank you!

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