Club Penguin December 2008 Igloo Upgrade Catalog & New HQ Message

Here are the cheats for the new Igloo Upgrade Catalog:

Click on the Crowbar to find the Secret Stone Igloo:


Click on all the words “candy” on the page to get the Gingerbread House:


Finally, you can find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo by clicking on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo:


There is a new message in the HQ, telling us to be on alert:


Until next time…

Waddle on!



11 Responses

  1. Hey Bodge.
    Yes, I did make my CSS by myself. I am starting to get the hang of it!


    Bodge101: Cool!

  2. check out for a rare penguin contest!
    awesome site dude!

  3. Bodge the aces are in there darkest days.
    I’ll probably never get ads on a website and I’ll probably be stuck using a wordpress for nothing forever.
    We’ve lsot traffic and will soon be losing more members (you’re staying though)
    Our only hope is and I may end up finishing the aces to start zrcheats.
    There’s probably nothing you can do about this but if there is then please help.

  4. Bodge you contacted me in the nick of time I was jsut about to delete your email but I didn’t!
    The password for it is now aussie229 and when you log in it will ask you to change it.

  5. Vote for me today!!! Here is the link: If you tell me you voted for me at my site I will put you in a drawing for a series 1 coin code! Also I am not trying to advertise I just think I should win! (I am running in the friezypopolis election for vp)

  6. Thanx for putting this on my site, bodge (Is it an early birthday prezzie?)

    Bodge101: No, I just felt like posting (I know- weird 😉 )!

  7. bodge my hits r going way up! i have atleast 4 people on all the time

    Bodge101: Cool! Was it that TDI thing?

  8. hello guys and bodge101
    i am having a contest on my site
    so you all take part in my contest
    my site is

  9. WOW i like the candy igloo !!

  10. Go to

    To get 100,000 coins.

    It works but you can only use it once in 24 hours.

  11. no because kimi posted mission guide cheats. i get 800 hits a day because of it! check the cp7 blog stats!

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