Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Written & Video Tutorials

The new mission, Waddle Squad, has been released. Here is a walkthrough video and my written guide:

Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Walkthrough Video:

Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Written Guide

1. Talk to G, Herbert and the Director, pick up the solar panel from the box of odds and ends, then go to the Beach.

2. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, then enter the Lighthouse.

3. Pick up the barrel of Cream Soda next to the boat.

4. Go back to Jet Pack Guy and give him the Cream Soda barrel.

5. Solve the puzzle- pour the 8 beaker into the 5, the 5 into the 3, the 3 into the 8, the 5 into the 3, the 8 into the 5, the 5 into the 3 and, finally, the 3 into the 8. I know it sounds complicated, but it really isn’t!

6. Go to the Dock and collect the rope from the guy with the boat.

7. Go to the Gift Shop. Talk to the manager of the Gift Shop then take the big table and bring it outside to the Town. Place it near the entrance to the Snow Forts and the Gift Shop. For the gift, take the clothes on the ground in the Gift Shop and put it on the table you just placed outside.

8. Go back to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

9. Take the solar panel out of your inventory,  then click on the broken wire with it.

10. Connect the solar panel to the wires. Look in the instructions to help you do it. It should look something like this:


12. Go to the Night Club, and put the rope you got earlier onto the pulley above the machine. Pull the lever.

13. The machine will malfunction. Open it up using the wrench from your spyphone and align the gears so they fit best.

14. Go to the HQ. Your spyphone will ring. Answer it, then head to the Dock.

15. You will see Klutsy with a Herbert cut-out. He will run away, then your spyphone will ring again. Answer it, then head to the Night Club.

16. You will see Herbert steal the golden puffle. Pull the lever so the cage comes down. When he has escaped the cage, your spyphone will ring. Answer it.

17. All the agents will move in. Herbert will try to pull the Golden puffle from the magnet. Take Jet Pack Guy’s jet pack, then angle the lights so they are over the solar panel. Next, click on the cage with the jet pack. Herbert will be trapped.

18. G will arrive, then Herbert will escape using Rookie’s teleporter. Talk to G. He will find a packet of seeds.

19. Collect your medal and gift. Well done- mission complete!


What did you think of the mission? Comment by clicking here.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



32 Responses

  1. What do you think of the new mission?

  2. thank you soo much! thank you for helping me catch the pikamon!


  4. Oh, and can you meet me at the HQ on Deep Freeze at 3:00 PST! PLZ!

  5. Hey Bodge i havent done the mission yet, but i think it looks ok! thanx 4 all the hard work u put in to this site i really appreciate it!

    Stay cool 4eva!

    Bodge101: No problem!

  6. lol rookie. thats inspiring a cp comedy idea

  7. You forgot the bonus gift.

  8. I thought the mission will be hard and long but it is so easy! THANKS TO YOU BODGE!

    Bodge101: No problem.

  9. i think it was cool because you had to trap the bear but at the end he escapes.I was looking at the time we were on and carter422 had woken up at1:30 am have you put a alarm clock next to your bed?

    Bodge101: No- I live in the UK and the times are probably different to where you live.

  10. This is the first time i have done this so please reply and we could be friends.

  11. How do you do those faces at the right side of your massage?

  12. I think that Mission 10 was the easiest! It took me more time to get in the HQ than to do the mission! (Well not really)


  13. lol no I got on sometime in the evening because I forgot about the mission.
    The bonus is you talk to the gift shop manager, pick up the clothes, table, box of shoes and put them on top of the table you put down outside. You get an employee of the month trophey. 😆

  14. ive 4 new cp comedy comics at my site. The Election is going to be my january contest. You can vote and for cp president. And ill need you though to make the poll daddy poll because i dont have a poll daddy account. make it so they cant vote more than once

    Bodge101: I’ll make the poll if you want, but WordPress own Polldaddy- it’s integrated into your dashboard!

  15. Hey! Nice post! The new mission is pretty cool. I thought it was one of the easier ones.

    Anyway, can you add me to your blogroll? It would be really appreciated. My site is

    Comment back on my site! Thanks 😀

  16. hi guys ill be having a party

    at the dock
    server iceland
    time 8:30pst

    plz come bye

  17. BODGE,
    That is at 11:30 in the U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you make it earlier?

  18. On my website I am Felipe if you wanted to know.
    Oh and Bodge can you help make my penguin famous? I don’t have a CP based website, but still can you please help me?
    My penguin’s name is Blake Disney.

  19. you forgot one thing if you help the penguin in the gift shop you get an employee of the month trophy at the end

    Bodge101: I mention that.

  20. It was to short and to easy they should make it harder and longer and plz get rid of rookie hegets on my nerves.:( I hope i get to be a epf agent . I have the ds game it is so fun

  21. Hi bodge i went to york yesterday and a wnet to a resturant but i forgot the name! i also went to a dentist where my auntie works. The dentists name is crystal clear dental spa.

    Bodge101: Cool- the resteraunt you went to might’ve been a Bettys.

  22. it was called The Sun In. In Long marston.


    Server: Frosty
    Time: Right Now!
    Penguins Igloo: Teamabo


  24. My dad told me it was
    The Sun Inn.
    In Long Marston.

    Bodge101: Never heard of it! 😀

  25. thanks millions!

  26. theres a missing part of the mission. when you go to the gift shop you take the pile of clothes on the floor and the box next to it and put the clothes on the table and the box on the ground. when you do, the gift shop manager will come out and wave at you 🙂 that was something i learned on my own today! 😀

    Bodge101: I mention it in my guide.

  27. Bodge,
    I thing i know the reason why you have never heard of it. Its i because there is probaly so many resturants in york, and you probaly live in a different part of yorkshire.

    , Teamabo

  28. the nachos r wierd

  29. I told you about that gift didn’t I? You also need to put the box out

    Bodge101: You reminded me, yes!

  30. hey bodge how’d you do the cool animated header thing tell me plze dude!

  31. 🙂 cool

  32. Bodge how u make the banner on the site ? its so awsome can you tell me what (programe ore site you do it in/on) Rosenborg1 :d waddle on 🙂

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