Club Penguin Mission 10

Update: I will have my mission tutorial up as soon as the mission is released.

Club Penguin Mission 10 is coming out very soon, so stay alert agents! It will probably be released around midday PST. For now, let’s take a look at my Mission 10 sneak peeks, and see what’s in store for us this mission:

Peek 1: Penguins gathered around a picture of a puffle- could Herbert P Bear’s latest plan be something to do with puffles?


Peek 2: An agent chasing Herbert- could this mean we are finally reaching the conclusion to the Herbert saga?


Supposedly, in this mission we will be depended upon more than ever- the fate of Club Penguin might rest in our hands!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. What do you think the plot of the new mission will be?

  2. hey bodge, i have found ways of being omnivores on spore! (Well two ways actully) They both take place in microbe stage. Way one is you give the animal two mouths and wat two is that you find all the parts/components from asteriods and one of them is an omnivore mouth.

    Also I saw guitar hero world tour in HMV for £65!

    Bodge101: Cool about Spore, but Guitar Hero: World Tour is only on Xbox360, and you probably saw Legends Of Rock or a pre-owned World Tour.

  3. Excellent guess! I wonder if you are right…

  4. hi Bodge did you hear the accounts weren’t deleted?
    Anyway i haced myself the medals allready!

  5. Guitar Hero:Worldtour is also for the PS3 and PS2 and the Wii and Xbox 360

  6. Hey Bodge I started a forum it’s not got any posts yet as I have no experience with forums but it’s imporivng with layout and all grab an account at don’t forget the .tc

  7. i di the mission 10 it so easy

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