Club Penguin Series 2 Plush Toys, Snow In Attic & Fireworks!

Club Penguin have released loads more cool CP Plush toys:
The new toys include Gary The Gadget Guy, a dragon, a king and a ballerina. Each toy comes with a series two coin code to unlock items online. Click here to see the full selection of Club Penguin toys.

Gary the Gadget Guy’s latest invention, the AC 3000 (an upgrade to the AC 1000 we’ve seen in missions), has filled the Lodge Attic with snow:
Apparently, it will be used for “Febuary fun”, which means the snow could be there for a while! We’ll just have to wait and see what they do with it!

Finally, with the end of the Christmas party, the New Year fireworks have been set off. This year they are even more extravagent than usual:
Check them out at the Iceberg and Mountain!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


16 Responses

  1. Well, Oneurt is saying Orngyee is hacking to get hits. Everyone else is saying Oneurt is just being selfish. I think Oneurt is thinking wrong and Orngyee is just becoming more famous!


    Bodge101: I don’t really know Orngyee or Oneurt, but I agree with you! 😀

  2. Hey i think i saw u on Jimmymorkos i wanted to add u but i forgot his budddy list was full as ever rofll :o] btw awesome blog huge fan!!! :]

    Bodge101: Thanks!

  3. does anyone know if anyone can see when you do that glitch where you zoom in and stand on the nightclub? (no programs that is) i can do it in many other rooms, but idk if poeple can see it. thanks

    Bodge101: Yeah, people can see it.

  4. Bodge i have heard rumours on cp about an albino penguin and i have seen one with my own two eyes. His name was MrPengDude5 and he was white. How do you become one cuz its wierd?

    Bodge101: I think they are hackers- I saw one once too. DON’T HACK!

  5. Im friends with bodge101 on cp

  6. The snow is been stored for a Snow Festival (from 2007)
    This means there is a big possibility of the Ice Crown and Snowflake Shirt returning!

  7. hey bodge i already posted the mission guide so i deleted your post. lol.

  8. dear bodge,
    can u please come to my 1000 hits party go to my site to find out more.
    ps my site is

  9. Happy New Years, everyone!

  10. WOW Happy New Year!!!!

    Its the first of JANUARY!!! YEAH! 2009!!!!!

    I dont have a “New Year’s resolution”…
    What is yours if you have one?



  11. Hey Bodge plz visit me on club penguin on saturday at the ski lodge 2:00 New zealand time!




  15. lol!

  16. Dear Bodge101,
    I am sorry to disturb you, but I am asking with a huge pleasure for 2 series 2 coin codes, if possible. If you have them, please send both to
    I will be waiting for the codes patiently. I am just crying this second. We live no where near where they sell these toys. My brother /.cookermad./ has recently taken a series 2 code from Youtube but screamed at the sight of being used. I am waiting for 2 codes. My brother is packing his bags now, he wants to live at my Gran’s house. So please give 2 coin codes. Make sure they’re series 2. If only one can be given, please still send this to me and i will use it on my brother and start screaming.
    Thanks for your co-operation,

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