Club Penguin January 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats & New Pin

Here are the cheats for this month’s Penguin Style catalog:

Click on the red paint bucket for the Spikester:


Click on the blue light for the Spikette:


Click on the flower pot for the Fruit Headress:


Click on the orange present for the Yellow Scarf:


Click the top of the mountain for the Russian Hat:


Click on the snow at the top of the tree for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close it 3 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Click the top hat for the Pink Pom Pom Toque:


Click on the snow flake for the Red Hoodie:


What a lot of cheats! Don’t forget to check out all the cool new fashions!

Finally, you can find the new Gingerbread Man pin at the Lodge Attic:


Until next time…

Waddle on!



29 Responses

  1. cool thx for the help! 😀

    Bodge101: No problem Doggi!

  2. what is the big fan for?

  3. Vistie my website, but it needs a massive update, i have not worked on it since september! oh well, soon it will be Beast!

    waddel on!

    p.s. GREAT SITE!

  4. Go to http://WWW.CPHELPERS2.WORDPRESS.COM and go to GUESS THE PASSWORD page!!

    Guess the PASSWORD and get to the SECRET PAGE!!! Oooooh! Mysterious!

    Go there now!



  5. Type your name with the letter after it… Then change it into a word!

    My name, without the numbers, is:


    Which is Nervlu. Hi I am Nervlu. You are Npfhr. Nipfir. 🙂

    Heehee funny.


  6. hi….
    can you go to my blog….

  7. cool site !


  8. Wow!!WAt a good blog

  9. Hello!

    You are invited to my party which is today( Saturday ), 12 pm CPTZ, at Fjord Dock!

    Hope to see you there!


  10. Bodge, can I work here and you work at my site? Please?


  11. hey bodge i have a coin code contest that ends 2 morrow! enter and try to win lol. also i got 15,600 hits!woot! woot! (i started in july 08)

  12. Hey can you add me to your blogroll? I have the requirements!! Comment back! 😉

    Bodge101: Sure!

  13. lol im doin fine. u havent been on cp lately(cuz i havent seen u lol) also im having a party at 20,000 hits 😀 help me get there! lol than i can get on ur blogroll! (30,000 hits later…)

    Bodge101: Lol! I don’t go on as much as I used to, no, but I’m kinda busy with my new Wii games, so I’ll go on more soon!

  14. lloove it! Thanks for the pin, anyways, I don’t know what is Clubpenguin doing with the snow in the attic..for february? Hmm..

  15. Awesome Post! Your Invited To Our 20,000 Hit Party!

    When: Jan. 10, 2009

    Server: Kosciucko (3rd Page)

    Room: Dock

    Time: 2 PM PST

    Pictures Will Be Taken! And 4 People Will Be Featured On The Site!

    We Will Be Playing Games! And 10 People Will Be added To My List!

    Hope You Can Come!



  16. Hi bodge
    Can we meet on club penguin sometime.
    My name is cutepompom1.
    I live in england so it will have to be about 9:00am PST.
    please suggest a day.
    I am at school tomorrow so make it around 9:00PST
    thnx -Cutepompom1-

    Bodge101: You’re at school tomorrow? I have a training day! 😀

  17. Coolies a hits party

    I know why there is snow in the attic! Its because there is going to be a fiesta! It happened last year!

    Also my sis is crazy about pengs so we went to WHSmiths and i bought her a preston the penguin!

  18. Hi! What improvments could I make on the images?

  19. Hi! You all are Officially invite to my 50,000 hits party !
    Here is the invitation:
    Orngyee’s 50,000 hits party!

    When: January 5th 2009
    Time: 3 P.M. Penguin Standard Time
    Where: Server Frozen, My Igloo on the map. (I’ll start there)
    Who: EVERYONE!!
    I will add 10 penguins to my buddy list, and I will feature 5 penguins on this site. Then YOU will vote out of those five penguins who should win a special prize!
    See you there!
    To see more info, check out !

    Bodge101: 3:00pm PST is 11:00pm for me- I can’t come! 😦 Sorry!

  20. i know billy bobs password its ? mystrious ohh

  21. Bodge can you please suggest a day and surver i can meet you

  22. Man, the fan rocks!!

  23. Waddle On!

    It’s fun to waddle on a nice ground!

    From now start registering Club Penguin @!

  24. hjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  25. Wow, thanks. I want to get the Red hoodie.
    Well, on the Server ‘Snow Board’ everyone is screaming “SUE CLUBPENGUIN! SUE AUNT ARTIC!” because the new January Catalog did NOT come out today, January 1st.
    Well. Happy New Year to everyone, and lets hope the January Catalog comes out Tomorrow at least, because all those penguins are standing by the door! Lol.

  26. club penguin is cool

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