Looking For An Author (Round 1)

Do you want to serve Club Penguin cheats to thousands of penguins every day? Do you have what it takes? To apply, simply answer these questions:

1. How often are you on Club Penguin?

2. Do you already own/work on a site (if so, please specify)? 

3. What country are you from?

4. What time zone are you in?

5. What is your email (don’t worry- it will not be published)?

Comment below with your answers! Round 2 of the selection will start next week.

Until next time…

Waddle on!



50 Responses

  1. Your applications will be held in moderation. Good luck!

  2. P.S: Bodge Can u meet me now on matterhorn in the book room My name is Mr Yumyum2

  3. sorry for sending 2 I didnt mean too

  4. what is your email?

  5. Please Bodge I Really Want This Please!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bodge101 i dont mind if i dont win its just that i really wanna be a famous peng

  7. im in modoration, is that supposed to happen

  8. hey how’d ya get the icon next to the URL?

  9. cool post.


  10. Hey bodge its Icynemo! I was wanting to know if i could become an auther on your site? Plz think about it!
    Icy melts away!

  11. o and what i mean by holiday is OUT. like going camping or stuff where there is no internet

  12. and sorry I’m doing heaps of comments and possibly spamming:
    but im Ur #1 fan – which i still am – but that used to be my name 4 the comments b4 i made the blog. so now im Trickelz

  13. Ok I will work with you.
    Add me as an author or anything you want lol

  14. Hi bodge! Great work on your hits.BTW can you plz put me on your blogroll? please cuz i only have 62 views 😦 .my site is trjkghghisawsome.wordpress.com. thank you! 😀


  15. Can you add me to your blogroll? I added you and over 50,000 hits and i added you (if you don’t believe me then go to http://www.joshshicool.wordpress.com)




  17. p.s. long time no see lol. its prob the time zones. lol the UK ones and the USA ones are a long time away. but i hope i can work here/ see u on cp more often. lol
    ☺‰2☺2┤5l5645┴▒É╝☺☻ ☺•◘○♣♠♦☺☻♥♣♦♦•◘○
    lol thats cool♀↨r☼►1◄↕‼99↨3282♠22444∟lol

    Bodge101: Yeah, we really should meet up sometime!

  18. Hi!

  19. I dont want you to add me. I will not post enough. So how are you??? Did you get snow yesterday in Yorkshire? We did where I live. It is very cold here!!!!!
    See you soon!!

    Bodge101: We got a bit of snow, but not much- not even a centimetre! It’s cold here too though.

  20. Wowee! Round one! Cool theres another part! (Please dont be a commenting one where you comment anything possible – I cant…

    Hey, have you heard of a dummy computer?

    They link off the main computer and cant get viruses or anything! You can connect unlimited dummies! They work at the same time! So you could connect 4, and invite your friends over and sit there commenting, coz you have thesame IP address! Wow you could win comment contests easily!

    Ok food is in my way so bye!!


  21. lol cold to me is 60o lol rite now its 70o i hate florida -_______- lol im on cp now if u wanna go on. im on snowboard

    Bodge101: That’s 60o farenheit, right? And sorry, I wasn’t on. I was watching the Mask Of Zorro on Sky 2! 😀

  22. lol i remembered UK lol i was wondering y u used centemetre. lol u use metric scale. lol i dont (only when i hav to)

    Bodge101: I use imperial as well sometimes- in fact, I don’t get why we use metric here- the English invented imperial, but it was the French who invented Metric! Why does the world make no sense! 😐

  23. Bodge, I really need to work here. I might quit. I work so hard on my site, and don’t get any rewards. I can’t even get 150 hits anymore!


  24. BODGE! hey!

    I found out a new cheat… i think… (it’s not that great but at least it works)

    I don’t think it works in all rooms, but it works in the rooms that go out of the town and plaza (i.e. coffee shop, nightclub, pet shop, pizza parlour).

    ok what u do is:

    1.click the map, then go to the town.
    2.Once you are there click at the entrance of the nightclub for example.
    3.When the screen is still blue (loading) click at the entrance of the dance lounge.
    4.When the room shows up properly you will be standing at the entrance of the dance lounge (or where you last clicked)!!

    It mostly works if you haven’t been in that room for a while and takes a little longer to load.

    Hope it works for you as well, and if it doesn’t, sorry for wasting your precious time! :S

  25. lol the world doesnt make sense. and the header thing didnt work with the un freeze thing. ill try again later. hope i win! 😀 if i worked here dang hits would rise! here and my site! lol woot hope i win
    ~doggi with 16,000 hits yay~

    Bodge101: I think I know why it’s not working- I’ll comment on your site!

  26. Bodge i said for mission 11 that the seeds are like fire seeds and herbert makes a plane dropping the seeds to get rid of all the snow in cp. and you have to catch them or they will hit the ground.

    Bodge101: Cool idea! But if they do it, they’d probably change it to a jet pack, rather than a plane, and something to do with puffles.

  27. ill tell you more when cp emails me back

  28. Hey bodge i have my own website i am looking for a job
    oh plz can i joind i have lots of unwanted penguins come on let me join i am on cp often


  29. Lol I was watching the mask of zorro too!!! I thought it was ok, but not my type of movie. so are you back at school now? I am guessing so because most are back now where I live.

  30. so bodge your from the uk? cool ive always wanted to live there. its SO HOT were i live your a lucky man dude

    Bodge101: Over here, warm countries are thought to be better! We always moan about the weather! 😀 Personally, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else on Earth! 😀

  31. nice idea source! and ill work on it later bodge lol thx for the tip. i was trying to get it to work forever! lol the UK sounds like a great place… lol thx for the help! :mrgreen:

  32. p.s.if i make a mistake in a post,i always change it once i see it.
    example: tomezone when i see it i will change it to timezone.

  33. bodge i think i am the only person that answered the questions and please pick me

    Bodge101: Actually, I’m keeping the application forms in moderation, so they’re visible only to me (except your own, which only you can see). I’ve had over 60 so far!

  34. how are U???

  35. Oh, I’m buddies with a fake Bodge101 His name is Bodge 101, not Bodge101. Awww…. 😦 I hope i get picked, even though I know I probably won’t. I’ll do really good grammar!!! 😀 See ya!
    ~Li Gi 99~

    Bodge101: Really? Someone’s impersonating me! 😯

  36. Hi bodge!
    I don’t mind if i don’t win cuz i know that at least i tried and i can have another chance sometime!

  37. I live in england and its isn’t usually sunny over here and we dont get much snow ( Im talking not even a mini cm!)

  38. hi

  39. Hey Bodge,
    remember me! i was the guy you thought was woton!
    dude i hope i win ive never really been an author b4 and i know saying that probaly ruins my chances of becoming one but watever i wanna honest. so if i win i win fair in square!thanks hope i win!

    Bodge101: Honesty is always the best policy! I forgive you, and it won’t affect your chances at all!

  40. Nice Post.


  41. When is round 2 gonna come?

  42. I live in Wales, it isnt sunny, it never snows and it is always FREEZING!!!!

    When I get up it is minus 4 (-4) to two (2) degrees C. ITS ALWAYS SO COLD…

    Teamabo, and anyone who has sun, is SO LUCKY!!

    Ok maybe it suns (Is that right – suns? Its right when u say snows!) once every two weeks but its a cold sun… A sun that is cold! No wind, its just cold!

    GRR. Lol…

    I wish I lived in England… Actually I dont because I’m Welsh and I like Wales and no offence to English people (Especially you bodgey) but I dont want to be English…

    My mum and dad are English anyway.. So I’m half English… Hmm….


    Anyone reading this must be REALLY BORED of my borig talk so I’m ending this comment and saying something random. The first thing that comes into my head!


    Ok bye!



    Bodge101: Lol! I went to Wales last year and we had an awesome beach day- it wasn’t cold (although I was after spending 3 hours in the sea 😉 )!

  43. Oh yeah, by the way… REMEMBER THE ALAMODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (flies away on magical potato)

  44. If i work on this site,i will make it more popular!
    Gulchi 😉

  45. Hey Bodge, what’s your favourite thing about England? I like the Dominos Pizza Takeaway! LOL! It’s the best thing ever!! Hey, and have you ever been to Mademe Tussards in London? I went once and it was really crowded, but still cool! And, I like The Dungeons in there too, it’s so freaky and awesome!
    -Skatagirl96 🙂

    Bodge101: Lol! I’ve never actually had a Dominos! But they sponser the simpsons on Sky One! 😀 I’ve been to Madame Tussauds too- it’s always really packed! We queued for well over an hour, and it cost over £100 (as there are 5 of us)! But it was definately worth it! 😀

  46. Hello bodge i was thinking about the author thing and it sounds pretty cool so if you are interested send me an email and I will answer all the questions. Please pick me because I know a lot about “Club Penguin”.

  47. Hello bodge i was thinking about the author thing and it sounds pretty cool so if you are interested send me an email and I will answer all the questions. Please pick me because I know a lot about “Club Penguin” .

  48. hey bodge
    howz it?

  49. I dident make it 😦

  50. awsome i loveee club penguin i completed club penguin ds game epf

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