Club Penguin Member Party Sneak Peek & More Free Penguins

Club Penguin are working on an exclusive member party (their first since the opening of the Cove) for mid-January. Here’s a sneak peek:


The party will start on the 15th, and it’s more than just a party- wait till you see what else the team have planned! Last week, Billybob said that the new dance fashions would be useful later in January- could this be what he means? I’ll have more details next week!

I’ve updated the 40 Free Penguins page with over 30 awesome new (and old) accounts! Check it out here!

Finally, would you like to become an author on this site? Click here to apply!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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  2. cool sneek peek! 😀 also how do u make animated headers like u used to have?
    ~doggi~ (p.s. respond at my site)

  3. hey bodge i just became a ninja

    i wish i could help u get a ninja belt and mask but

    i bet u wouldnt
    let me do that but if u would id be happy to help

    ill help any one acshully just tell me ur e mail and ill help every day plus give u tips on how to do it and if u wont let ppl go on ur acount i cant get u one so im only helping ppl who can i also have a cool cp penguin and ill give it to ppl who promise to not ban him
    and im serious its about that ok so email me ill give u tips no one knows
    um well i dont know wat else to write so ill help anyone who asks um
    well um i have to go watch labrith has any one seen it well its preety good so u should watch it its awsome well now i dont know wat to write oh no i hope this is not to long i meen well ive been typing for a while and i dont want to take up alot of space so tell me if its too long it looks preaty long but i dont know some girls was a 23 line one it took me for ever to read it well my friend just called me so heres wat she has to say well hello how r u ppl and im back we go to school together so we see each other alot and i have another friend shes nice too
    wow this is long i started an hour ago but im not a fast typer so thats why and so how r u bodge well it would be cool if u could write back oh my friend just had to go =( but shell be back soon its late and this will be done soon so i hope she can call while im still

    doing this well shes calling now better pick up the phone brb
    k im back and so is she=) yay wow this must be long well bodge if u can keep beig cool and keep this web its awsome i wish i could have one but they cost too much so yum i just got mint cookies well hmm i love u bodge ( not in that way)but ur cool i love ur web site and ur penguin (even though i never seen them) hmmm i just watched

    well this is a cool place my iggy on cp is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    cool so u should check it out and um bodge could u be my buddie on cp well that almost it maybe i can beet that girls comment
    hey bodge i still think ur comp is probaly realy bad no offence but u seen it

    hmm well i probaly beat her but i still have questions
    wats yay or nay and i love the vending game its so fun lol
    and wats ruin the wish u have games lol agian um how do u make those happy faces wow lots of ppl go on ur site im ur #1 fan lol cool right ur so cool im still typing lol wow ur chat is cool to i talk to other ppl alot

    i didnt know it ws this long keep on keeping on oh and ur free penguins r cool too but they get banned fast well ur ninja thing helped me learn to keep trying and then after one game i was a black belt then ninja (i will never hack )( any way i dont know how to ) i hope no one hacks even ppl who r like u well im pretty sure u dont hack well um this is long so bye bye answer too i need the help any way y do u need the e mail it makes no sense any way the sensai is very hard to beet r u a ninja yet 1 if red 2 if purple 3 if brown 4 if black well i aready know ur a red cause ur last response to me so thats how i know well now bye bye

    Bodge101: Wow! That’s a long comment! You definately beat that girl! 😀 Even without the stuff about your friend you’d probably still have beaten her! 😀 To get the emotes, go to my “WordPress & Club Penguin Emotes” page, which you can find on the sidebar. Well done on becoming a ninja too, I’m glad I helped! I bet this is one of my longest responses ever too! 😀

  4. oppz

  5. srry i never new it was this long im realy srry

  6. Great post, Bodge!

  7. their a lots of thing for hoilday i am so cool i am a girl

  8. you could use my penguin it is user.piggle844 password moonlight

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