Club Penguin Member Dance-A-Thon Cheats, Fiesta Party Update & AC3000 Uncovered

The Member Dance-A-Thon Party has finally begun! Here are the cheats:


You can pick up a free Boombox in the Dance Club:


There’s a cool welcome message that welcomes you to the party and lists the names of the penguins in the room:


You can bust some moves in the cool new dancing game:


And there are cool new break dancing moves if you dance with the Boombox:


DJ Cadence is popping up in the three floors of the Night Club and giving away a free item! Catch her while you can! I’ll try and get a tracker up soon! 

Remember to check out the party room (The Roof) and the brand new game! If you are not a member, go to my 40 Free Penguins page, packed full of cool member accounts, so you don’t miss out.

Now, next week the annual Winter Fiesta party will begin- and this year it’s set to be even better than ever! There’s going to be new surprises, and even more cool mexican decorations! You can kick off the Fiesta fun early with tomorrow’s Furniture Catalog!


You may remember a month ago when the AC3000 mysteriously appeared in the Lodge Attic. Gary The Gadget Guy has finally revealed the purpose of the machine. Here’s what he had to say:

“There was a lot of snow used as decorations for the Chrsitams Party, so we decided to store it for another event. The AC3000 will maintain a perfect temperature for the snow to be preserved. You may recall we last used the cooling device for the Festival Of Snow in 2007. I’m excited to utilize this invention again.”

Could the snow be for a second Festival Of Snow? What do you think?

Until next time…

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. Im still waiting on danceathon and its already 39 minutes past 12 when will it start

  2. Bodge, i’m member again lol,
    and i think that member party at 1:00 am PST

  3. im on it isnt happening

    Bodge101: Nice new avatar- I’d got used to the old one though! 😦

  4. hey how can u meet tht DJ person

    Bodge101: I’m posting a guide soon.

  5. bodge101, the new pin at snow forts !! taco lol
    and go to ur igloo and see what happen

  6. coolio thx it might just help lol

  7. where do you find the dj3k who is the best dancer on club penguin

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