New Club Penguin Paint By Letters Book

A new Club Penguin Paint By Letters book, “Lime Green Dojo Clean” is being released tomorrow! Here’s a sneak peek:
If you haven’t played before, Paint By Letters is a game where you can fill in words as they appear in the story. You can choose the direction the story goes in, and it’s like you’re actually part of the story! 😀 The new game will come out in the Book Room tomorrow! Stay tuned for the game and newspaper cheats!

In other news: vote in the poll on the sidebar who you want to be the new author! I won’t tell you who’s winning, but lets just say it’s tight competition… 😉 Find out who wins this Sunday!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately Bodge (the fish) died Tuesday night. As she was named after you, would you like to leave a message? (I am making a book of memories for my Goldfish) Just comment it or add it on to this comment if you want to.
    mourning Bodge 😦

    Bodge101: I’m sorry, Des. Here’s my message:

    Bodge, you were the greatest fish I ever didn’t know, I hope you live on forever in fishy heaven!

  2. Cl;ub Penguin Rally has all the blogroll requirments and would like to know if you could put us on your blogroll, we will do the same, if you accept.


    Is the URL

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