Club Penguin French Servers Secret

Hey Penguins, Ojoc posting

Club Penguin have not publicly announced it but the secret has got out, there will be french servers in club penguin very soon.

The only way to access the servers is to use a special club penguin trainer.

Here are some pictures I took while I was waddling around:

The town is french club penguin is called Centro (Centre)

The strange thing about the french servers are that most of the time they are completely empty!

I noticed a club penguin glitch with the puffle player card stats, the writing for energy, health and rest seem to be in Chinese writing!!

Also here are some interesting translations

  • The Plaza is called “La Grande Place” (the big place)
  • The Lounge is called “Area VIP” (VIP area)

Some of the swf files that make up the game haven’t been created!

Here is a list of the French features that need to be made:

1. A few room swfs

2. All the single player games

3. Some messages eg. your account info

Keep visiting this site and my site for more hints, tips, cheats and secrets!

~ Ojoc


9 Responses

  1. I think the french servers will be released in a week or two, they are probably the reason the PBL book was delayed.

    Comment what you think!!

  2. ojoc why are you linking to your site? Its not really fair to bodge.


  3. I agree with chinse. Also Bodge you might wanna see my comment on your final round post….

  4. ojocs first post here

  5. Seriously Bodge. Take off Ojoc and add someone else. I mean he is advertising his site on yours.


  6. this is bodge’s site, you shouldn’t get all the glory just because you were a winner of the author contest

    Bodge101: I’ll let him off… for now. 😉

  7. thats japanese, not chinese

  8. Club penguin will let chinese (or japanese)into club penguin!

  9. no its french cuz they r french servers!

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