Club Penguin February 2009 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Bodge here! Here are the cheats for the new Penguin Style Catalog:

Click the ‘S’ in ‘T-Shirts’ to get the Spikester:


Click the ‘e’ in the “Penguins at Work” page to get the Spikette:


Click on the middle dot on the disco page to get the Fruit Headdress:


Click on the flower to get the Red Viking Helmet, and open and close it three times for the Blue Viking Helmet:feb-09-clothing-catalog-cheat-04

Click the beak of the of the penguin in the green sweater to get the Russian Hat:


Click on the snowman’s carrot to get the Yellow Scarf:


On the first clearance page,  click on the second ‘A’ in ‘Clearance”to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque:


Finally, click the ‘L’ on the last clearance page to get the Red Hoodie:


Don’t forget to check out all the cool new clothes, and thanks Blowsight10 for posting this earlier!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



22 Responses

  1. What do you think of all the new fashions?

  2. Great fashions!! First comment!!


    Yet another day off school! I love snow!!!

    Me and my next door neighbour had a snowball fight with these people and we were chucking iceballs! Apparently it hurt!


    I like the puffle thing on the PAW (penguins at work) page! Its cool! Im just going on to see what it actually does!

    I have 30001 coins!! AND IM NOT GUNNA SPEND IT!!!

    HEHE!! I’m gunna save on top of it and promise myself never to go under 30000… Last time I got to 20000 I promised myself and i spent it! 🙂

    Im not gunna do it this time!!



  3. Oooh not as short as I thought it would be! It’s kind of long!!! BUT WHO CARES!

    No coment moderation!

    Sorry about the spellling mistakes I cant be bothered to correct them!

    Im kind of hyper because I’m off school so now Im gunna get a drink of Doctor Pepper (ZERO – I’m diabetic 😉 ) and go on CP!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


    Becky (again)

  4. Hello!!!

    It pours food into a bowl!!!


    I never got that Dr. Pepper…


  6. How come this post isnt at the cp7?

  7. I think that this is a pretty good catalogue. It is simple but packed full of new and old stuff. I think that I’m going on a shopping spree now!!! lol!!!!

  8. I have 9999810 coins (I spent it on puffles!) Go to this video the song is well cool AND THE KITTY IN THE VIDEO WAS ASLEEP IN THE SINK!


  9. its alot of old stuff. pretty plain, boring stuff. disney is doing horrible. (i do like the pet shop worker though)

  10. how soon are you quitting?

    Bodge101: I’ll be around for a few weeks yet- a month tops.

  11. aww your quitting bodge? 😥
    Seems like everyone is lately.


    Bodge101: Not just yet, but soon.

  12. Dude get 500,000 hits! I’m quitting the end of summer as you know.

    Bodge101: I would, but I have literally lost both interest and the time to keep it up. I will have a massive leaving party though, to celebrate all the great times we’ve had! It’s just Club Penguin has got boring.

  13. Also can you re-add Club Penguin Trio to your blog roll bodge. We have you on our blog roll and now we are posting again!

  14. The letters to click spell out SEAL… Could this be a clue?

    And your quitting soon?!?!

    Every one is quitting or getting suspended!! Mike92, Watex, Snowdobby and everything! Please don’t!

    I know the reply will be you’re getting too old for CP but… Please, atleast quit just the site and go on for every event and then in 2 years sell your penguin! Wow… Thats such a good idea 😀

    The rugby is on today, and I heard Wales was winning!

    And a boy from Yorkshire died falling in a pond… Isn’t that where you live? Maybe not where he lived though…

    PLEASE DONT QUIT! Your site is the only decent site with an address I can remember!

    Ok… Umm… Bye…

    I hope Wales wins… 😀


    (I live there and I’m proud!!)


    (Poly Penguin lives there too!!!)

    Bodge101: I’m sorry, but it’s true. I am too old for CP- it’s just got boring (I know everyone says that when they quit, but this time it really has- have you seen how many people are quitting now!?). It’s not only that, it’s that I don’t have time anymore to spend three or more hours of my day on CP. It was fun while it lasted, and these past few golden months of my site have been the best, but I really feel I’ve outgrown Club Penguin. When you get to my age, you’ll understand.

    I saw a bit of the Rugby too. Scotland V Wales- what a match! 😀 I was supporting Wales, naturally, as we English all hate the Scotsmen (more than the Welsh 😀 )! I think they won!

    I never heard about this boy. It wasn’t in my area, that’s for sure! But did you hear about those four girls which got greviously injured in a sledging accident last week? Nasty! 😐


  16. Cp is truthfull boring. The only thing that really keep me going on are my friends who encourage me to keep it up and wat not along the line of “threatenin” if i even think of quitting XD Lol, gotta love them =P

    ~Aznmonkey10 A.K.A. Blowsight10~

  17. Yeah one of them girls died! Wow… She had fifteen GCSE’s!! I mean, what a waste! That was so sad…

    I like hearing your replies to my comments! It makes me happy! 😀

    Yeah, I agree CP is kind of boring at the moment… It’s kind of stupid, they made that Feb Fun thing go to March… It doesn’t even sound right! And its just got really boring!

    You spend three hours a day on CP? Or atleast you used to? Wow… On week ends I spend 9 hours a day on the computer, yes, I admit I’m obsessed, but only ten minutes on CP!! Unless I’m making a video… Which I kind of never get round to posting…

    And what’s making it kind of boring is my site isnt going up in veiws, and my best penguin buddies dont post that much! Only to say they havent posted…

    But one things for sure, I’m not going to quit CP yet… I’ll keep it up for a few years and even if I quit, I’ll keep my penguin going…

    And I will give it to a site in a few years for a prize for a contest! 😀

    WOW, I’m so boooorrreeedddd!!!!!!!

    Going to play on Animal Crossing! 😀 Even thats getting boring…

    Wow, life isn’t good at the moment…

    My computers broke… I’m on my mums… I want mine… I want Hypercam… And Unfreez (thanks for telling me about that lol!)… And movie maker… And the joy of meeting up with the internet that goes SOOO slow…

    Thankyou, and goodnight!


    (Wooh!! Clap clap!! WE LOVE YOU BECKY!!)

    I love you all too!!




    Bodge101: Yeah I know. 😦 But at lest it will teach people not to sledge into barbed wire fences on sheets of metal with no way of steering! That was rather stupid for a girl with 15 GCSE’s. I’m starting my GCSE courses next year and I hope I get as many passes as that! 😀

    I like hearing your comments too. You have an email right? Maybe we could keep in touch after I quit?

    I think CP should make stuff happen a lot more often! I mean, for the last few months, there’s been heaps happening, but now they seem to have run out of steam. I’m gonna stick around to see the new puffle moves this Friday- but they’ll probably be very limited! But when I quit, I’ll try to comment occasionally on my friends blogs.

    Yup, I used to spend ages on it and my site- now I can hardly bear 5 minutes on the game! 😐 And I no longer want to spend 2 hours of my weekend entirely updating the 40 Free Penguins page, and then all the accounts getting banned and people constantly moaning and moaning “All the accounts are banned, do something”, when I’d just spent 2-3 hours of my life fixing it up. Not that I’m saying it wasn’t fun while it lasted, and it was- I definately don’t regret the year I’ve spent on CP. I’ve learnt so much, not just about blogging and CP, but also about myself, and what I can achieve with a little hard work!

    Which Animal Crossing? My sister has Wild World on DS but I do’t have the Wii version yet. 😦 Do you have Wii Speak? And unlucky about your computer- did you pay for that hypercam, or is it the 40 day free trial?

    I think for once my reply is longer than your comment! 😀

  18. cool…ummm is that IM now?

  19. Hi!

    Yeah, she was clever, but clearly lacked common sense!

    Yep I have an email… In the comment form… The one I use when I comment when I’m signed in might be wrong… It’s my old email address… I had to change – it took forever to type it, it had three underscores!!

    Yeah, that puffle stuff (Stuffle) sounds pretty cool… But, like the ninja stuff (Nuff – actually no.), but’s gunna get boring after 20 minutes…

    A few months ago, I remember reading an unfamous site, they seem way better now, and it said about the In Focus. It said they are running out of stuff to do… They were talking about boring stuff… Yeah, I think they have now… They are just repeating stuff… Its kind of like the plays. I’ll give them names…
    First theres Billy. Then theres the new play, Bob. Then theres Billy again. Then theres Frank. Then theres Bob. Then theres Frank. Then theres Billy again. And its a constant cycle of new and old and for the older penguins its kind of boring… They should do an old one, three new ones, an old one, three new ones and blah blah blahhhh!!!

    On the CP blog it says..
    You’re cool = T’es génial !
    Thats wrong! That means you are great! Liars. 🙂

    I only go on my site to post and I hardly do that… So… I might quit my site soon but I’m not quitting CP for a while…

    I have the Wii Animal Crossing. C’est genial!! 😛

    And I didnt pay for the Hypercam… It wasn’t a trial either. It’s the one that unless you pay you have the Unregistered Hypercam thing in the corner… Who cares…

    Hmm… You answer was longer in words but I use more enters… 😀 And you kind of made my comment longer coz I could of put…

    Bodge101: Becky1507 is so cool! SHE RULES!!!!

    Thankyou. 😛

    Ok thats all I have to say…

    Except I’m just gunna say a random word….

    :S Wow… How did that get in my head?

    Well… Bye… 🙂


    PS I so think this site is gunna go down without you… 🙂

    How old is your sister? My sister is 16. 🙂

  20. I read some posts here every now and then but this is best one i’ve read so far

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