About The Site
Welcome to my site. Here you can find Club Penguin cheats, glitches, tips, guides, news and hints for miles around! I update it every day, and am always happy to answer any questions you might have about the site, about Club Penguin or about me (as long as they’re not too personal ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

About Bodge101
Hi, I’m Bodge101! Well, that’s my penguin name, obviously- I’d be pretty angry with my parents if they’d named me that! My penguin is over 400 days old and I am 13 years old. I’m a boy. As well as Club Penguin and blogging, I’m also a big fan of biking and video games! You can call me Bodge or Bodge101, but try not to call me Bodeg! As so many people have done ‘by accident!’ Lol! Anyway enjoy my site!


137 Responses

  1. Hi Bodge
    Awesome site you have here ๐Ÿ™‚
    lots of kool info
    Meep Meep !!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    your bud

  2. Im on your buddy list!

  3. i know kimi!

  4. I will look for you.

  5. hey mr snowball, wanna arrange to meet on cp?

  6. hi im gonna look 4 u if i find u pleeeeeeeeeez can u add me?? I gave you a cool glitch!!! By the way i think your site is AWESOOOOME(im not just saying that it is it is my only club penguin tips site saved on my faves no jokes) :):D:P

  7. maybe we could arrange to meet on cp?

  8. ye i suppose ill be on most of today on belly slide in my igloo (Interiordes3) on the map or the coffee shop or nightclub or room above it (Ye that helps!!) but ill be in my igloo most of the time!

  9. maybe we cud meet at my next party. its this sunday- ill be putting a post up about it soon

  10. ok ill try

  11. I will try to come to your party. When is it? Where is it? Maybe we could meet.

  12. 6:30 british time i think

  13. nice site dude!!!!!! I got your response

  14. U GO ON MAMOUTH I GO ON THAT SERVER every day maby i can meet u there

  15. Hey Bodge101, umm I have a question but im so lazy right now to find your questions and answers thing.Ok well the new cp trainer seems really really cool.And I really like it.But don’t really care if I get banned on it, because i was bored so I made that.Do you no if the cp trainer 5 comes with a virus?!? And do you think I should get it or not.Explain PLZ i trust u ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. well, i personally have never hacked- but ive heard from reliable sources that all the cp trainers harm your computer in some way, so its quite possible that one carries a virus. I would say u shudn’t get it! hope that helped!


  18. i wudnt fall for cp trainer- im no hacker!

  19. Hey Bodge101, is there any room in your buddylist for me?

  20. hey nice site its awsome and i love that music banana bay it rox!

  21. I DON’T LIKE HACKERS!!! They are cp failures that have nothing better to do than hack Rockhopper and other famous penguins and get loads of coins without even trying!!!! Rrrr hackers will be the death of me!!! To any hackers that go on Bodge’s website…..STOP HACKING!!!!!

  22. Bodge, Interiordes has started using wordpress again so u need to update your blogroll link

  23. I have made the rubbishiest blog in the universe

  24. hi BODGE
    ur site – ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    ur blog – ๐Ÿ˜›
    can i get a vid into u – โ“ ๐Ÿ˜• dk….(tell me)
    will i visit ur site again:for sure….

  25. ur site is the BEST i wish mine was like this mine is like a rubbish dump! HELP

  26. ill try to help if u want! there are lots of tips on my Question and Answer page from when i was helping sargentluke make his- maybe some oft hem will be useful!

  27. Lol yeah i dident know 1 thing about word press the only thing i have to worry about are my hits check out my site!


  28. Check out my new header on my wordpress site http://interiordes3.wordpress.com/ !! Spiderlilly made it for me here is her web adress http://www.spiderlilly.wordpress.com plz visit it is a good site and she does great headers!! If u don’t believe me check my site out; she made the header!!!! thanks!!!!
    from Interiordes3

  29. frankly, i dont understand what the big deal is about cp
    Its not at all that good to look at, plus i think in my country, most people think cp is just for kids aged 9 and under.

    But hey who am i to judge if you all act like kids right?
    ok have fun being kids –!!

  30. this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could kiss the floor.Thanks for the tips and cheats but how do i become a free member?

  31. If any of you guys have blogs, and want a widget (a thing for your sidebar) to advertise something, email me at cazewokguy@googlemail.com for a request. For only a small post advertising my site, I wil create you up to 3 widgets. Please email me!

    ~ Cazewok Guy

  32. BODGE
    ive had a good time lookin at ur site….so much to read…:cool:

  33. wens ur party? i cant find details…

  34. Bodge, can u Email me the pics of ninja test asap

  35. search it in my site and save it to ur comp- i deelted them on my comp

  36. I allready searched it!

  37. Hey Bodge! Im making a video for Youtube advertising my site! I will also add a little of advertisement on this site! Ill say: Also visit https://bodge101.wordpress.com
    Ill also show the ppl how your site looks! The video will rock and Ill put it on Youtube!

  38. Hey bodge your site rocks soo many pages lol

  39. thnx sarg and thnx avenour! id really appreciate that!

  40. hey bodge
    like can we arrange to meet sometime?
    ure site is wicked awesome
    wat the hell is a widget and what is a rockhopper tracker?
    from misotoolesks

  41. hey bodge! great site! what server do you go on?

  42. normally mammoth or frozen ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Please join Grome Tower.

  44. Um…….why r u wearing the girl’s cheerleader outfit bodge??

  45. Plz bodge 101 i need ur email cus i need to add u as a admin while im on holiday on the 23rd for a week with kimi07 but if u cant dont worry i will ask interiordes

  46. and can u add me on ur blog roll i got u

  47. umm… it was a joke… i swear… ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†
    jk i wos messing around with boquet2, got changed then lost connection and it went back to that

  48. hey how did ya get that moving header, ive tried everything to get one, plz reply. 8) ~Hng027 http://heathergurl.wordpress.com/

  49. hey. you forgot to include what your fave servers are. but thts ok. just tellin ya. dont need to change it.

  50. hey

  51. LOL bodge is an awesome name!


  52. hi i wish you on my buddy list

  53. bodge do u think we could be friends on cp? cuz i think ur cool and funny

  54. Over in my country (which is England) we have great partys at my school for CP cuz loads of people at my school play on it

  55. Yo

  56. Yo Yo

  57. Yo Yo Yo

  58. whats your MSN bodge101?

  59. bodeg (ya i no)? can i work here?
    Bodge101: Sorry, but I don’t like to employ people, not even people I know in real life! I might in the future though.

  60. bodeg bodeg bodeg bodeg bodeg bodeg

  61. eggbod oooooooooooooooooopppppppppppps

  62. ๐Ÿ˜† eggbod eggbod eggbod eggbod

  63. taste my 4 blade power!!!
    (duh2 agen!)

  64. (destroys general grevious)

  65. do you have a wii?

  66. see u on cp

  67. Hey Bodge! I Would like to see if I Could work for you – FREE – I do have experience, I used to work for a virtual game and a moderator for a website magazine FOR a virtual game. HeeHee Thanks!

    Even if you Decline, i’m Fine
    Bodge101: Sorry, but I’m not looking for workers right now.

  68. hey bodge were do u live?
    p.s u rock
    ur biggest extremest fan jake
    Bodge101: I live in England.

  69. Hey!
    I’m just looking for ninja stuff, if you know about them plz reply back! Umm…. I want to meet you on CP some time…. How about today or tomorrow? At 1:30 CP time. Thats in like half an hour here. Idk about England.

  70. bodge i have a website. do you mind if i copy some pictures??? (and place photo like this)
    | |
    | |
    | |
    By bodge101


  72. Hey my older character is Nabby20 he will be on Blizzard Meet Me there!!!!!!

  73. Right nnow im going on on Frozen

  74. how do i sign up here???
    help please

  75. Youre an awesome guy you should relly put up more cheats yo

  76. hi bodge my penguin is Tasko1 on club penguin and is 343 days old maybe we can meet sometime

  77. why arn’t you at your party it is 10:38!

  78. wow thanks bodge! u r da coolest penguin!! btw, u no fever/watex? his actual penguin got banned! but u were always beta

  79. Hng027 the moving header is an animated .gif file, a series of images places on top of each other that than change at a prgrammed rate.

  80. do you have a email that we can talk to you at?

  81. hay bodge,

    do u have an cp rare account that i can have plz plz plz plz plz plz plz lol

    just woundering

  82. hey i made my website like 2 weeks ago and you enspired me so thanks and i want to join your team

  83. Hi Bodge101, I think ur tracker alerts u when there is a full romm, not when rockhopper is there because once there was a full room but no rockhopper.

    Bodge101: Rockhopper had probably just left.

  84. why did u remove me on cp?!u suck!!!

  85. That’s so rude of you to say! He probably deleted you by accident, foo’!

  86. Finnally i found someone my age who likes c.p i tell my friends about it and they look at my like i’m crazy!!!!!!

  87. thats cool, my penguin is 919 days old starting today. lol, im so old, ive been playing for 3 yrs.

  88. hey bodge some of your 40 free penguins are banned for days or forever and all the lollys are banned forever . Just giving you a heads up on that!!

  89. hi

  90. Hi Bodge101! Do u have any coin codes for me? It’s ok if u say no because u live in the UK (like me). If u do I might have some accounts to give to u. Also visit my blog it is:


    I would really appreciate if you left a comment, or maybe added me to ur blogroll. This message isnt just for Bodge101. If any of u have coin codes or membership cards, I would really appreciate it. If u do email it to:


    Thank You if you already know you can give me something!

  91. hey, whats ur email?

  92. I wanna email you somtime.

  93. DON’T ignore my above comment you can ignore this one though.

  94. Hey, I joined it 2007 too! I think my first party was the water or summer party – I can’t remeber, whichever was first…

  95. hi bodeg


  96. How old r u Bodge? (sorri that might be too personal!)
    O wel stay cool!

    Bodge101: I’m 13 years old, but I’m 14 later this month!

  97. ok kostaleka is really spaming. dont do that guys it just gets people angry and makes you annoying! so STOP AVERTISEING AND ASKING PEOPLE FOR STUFF! it takes the good out of the website gosh! x(

  98. ๐Ÿ˜•

  99. :Q

  100. ๐Ÿ˜•

  101. :,

  102. :1


    Bodge101: Look on the sidebar for my pages widget, there you can find a page called WordPress & Club Penguin Emotes.

  104. hey my name on cp is dilldog08 my yahoo e mail is heroes_unleashed add me there ……. get on cp on marshmellow on cp and meet me at cove on january ,15, 2009 please meet me there! ill see yea there

  105. lol bodge. just read it.

  106. Hey Bodge, Whatcha Doin? Lol Nice Website you Got here! Keep It up! >~<

  107. LOL BODGE

  108. hey this is sarers bodge meet me at the plaza on january 18 at 6 oclock hope to see you there

  109. please answer me lolz

  110. Bodge i need to talk to you.
    Koolp316 (peace)

  111. bodge were did you get all the member accounts on your 40 penguins names and passwords and did you pay for them

    Bodge101: People donate them.

  112. HI

  113. omg, i gotts some tear drops on my dinosuar!!! :,-(

  114. hi ppl say hi back to me plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dooo it

  115. these fases r weird

  116. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>These ones

  117. I love your site ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol im going on cp ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. :mrsilver:

  119. ๐Ÿ˜†
    ~:lol: Crunch :mrgreen:~


  121. hey how did ya get that moving header, ive tried everything to get one, plz reply. ๐Ÿ˜† plz

    Bodge101: You need a program called Unfreez. Search it in google.

  122. Thancks bodge rock on

  123. bodge do you have a cp account

  124. i luv ur blog!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ i added u to my blogroll

  125. Hey, can we meet up on Club Penguin some time? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been curious to find other kids my age that still go on CP. My username’s Topper2319 and I’m usually lurking around the server Matterhorn.

  126. cool blog.can u give me some hints of club penguin becoming a member

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