Club Penguin Puffles, Stage and Pin Cheats

Hey Penguins!

There are quite a few updates today, here are the cheats and secrets!

The new Box O’ Puffle O’s pin is deep underground in the mine.

All over the island there are boxes and decorations in preparation for the upcoming puffle party on club penguin. Also the pool in the cave under the plaza is completely empty.

There is a new puffle furniture catalog and it has 1 cheat,

click the brown pattern beside the green house for the secret grey house.

Also Team Blue vs. Team Red is back at the stage!

Here are the cheats for the new club penguin stage:

  1. Instead of throwing snowballs you throw dodge balls!
  2. You can adjust the lights on the stage by dragging them left or right.
  3. You can change the scoreboard by clicking it.

Here is a useless cheat in the new costume catalog to get the red viking viking helmet.

The club penguin puffle party is just 7 days away!

~ Ojoc


Club Penguin Series 2 Plush Toys, Snow In Attic & Fireworks!

Club Penguin have released loads more cool CP Plush toys:
The new toys include Gary The Gadget Guy, a dragon, a king and a ballerina. Each toy comes with a series two coin code to unlock items online. Click here to see the full selection of Club Penguin toys.

Gary the Gadget Guy’s latest invention, the AC 3000 (an upgrade to the AC 1000 we’ve seen in missions), has filled the Lodge Attic with snow:
Apparently, it will be used for “Febuary fun”, which means the snow could be there for a while! We’ll just have to wait and see what they do with it!

Finally, with the end of the Christmas party, the New Year fireworks have been set off. This year they are even more extravagent than usual:
Check them out at the Iceberg and Mountain!
Until next time…
Waddle on!

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force & Secret Command Room Cheats

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, the brand new Club Penguin DS game comes out today! Here is a video of the gameplay:

It looks like a great game! And it gets better: each game comes complete with a Club Penguin coin code, which unlocks a secret room inside the HQ, called the Command Room! Here’s a picture:


Here are the cheats for the room:

Tv Channel: You can change the channels on the TV. Here are the possible channels.

Elite Penguin Force: Home Channel


The Weather Channel


Unavailable Channel


Penguin Talk Show


Campfire Channel


Sled Racing channel


Trash Can: Hover over the trash can to make it fill up. Their are 3 stages for the fillup.


Table Cheat: Click the center of the table to change to different platforms.

Pizza (Looks yummy)


Top secret items


Coffee Tray


Wall Poster: Hover over the “Elite Force” wall poster to change the picture of the penguin.

Green Penguin Poster:


Blue Penguin Poster:


Red Penguin Poster:


Clown Penguin Poster:


CD’s: Hover over the cd’s to make them fly up.


To get into the room, you must have a single-use coin code from the DS game. If you have a code, here’s how to unlock it:

1. Go to the Club Penguin login screen.

2. Click the “Unlock items online” logo.


3. Click the “I have a code” button.


4. Enter your code and click done. The Command Room will then be available to you.


Once you have unlocked the room, enter through the cupboard in the HQ:


Unfortunately, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is only available in North America- although they aim to have it European in 2009.

Until next time…

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P.S. Pictures thanks to Chewy and video thanks to Mimo777.

Club Penguin Times Issue #162, Secret Ninja Room & Catalog

A new newspaper came out today. Here are the top stories:

They tell us about the brand new, extremely popular game: Card-Jitsu:


And we hear about the “fast path” to becoming a ninja (buying Club Penguin Trading Cards):


Here are this week’s events- they tell us the name of the new play, coming out tomorrow:



It looks like there’s going to be a lot happening tomorrow!

Now, onto the new secret ninja room. It is called “Flying Flippers Emporium”. Here is a picture (courtesy of Wwe Adam):


You can fight other ninjas on the mats, throw snowballs at the gongs and buy special items from the catalog! Click here to see the “Martial Artworks” ninja catalog, where you can find a special Dojo igloo, a ninja suit and a hand gong (for members only, sorry).

I will be posting ninja tips very soon, so stay tuned!

Until next time…

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Club Penguin Dojo Grand Re-Opening Party Cheats/Secrets

The Dojo Grand Re-opening party started today! Here are the cheats:

The Geto Slippers can be found in the Dojo Courtyard:


There is a shed which looks like it will be where the Card-Jitsu game is kept:


Note the symbols- fire, water and snow- just like in the paper.

If you wait a while inside the Dojo, you will be able to play the Gong with snowballs:


Check out the music- it’s oriental-style! I wonder if it’s room music or party music?

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Club Penguin Times Issue #161, Mystery Penguin Revealed & Card-Jitsu

A new newspaper came out today. Here are the top stories:

The mystery penguin has been revealed, and he has confirmed that the Dojo will become a school for ninjas:


He has also revealed that the new game will be called Card-Jitsu (which explains how the Club Penguin Trading Cards will help), and will be how he trains his pupils. You have to master the game to become a ninja.

The Dojo’s grand re-opening will be on November 17th. Here is the invitation:


The Club Penguin playwrights have recovered from writers’ block, and have announced that their new play will be released on November 21st:


Here are the events this week:


Make sure you check out all the rest of the paper!

Until next time…

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Club Penguin Ninja Training, Dojo Update & More Ninjas Spotted

It’s for sure now: we will be able to become Club Penguin ninjas starting November 17th! Most likely, the ninja training will be integrated into the new multiplayer game, also coming out that day.

More of the Dojo Exterior has been dug away, revealing some sort of shrine:


What’s strange is that the mysterious grey penguin hasn’t moved- surely there should be a massive hole underneath him by now? 😀

Now, finally, even more proof that ninjas are coming has been found across Club Penguin:

Click on the “N” on the Night Club to see a ninja bouncing around:


You will see this at the HQ every five minutes (starting at the hour):


Also, every five minutes (starting at the hour) at the Plaza, Ski Hill and the Lighthouse, a ninja will appear.

I don’t think the mods can go back now- they’ve practically promised us ninjas are coming.

Until next time…

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