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Welcome to Add A Sentance To The Story! Here’s what you do:
You start of with a sentance, say: I like pie. Then one person adds another sentance to the story. Like this:
I like pie. I also like cake.
Eventually it could end up like this:
I like pie. I also like cake. But, sadly, I never get any! It’s only because my teeth rot whenever I eat any!

Get the idea? We’re starting off with this sentance:
I ate my shoe once, it was mouldy and disgusting.


483 Responses

  1. Then I got sick and had to miss school.

  2. And could play on club penguin all day

  3. i met tons of mods!

  4. None of them would be my buddy though!

  5. Mmmmmmm…………….pie and cake!

  6. I said, and drooled all over my mother’s cooking!

  7. she made me eat evry single bite!

  8. Which I was happy about- until i went green and threw up!

  9. Them i got to stay of school and play on club penguin more!

  10. Except within five minutes, there was a powercut and the computer wasnt working!

  11. So I watched Tv all day.

  12. My parents thought I was crazy because I was watching a blank screen- the powercut was still on!

  13. oh shoot I didn’t read it properly!!!! erm lets carry ot on……. so they sent me t a mental asylum where they kept me for the rest of my life.

  14. Oh, sorry, did i say the rest of my life- i meant the rest of my hamster’s life!

  15. Yes, it was a bit of a co-incidence really; the day he died I was let out

  16. When i got back to school my firends thought i was crazy.

  17. and i thout they were crazy and i cryed at the name of charly (my hamster) so i whent back after three weeks and stayed there for one year.

  18. Then my parents bought me a new hamster called narly but he smelt like my shoe and i ate him too!

  19. Yes, after that year I moved schools but they were just the same, laughing at me all of the time!

  20. I waz rearly sad!

  21. Luckily by then the power was fixed so i had cp and tv to cheer me up.

  22. I met this cool penguin who said that they knew aunt arctic but i knew they were lying.

  23. Sadly, i was still clinically insane and swore at him angrily on Club Penguin when he lied to me.

  24. I was banned for 48 hours, so I had nothing to do for 2 whole days!

  25. So, yet again, I watched TV- the blank screen, of course- my parents phoned my pschologist.

  26. It didnt go very well with him.

  27. He locked me up in the mental asylum again!

  28. Except this time, I managed to escape!

  29. It took months and months but I finally thought out an elaborate plan where I use my feet to unlock the door with a paperclip (My hands were in a straight jacket) and walk along a hallway to the nearest fire exit where I would knock the guards out with my head and feet (I know kung-fu) and run back home.

  30. them my perants sent me to a maximum security prison

  31. There I went even more crazy because no one would talk to me so they sent me to a maximum security mental asylum.

  32. I met a guy even crazier than me!

  33. He was my room mate called Paul, a guy that believed he was immortal!

  34. The last i saw of him was when he tried to prove to me he was immortal by punching Big Mac, the toughest guy in the asylum, in the face- Mac took him into a corner and i never saw him again!

  35. Then, when Paul disappeared, Big Mac became my new room mate! :O

  36. I made the mistake of asking him if he liked bigmacs and he beat me up!

  37. After that I had a bruise the shape of a skull and crossbones on my head- he was wearing a ring shaped like skull an dcrossbones!

  38. Eventually, Big Mac was hauled into jail on the charge of murdering Paul.

  39. And I was stuck with a new room mate who thought he was half a dog and half a penguin!

  40. He used to lick me and ask for treats.

  41. He was the worst room mate ever, well, until I got a new one.

  42. In all this time my parents never visited me- i think i disappoint them!

  43. so sad cry cry cry

  44. then my new room mate was relised and they put me in solitery confinement

  45. While there I thought over every wrong thing id done in my life- it took me days!

  46. Then they let me have a portable computer so i could play club penguin!

  47. Oh shoot never mind I forgot what Bodge101 said ther sorry. let me rethink that sentence… Meanwhile Big Mac escaped from jail and became my roommate… AGAIN!

  48. wat does immortal mean?

  49. i asked him and he whacked me insanely because he doesnt like being talked to.

  50. Then I secretly pickpocketed Big Mac and called my parents to give me a second chance.

  51. My parents agreed and brought me home

  52. lol its customary to let someone else carry on instead of carrying on your own- but Ill let you off! nyway- on with the story:
    They bought me a new hamster called garly to celebrate- he smelt like garlic so I didnt want to eat him cos i prefer shoes.

  53. but i thought he would scare away vampires! I was wrong

  54. Because tonight a vampire came and saw me!

  55. and i jummped out a window

  56. i was so scared i was walking and thought of my freind big mac then i went to mc donaldes and beeted up a BIG MAC!

  57. i ordered anothet mic mac then i went back home to beat up another big mac

  58. Then Garly wasn’t in his cage; it could only be the works of one man… BIG MAC!!!!



  61. so i found big mac and he didn’t have my hampster! He said he did but then a evil scientist came and took it!

  62. the scientists name was Bodge101

  63. I said “What the heck?!

  64. “What kind of a name is Bodge101?” I asked.

  65. “My name! Now stop making fun of me!’ He angrilly replied

  66. then he put garly in a cage and gave him to his hunchbacked assistant- igor!

  67. I watched igor, horrified as he changed Garly’s sent from garlic to shoe to try and get me to eat him.



  70. he began to choke and igor had to drop garly to perform the heinwick manouvre on him so he could spit it out.

  71. he spit it out but fell back in his mouth

  72. While all this was happening, I quickly dashed off with Garly (who had been dropped) and ran back home.

  73. then i went online to club penguin and got a live moderater and he came to my house it was billy bob!!

  74. He found a sick Igor on the floor

  75. I screamed, “What’s he doing here??????????????????????????”

  76. “Who knows?’ A very sick and weak Igor replied

  77. I called the ambulance



  80. I seriously think Big mac has it in for me 😦 !

  81. Because Big Mac was stopping his henchman, Igor, from getting appropriate medical attention, the scientist drove his own ambulance to my house to pick him up (which was burger proof lol).

  82. it crashed into McDonalds but since it was burger proof nothing happened! (lol lol lol lol)

  83. As it finally arrived to pick Igor up Big Mac screamed in anger.

  84. he whacked it with his skul and cross bones ring but it did no damage cause it was burger proof.

  85. Big mac, however, changed his name to DQ Blizzard!

  86. And he went to a disco and became MC Blizzard

  87. Then he sang that song that’s about hamburgers! lol!

  88. I, however, was safely at home, watching all of this entertainment from my window, and as it finally ended I watched the TV which was off.

  89. Meanwhile, the scientist got igor into the back of the van and drove off- but we’ll see more of him yet!

  90. i heard a knock on the door and my mom answered, i din’t hear anything so i walked over…

  91. I didn’t know what to do so I took my mum to her bedroom and laid her out on the bed.

  92. Then she started to shake!

  93. ‘Maybe she’s not paralyzed!’ In thought to myself.

  94. How did eating a shoe came to lead us into an evil scientist?

  95. I asked my mum- she still couldn’t talk, but she began to move her left arm.

  96. Her fingers began to move; scratched a word onto her bedside table but I couldn’t make out what it was!

  97. It’s meant to say she scratched a word etc….sorry!!

  98. It looked like “if i dont finish my book i was writing eat my cheesburger” but I doughted it cuz she wasn’t making a book or a cheeseburger! Meanwhile….

  99. Big MAC / dq blizzerd Found a way to get in the house and he had a water Hose filled with cherry coke ready For combat!!!!!!!!

  100. i picked up mom and she was insanely heavy and i ran to the car and opened it up even if i dident have a drivers license i drove at top speed and then big macs and the cops chased me!!

  101. and the worst part of is was that big mac still had the hose of cherry coke and he shot my Moms car tire!

    And we drove all over the rode!

  102. we finally busted through the rail and into a ditch! When we landed my mom was finally unparalized and she fillped over onto a bottle of pepsi I had an idea!

  103. i grabbed the pepsi and shook it up, then i took the cap off and sprayed it all over big mac and the police, then me and mum made our getaway!

  104. Yet agin the police had the helicopters with Huge hoses of cherry soda yet agin big mac was still chaseing me and one of the policer officers in the helicopter Shot big mac with the cherry coke hose
    AND He flew over the sears tower!

  105. we finally got home and went to bed! The next day Big Mac (who had changed his name back) was on Good Morning America, He was being interviewed! (in a cage of course) I figured it was over but I had completely forgot about Bodge101 that dumb brained witless scientist! (no offense bodge)

  106. Also I had forgot one improtant detail! MY HOMEWORK! I was doomed how would I get it finished and stop Bodge101 at the same time! I wished Garly was here (but he was at the grromers) he was always good at this stuff!

  107. the dumb brained witless scientist (lol) ran in and we ran out the back door: mum locking the house with a button in her pocket, then we legged it!

  108. MY hamster garly was acting strange and i looked at him and guess what it was a robot and THATS HOW BIG MAC FOUND where i was and knew where to bring to cherry coke hose!

  109. i smashed the Robot garly into peaces Then my parents!! seen me!!!! and thought it really sqwished garly and made be go back to the prison and i met up with a room mate just like big mac the guys dumb name was sargent luke!

  110. me to prison sorry spelling error

  111. he thought he was a tree so he stood there all day, ROOTED to the spot lol.

  112. once agin the dumb dude name sargent luke asked me for all of my money i said no then he tryed to rampage me and the cops had to tazer him!

  113. and then he called big mac they must be tight and then the prison caught on fire and big mac got sargent luke out of the jail sell and they was looking at me going to Beet me up into a ant so i made a qwick plan and u know what the idoits felled for it really they felled for it i fell on the floor and played dead and then i did not no this! they put me in a dumster and put a message on it and said to
    Pengu iland

  114. I thought i was save but big mac and sargent luke came with me and there family lived there and they was waiting to give me a beeting

  115. So I played a trick on the families. I knocked on their door and put a massive box outside it so when they’d open it they’d fall in and they did so I put on the front :
    To Jupiter
    Never EVER return
    and I returned to my house in Pengu iland, full of glee.

  116. so i sat on my couch and started to do my homework, when i finshed i remembered it was summer vacation!

  117. Summer vaction i shouted! what im i going to do now but very strangely penguin ninjas from penguin chat3 came out of no where and they where ready for combat so i had to make a qwick plan!!!

  118. i ran around screaming until i saw the TV it was an infomercial it said “to you have cazy penguin ninjas from penguin chat3 in your house? Do you want them out ? well i have a ninja repellent just call 505-333-95*PQ**-968” (lol funny number) i called the number and got the repellent the ninjas left and then bugs bunny came up took a bite of a carrot and said That’s all folks and then it said THE END in cartoon style
    or is it?

  119. Nope it isn’t! Infact, just when I thought it was Bugs Bunny collapsed onto the floor….only by the work of BODGE101!

  120. bodge 101 I THOUGHT I GOT RID OF YOU!!

    THINK AGIN!!!!!! UMM wait whats your name agin o forget that

    super fast he pulls out a ray gun!!!

    hey what is that

    with this ray gun i can make a fource field around you and throw you around like a ball

    rofl i bet it dont even work !

    Bodge 101 uses ray gun

    pushes trigger by incindent!

    it zaps things??

    No its not suspose to do that!!

    the forest is on fire!!!

    i had to get out of here!!

    so i called in a black hawk and it took me to ………….

  121. A real club penguin “omg” i said.

  122. I ate my shoe once. It was mouldy and disgusting! Only kidding! Who would do that!? Som e freak!

  123. ummmmmmmmmm cooool that’s a club penguin ray gun 3000inator (lol doofenshmertz!)

  124. “wots doofenshmertz?” said Bodge10, distracted, “sounds German!”

  125. i mean bodge101

  126. “Ahhh, I know!” I suddenly realised, “It’s from Doofemshmertz Evil Incorparated!”

  127. “WOT!” said bodge 101

  128. OMG I said, and almost had a heart attack

  129. “im confused so lets rewind a little…”
    “i ate my shoe once it was moldy and disgusting…”
    “Not that far”
    “so what is this club bodge? no club person but club bodge is even better!”
    “B (lol like G just B cuz it’s Club Bodge) you have to stop him”
    (some hillbilly walks up) “Hi! I’m Nice Reddy!” (lol)
    Then Bodge said “Will you shut up were trying to have a conversation!”

  130. “Hey wait a second!” i said (i meaning the randomer that this story’s about not bodge lol) “What happened to Big Mac?” No sooner had I said those words than a skull and cross bones mark appeared in the wall as if someone had hit it with a skull and cross bones ring. A few more marks appeared, then Big Mac ran in, holding sargentluke like a battering ram!

  131. I was so worried that I ran and hid under a table, but they still found me!!!

  132. they bore down on me and bodge, suddenly mac threw a huge blow at bodge with sarg, knocking him out

  133. then i went to school

  134. then big mac came and ate me.

  135. i think we should start a new story- i think we’ve all kind of lost the thread! lol! im not deleting the comments tho!

  136. Once upon a time, there was a penguin.


  138. he was obbsessed with pie.

  139. One day Sue Boo found a gun in her pie…..

  140. it was the worst birthday present she had ever had!

  141. She couldnt even use it because she had no arms!

  142. so she sold it on Ebay for Β£1

  143. and I sold it for 200β‚ͺ on the market(MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NOBODY CAN KNOW WHAT THAT SIGN MEAN β‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺβ‚ͺ MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)
    if somebody wants to know go to here post comment on about and I will send the answear to you’re email

  144. then i took sue boo and ate him.

  145. since he stole all my pies…

  146. I GOT SOME COFFEE!! (here we go with the coffee again)

  147. then i got so jumpy i turned into a rocket and flew around and i gots reported!

  148. It said that i was banned from CP for 24 hours and 32 minutes.

  149. then billybob just didnt like me so i got banned forever

  150. (POSTED BY WIIFAN7 10)

    But then I made a new penguin

  151. then they knew so alll my penguins got banned

  152. Then i hacked to get back on and never got noticed

  153. You cant hack CP and they would notice. So That got banned.

  154. then all of my penguins exploded

  155. thats enough we cant make the story go forever

  156. yeah we can jeez party pooper.
    then i got off the computer which i had been playing for a month

  157. So I got back on a week later and played a game called club puffle a game were you can play as a puffle

  158. but all the puffles couldn’t speak just squeak in a really annoying way, so my parents thought I was mad again and gave me bloiled hamster.

  159. everyone in the family ate boiled hamster when get mad,also the cat.the hamster wiped out the cat’s 8 lives!since club puffle was SO anoying,i made a wordpress.

  160. then i got banned and my comouter blew up!

  161. i was so crazy when the computer blew up so i frozen myself so i could go to the future and have a happy live.

  162. i mean life not live

  163. it was so cataclysmically cool

  164. eventually mum and dad bought me a new computer after two long days of begging them!

  165. But how could you beg them if your frozen solid? On with the game
    When I went on my computer again I went on a website called madman and I made a account and I went to a Mental Asylum!

  166. When i was at the Asulum i met this old guy who gave me key and then died shortly after

  167. BIG MAC!!!!!!!!!!

  168. i told my mom! she just got mad and made me eat mcdonalds.

  169. the old man was big mac?that was the first story!
    um… lets just say that old man was big mac.
    anyway,back to the story:
    for some reson,in the future mcdonalds had a new name!the name was “mcnoodles”(LOL).
    i was lucky that i got the ultra rare happy meal!
    in my happy meal there was an AMAZING prize! it was a…

  170. FREE PUFFLE! But when I looked at it I thought about club puffle and I threw my new puffle at a wall.

  171. the puffle was seriously injured.
    its last squeaks where…

  172. no it wuznt thrown

  173. Yes it was-HELP ME JEBUS! (last puffle squeaks)

  174. then my puffle blew up

  175. then i blew up and the world blew up so we have to start a new story

  176. then i bit my tongue while chewing mint gum!

  177. and God (???) made a new world with his magic (???)
    powers ? -.-

  178. the new world was filled with bunnys! πŸ˜€

  179. and there was flowers and a waterfall! and i looked around and there were little houses where the bunnys lives. i was really confused. then they talked to me in english!

  180. “hello carrot”,said one little bunny.

  181. “hello,I’m gonna eat you” said the penguin

  182. No!!! sqeaked the bunny ILL EAT YOU FIRST!!!!!

  183. Then the bunny ate him and the bunny ran away and was never seen again.

  184. the next da, a penguin got a saw and chopped down loads of trees.

  185. and than the tree spirit came and cursed the penguin, the penguin was called LumberJack.

  186. Then Lumberjack became an evil monster and destroyed anything in his path.

  187. Lumber Jack tried to destroy me but he really destroyed 4 bunny mansions (forty bunnies per mansion)

  188. “HELP!” cried the bunnies.

  189. t hen this got really wierd and how come bodge, kimi, and interdores arne’t posting?

  190. While going towards the bunnies, A penguin called Roadcrosser gave me a time machine to change my mistakes for freezing myself

  191. 😑 hey were u makin fun of me in the last story???

    (lol its realy me duh2)

  192. but then suddenly a golden bunny said,
    “WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!”. there was no time to explain so i just annoyed the golden bunny and went to the past.

  193. Then the bunny died.

  194. In the past puffles were furious that no one played clubpuffle so puffles became godzilla sized and were attacking and forcing Billybo to shut down clubpenguin and make another club puffle.

  195. I forgot to put the last B in Billybob! 😳

  196. But Billybob wouldn’t give in- so they started roasting him over a fire!

  197. he tasted like chicken!!! Mmmm!!

  198. Than God became mad again and thougth “wait a second I’m God after all!”
    Than he exploded the universe and went to another dimension party non-stop!

  199. What?

  200. Then Roadcrosser from the future came and gave him a portable time machine with a dimension hopper

  201. I mean me

  202. Then when I used the time machine/dimension hopper, it exploded and bought me to a time in the past were I met this guy called big mac.

  203. Big Mac punched me rigth in the beek and threw my machine in the river for drooling on him and chewing him!

  204. Then I noticed that I just fainted because the ninja repellent made me drowsy and I fell asleep. I thought to myself a really long nightmare!

  205. Oops I meant I thought that I must have had the longest nightmare in history!

  206. then i broke a new record for the most longest nightmare!

  207. The nightmare was so horrible that it came to life and destroyed a city that was big and famous.

  208. everyone blamed me of this because of the nightmare!

  209. Lol Bodge deleted my comment…LOL yea I guess that Past anf Future fusing would be to hard to even understand :/

  210. Then my mom tried to cheer me up with a party, but some friend of big mac came called quarter pounder ( Another burger name LOL)

  211. seriously guys, were ya?

  212. yeah, my friend big-mac here wans 2 no!

  213. just got a call from u no hoo!

  214. quarter pounder looked like a pirate πŸ˜€

  215. were u makin fun of big mac?

  216. were ya? answer us plz!

  217. Roadcrosser said PARADOX! He reseted my time line to when he gave me the portable time/dimension hopper and made it indestructable and had a come-back-to-owner feature

  218. then big mac and quarter pounder ganged up on me and beat me up it hurt{:(

  219. but i got a adrenalin rush and got the strength to eat them!

  220. But quarter pounders hook had the power to cut out of me!

  221. Mumbleabc found a slice of Pie and ate it. YAY!

  222. I took the time machine to when Club Penguin beta started and got that free Membership πŸ˜‰

  223. … this story is turning out way to wierd can we just start a new one


  225. no.
    but then,the time mashine broke and you where stuck in the past FOREVER!!!

  226. Roadcrosser came.. he reminded me that it was indestructable

  227. then the time mashine suddenly started working again!

  228. I used the time machine but quarter pounder and big mac got in with me!

  229. i was about to go to the year 3895!

  230. But The time machine through us back up becuse Big mac farted

  231. then we went back to the year 1849!

  232. As soon as we got out of the time machine it was broken agian then we fell in water I drounded quarter pounder and big mac so they were goners and then I got out

  233. But then quarter pounders pirate ship came up from the water and rescued big mac and quarter pounder!

  234. Then Big Mac and Quarter Pounder found a new friend named Angus Third Pounder on the pirate ship.

  235. I ate all of the McDonald’s burgers on the ship.

  236. I fixed the time machine and left

  237. then i went back to the year 2008

  238. But the president went crazy and aressted me!!!

  239. But one friend helped you get out.

  240. In the jail I met this guy that was even crazier than big mac and quarter pounder combined, his name was T-Rexatron 3000, but that was his nick name.

  241. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my time/dimension hopper. Roadcrosser actually installed a teleporter! So I teleported out and went to year 3470 in the 4th dimension. P.S. Don’t ruin what I said the time/dimension/place hopper is indestructible!

  242. Oh, and a screen showed up on my time machine. roadcrosser told me it could only carry one at a time. Though it’s quite risky if more than one uses it at the same time. The result could be the hostiles killed!

  243. baconater, thickburger, and tripple whopper found some cameras and ate them

  244. then they 8 penguin chat 1 (its still up and i hate it it stinks! espeshaly compared 2 club penguin! is the link! tell me if u h8 it!)

  245. :THIS IS FAKE: roadcrosser, will u………..

  246. eat sandwiches yeah

  247. but you barfed them up and FIRED YOR LAZER


  248. and jumped into the pool

  249. and got confused. My timeline was reset to when
    I ate my shoe once, it was mouldy and disgusting

  250. I threw up rainbows, cupcakes, and unicorns.

  251. then suddenly,flowers were popping up!

  252. And I sat on a unicorn and it flew to Rainbow-Happy Land and when he landed I got lost..

    So these people asked me “How did you get here, Outsider?” And I replied:
    “I got here on a flying unicorn!!”
    and they put me in a mental asylum for thinking unicorns exist even though everyone there was a unicorn but they called themselves humans because they are weird…

  253. Magical, magical flowers were popping up everywhere! In my shoe , to even my dvd case flowers were popping everywhere!

  254. You were shocked because you are allergic to flowers!

  255. the flowers made a hole in the cell (bodge, this is confusing everyone when you moderate comments on the games

  256. You tried to escape but then you saw a dancing cake inside with you and decided to stay an keep it company!

  257. The only word it knew was “cake”. He tried to ask you for food and it sounded like…
    “Cake Cake Cake CAKE!!!!! Cake, cake!”
    You tried to reply in Cake Speak and said..
    “Cake cake cake cake cake…”
    But it actually meant:
    I hate you so shut up and stave.
    And he was insulted so he sat in a corner and mumbled the word cake…

  258. Then I got a cake translator and I couldn’t believe what the cake said to me!

  259. he said hey! you only want the cake to yourself, cake, Roadcrosser reminded me everything that happened and gave me back the gadget to escape

  260. The gadget had turned into a jet pack so I flew out… I jumped on a unidurdle (A shadow which you can site on) and it flew me to Rainy-Sad Land where everone was…


  261. Then an EVIL (dadadadaaaaa) bunny with very cute eyes came and ate everyone excepect cake and mental asylum boy (aka m.a.b.)

  262. It was one of the craziest sights of my life!

  263. Then billybob’s mom came!
    She took the evil bunnys DS so he can’t get the new club penguin DS game thats coming out in like 2 days!

  264. the bunnies cried themselves to death

  265. They had there funalral and billybob’s mom ate all the cake!

  266. Billybob then gave me free membership!

  267. then i remembered my penguin was already banned…

  268. But Roadcrosser also restored my penguin so it was never banned

  269. But to do this Roadcrosser hacked Club Penguin and when they found out He got perminately banned…

    Because my penguin was immortal I turned into a holagram! (:S) so I jumped into the computer screen and emailed myself home.

  270. WAIT! Wasn’t Billybob roasted over a fire by vengeful puffles? On with the game.

    But then T-Rexatron 3000 appeared, and transformed into a robot T-Rex and ate my time hopper/ dimension hopper so I was face to face with a robo T-Rex!

  271. then big-mac, quarter-pounder, tripple-whopper, thick-burger, and baconater ate this story.

  272. then duh2 found a camera and let big-mac, quarter-pounder, tripple-whopper, thick-burger, and baconater eat it

  273. then this page turned into a chat page like the other one

  274. then the burger thugs ate jupiter

  275. im hungry

  276. i said.
    then big-mac, quarter-pounder, tripple-whopper, thick-burger, and baconater threw back up the story

  277. The time/dimension hopper had a return to owner function

  278. then it blew up in my face. i was knocked out and had the dream a dancing waffle came up to me and said ” i am a banna!” in a really high sqeaky voice ang threw some hard candy at me

  279. i ate it

  280. then i met big mac again and puked on him cause it tasted like cardboard.

  281. only i was awake so he pounded me into next week. and so begins my adveture in next week

  282. then this story blew up


  284. ok… once the burger thugs kept eating stuff

  285. wait wait wait you cant start over! go back. dumbies… anyway i found the world of blank page and found a little button that i poked and was transported to the mentel instution where i met my new room mate McNuggets

  286. then i was a little confused. why were my enemies or friends all food?!?!

  287. Then it hit me: I was in a fantasy called StupidLand!

  288. because ressorcdoar, the evil genius (backwards for roadcrosser) used the foodanator. Plus I got my time machine back

  289. Then helicopters made of cheese took roadcrosser and turned him into a chicken nugget!

  290. Then I ate the chicken nugget.

  291. then i puked it back up. and it slapped me so i threw it out the window then quarter-pounder ate it.

    then he died

  292. then big mac puked so much that he died and that was the end of big ma

  293. wait scratch that my brother wrote it big mac thought he died. so he was haled off to the mental instation. where he could go beat up McNuggets

  294. then ur bro left and tried to kill you

  295. Then Big Mac came back from the dead and joined forces with your brother

  296. Ur bro ate big mac

  297. then u took the time machine/dimension hopper and went to the penguin dimension

  298. U went to CP and met a penguin named Chheddacheez

  299. Chheddacheez showed his puffle named friend

  300. the puffle was bald and looked real scary

  301. then i noticed this wasent clubpenguin it was

  302. Hairy Scary Lice World

  303. Ah, I made a mistake!

    It was called Shoe Lace Candy Land of Nightmares!!


  304. the penguin had lice and he spread the lice to me!

  305. The penguin didnt care and found the lice friendly but the penguins tried to hose him down with shampoo and conditioner

  306. i started running even though the lice were drinking my blood

  307. Then a U.F.O landed and lice aliens came out. They wanted to eat our flippers!

  308. i said “no way jose!” and jumped out of the window. (we were on a plane) and then i was falling AT 100 MPH and i yelled “holy moly!!!!!!!!!” beacause…

  309. Because Fred the flee fell out of my hair and i was scared he was going to DIE so i saved his life and lost mine!
    … then a white bloch of apeared and it was my dead…..

  310. Then you wake up in Club Penguin in front of G’s desk, using a machine that looked like a white bloch and It was called the “Bring back to life atron 3000” and I also wasn’t in hairy scary lice world!

  311. I meant I woke up

  312. in the 3rd dimension and lived happily ever after…

  313. but yet again this internet storys never end that quick so i went to bed. then i saw the ghost of big mac. (he died earlier) and he said i would be visted by there penguins. ghost of club penguin bans past (aka quater pounder) club penguin bans present (aka fever) and club penguin bans future (aka McNuggets)

  314. Roadcrosser came (not ghost) and restarted reset my time line to when we were in the future with the bunny world right before I went into the time machine (please don’t ruin it)

  315. ;(

  316. ;( Nooooooo!

  317. The time machine worked okay, but then a bolt came out of it…

  318. and i was transported back to my bed where i saw the first ghost

  319. The ghost said this “You have disturbed the balance of time and space, so I will punish you by teleporting you to the home of the mad scientist, Bodge101! MWA HA HA!” and then I was at Bodge101’s doorstep.

  320. Then Roadcrosser fixed it and I was back to Bunny World

  321. then an evil bunny bonced up to me and telaported me back to mad sceintist bodge101’s doorstep with his tiny powers!

  322. “MWAHAHAHAHA!” said the bunny in a high voice.

  323. Sudderly, the bunny vanished into mad sceintist bodge101’s door and the door opened.

  324. but it was not Bodge101 or Igor,it was…

  325. Ghost! I screamed as loud as i could but Ifelt like going into the door so i went in……

  326. I saw an amazing thing…

  327. fever’s ghost! he said “i am the ghost of club penguin bands present!” two years ago you were band for 2 years! now you are un band! WAHAHAHAHAH!” “yes!” i shouted. “hmmmmmm” he stamered “well that evil laugh was kinnda pointless because thats a good thing. huh?” “oh well bye!” *poof* and while he poofed out he knocked me out

  328. When I woke up I was in front of a monster penguin terrorizing the city, so I became Super Penguin, with un-ban vision!

  329. It lasted for a month and……When I was about to fly a month later on a rainy day, I smashed into a puddle and the puddle was a hole! So I fell down and down and I saw a sign saying””To the other end of earth: Club Penguin”


  331. U made a heat-proof shield and went back to Club Penguin

  332. U met Chheddacheez and it was NOT hairy scary lice land

  333. Chheddacheez took u to the ninja room and got u a ninja suit

  334. then i stared yaping on…
    bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  335. so he tryed to kill me

  336. Suddenly, A tornado got round me and swing me to the wildness of Club penguin, infront of a black puffle who was terrified and hungry and thin.

  337. i named the puffle bob. me and bob went to the cove

  338. And suddenly a penguin says that the puffle is his,so Bob and you went to court.And you lose cause you didn’t had a good loyer.You have to go to jail for 100 years.100 years later……



  340. i was in jail, old and INSANE! my room mate was a talking peace of bacon!

  341. Then a flying angel puffle made me young again, but at the same time I got the craziest roommate ever, even crazier than T-Rexatron 3000, Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious,but he was called state for short!

  342. No offence Roadcrosser, but your ruining the story with some machine made by you and your erasing everyone’s ideas.

  343. Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious was super crazy because he made up his very own languge and he always thinks that aliens are going to attack earth.and he thinks dancing makes corn grow faster!

  344. But he was actually right so his bestestestestestestest friend ever tried to prove it wrong, but he couldn’t and he died trying.

    (Too bad!)

  345. And I was sooooooooo unhappy that I Went for a stroll one day and i saw- “Arrrrgh! Not the tornado again!!!” This time, the tornado swang me away, on the way, it told me it was the Club Penguin tornado. this time it put me in the Beacon.

  346. then armpit man changed time so that all the burger thugs were back

  347. I was happy beacause the time changed back again and the burger thugs is with me on Club Penguin until……when I wanted to swim back to my house I banged onto a wall anda light says: Club Penguin is locked FOREVER, You cannot get out forever even if you die.

  348. But then something whooshed me back–but actually, it was just me stranded in the ocean…WHAT?!

  349. Then Atlantis came up from the ocean with a Scientist penguin named Sharklionjay!

  350. The scientist Penguins says: I am Gary’s new helper and he let me become his buddy.he saved me and put me at the cove by the bonfire and gave me some marshmarllow.

  351. I took the marshmellow and smudged it in his face. I saw his beak burn and he crawled away.

  352. Then Sharklionjay blew his a whistle, and the burger thugs, T-Rexatron 3000, and Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious appeared and were ready to gang up on me!

  353. Arrrrgh! I ran to many places, shouting”They are going to kill me! REPORT THEM!”Suddenly, they were gone. a penguin come to me and said: I report them and now they are banned forever!”Hooray! I shouted. Lets fo and play double pizzatron3000(for two penguins) to celebrate!”

  354. but then the burger thugs made another acount!
    instead of the name big mac, quarter pounder, tripple whopper, thick burger, and baconater.
    it was little mac(big mac),half pounder(quarter pounder),double whopper(tripple whopper),thin burger(thick burger),and hamanater(baconater).

  355. Then my radio turned on and said “You dumbhead! You’re in Lala Land! Sigh, just click your heels three times, and you’ll either die or be sent home.” Commander Cheese said.

  356. Roadcrosser appeared, yes… But this time he gave me a wooden cube and told me that I have met my worst fate. And helped me by making accounts called

    medium mac, single pounder, quadruple whopper, single whopper, Whopper Jr, thug burger, burger and meatanater. RC banned the burger thugs and they couldnt make new accounts because he had taken it!

  357. and so i had to try and find out his password finnaly 6 years later i found out his password umm err thats alot of years so i mean 2 days

  358. Then T-Rexatron 3000 got a new account, T-Rexatron 5000, he turned into his robo T-Rex form, and ate every other account I made, so again, I was face to face with a robo T-Rex!

    ( Oh and he has ban-proof armor and has a time traveling device of his own!)

  359. But then this stupid person came by and said HE could do it, so he jumped in front of me and tried to blast many times, but he just got zapped–I mean EATEN…Stupid guy.

  360. but they smelled great so i ate them

  361. Suddenly, I saw a stair in front of me, I ran up and……went unconscious……

  362. not really, I saw stars… being shot at T-rexatron It was the cube!

  363. But too bad it was all a dream!

  364. I wake up and found myself in my bed in Club Penguin……A bed that I made with other furniture……

    P.S. When will this story end Bodge?

  365. As I approached the doorknob, I heard some growling behind me–OH NO, IT’S THE FURNITURE, THEY’VE GONE BAD!

  366. The couch had mice cannons, the TV had a remote light saber, and the refrigerator had a moldy food cannon! The furniture was called themselves ” The not so better igloos”!

  367. then i (yes, me as in bacnator) 8 the furniture hole!!

  368. Then I shift-shaped into a sofa to prevent getting hurt, WHEW!

  369. But when they had had a good look around the house, they became tired and wanted to sit down, and sat on the sofa I had shift-shaped into!

  370. that got unshape-shifted! Suddenly I spotted the cube!

  371. Then T-Rexatron 5000 came and ate the cube… and he became indostructosaur! He had giant claws, invisibility powers, super strength, and every other ability he had before!

  372. He then suddenly clwed at me but i was not scared as he was only 1m tall and i was 1m75cm tall.

  373. He then suddenly clawed at me but i was not scared as he was only 1m tall and i was 1m75cm tall.

  374. But then indostructosaur tripled in size!

  375. I was completely freaked out when he tripled his size!

  376. I was so scared i ran away not knowing what i was yet to face…

  377. then u ate some magic cheese and turned into Chheddacheez

  378. he had a FBI car/jet pack/flying tank

  379. u got in the flying tank and flew up to indostructosaur’s mouth and shot a nuke

  380. Then I (Chheddacheez)Went mad and was sent into the metal hospital in the indostructosaur’s mouth. It was……So very slimy!

  381. So slimy and slippery you slipped right out of there.

  382. when i slipped out of the indostructosaur’s i hit something it felt like a burger bun

  383. it was BIG MAC!!!! i screamed big mac was chasing after me and i slipped from the indostructosaur’s drool it was so gross i barfed on big mac !

  384. the puke was actually acid so big mac dissolved

  385. but he was still mad at me so the puddle that was once big mac started to sing clubpenguin songs out of key, he had a very bad voice.

  386. Then Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious appeared and ate a taco made by the pizza parlor’s new guy, and Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious became super powered fart man!

  387. An then he farted all over the Pizza Parlor’s new guy and then the new guy was blown backwards and he hit the new window and he died, sadly πŸ˜₯

  388. And you got smashed by Supercaliforniahawaiialidocious.
    And you turned into………PENGUINMAN!!!!
    And you danced singing your theme song…

  389. but penguinman couldn’t do anything so I ended up getting my butt kicked

  390. And i got hurt so bad i had to go to the hospital…. the same one Big Mac was at

  391. Then a monster friendlys sundae came and turned the burger thugs into oreos and the freindlys sundae ate them and became blizzard!

  392. Then,They kidnapped me into monster world……

  393. but then i made a super duper,cutey wutey,little,puppy eyed creature to turn monster world into happy world!

  394. but it was too happy and i wished for the monster woorld instead

  395. I suddenly woke up in front of my laptop on Bodge101’s Add a sentance to this story page. I decided to add a sentance

  396. but while i was writing a sentence,mom came up and said ive been sleeping all summer!

  397. I screamed! I missed slug appreciation day! LOL!

  398. so i went to the city council and asked them if they could replace my mum and dad with sleepyheads or make it slug appreciation day every day untill i die. oops! did i say untill i die? i meant untill my sleepyhead mum and dad wake up. witch would be never because sleepyheads like slug appreciation day.

  399. Then the mayor came out and slapped me……

  400. so i slapped him back…

  401. and i got arrested

  402. but 50 clowns came to help me escape from jail!

  403. but bigmac came and he as ascared of clowns so he was on my side until all clowns where destroyed

  404. Then a monster clown named frown town came and mad rhymes that scared big mac!

  405. I was thinking,”is that monster clown going to eat me or rescue me?

  406. then it ate me

  407. there i was inside the clowns body and i started to sneeze and i made the clown sneeze and he sneezed me out and then everybody in jail was sneezing so i sneezed again.

  408. Then I ran out, but…

  409. all the sneezo monsters turned in to tasty cheezo monsters!

  410. Then a knight in shining armor named meta knight came down and challenged me to a joust! (LOL meta knight as in Kirby meta knight, look it up) And I accepted!

  411. then i got beat and got thrown to china

  412. Where I woke up next to Sensei as he cooked me a meal, it was strange though…I thought ninjas originated from Japan, so I thought Sensei was Japanese. O_o (Lol.)

  413. i saw something next to sensei,that golden bunny from that new world full of bunnies that was in my dream!

  414. The bunny saw me and screamed “You let that insane lumberjack kill me, almost! Meta Knight, get him!” Then the knight started to fight me!

  415. I mean the knight came down from the sky and got his sword out! Ooops!

  416. But then the knight fell with a piosen dart stuck in him.

  417. But…the poison dart was like, OMG, ALIVE!!!!

  418. The cube came spinning in (It could fly!?!?!?) and zapped everything away. I fainted… Then woke in a white void only with the cube. It was only nothingness

  419. then i ran around and found a hammer. so i crushed the cube with it.

  420. inside was portal to who knows where!

  421. the portal ate me

  422. then it pooped me right out into a nother planet

  423. And flew away!

  424. then i fell in a bottomless pit to my doom

  425. I hit the bottom somehow! And a crazy old man was there, too!

  426. And the crazy old man was big-mac who was scared of everything because of frowntown

  427. So I decided to take a trip to this “Frowntown”. When I took the bus ride there, everything started fading, and it was totally BLACK && WHITE–scary.

  428. then it started to fade away! it was all a dream! so i was never sick, and i had to go to school. (see beginning)

  429. Then suddenly a talking chicken tender appeared!

  430. then i ate it

  431. but the people of frown town said that that chicken was the ruler of frown town!

  432. I screamed (again) I was still in frown town!

  433. i screamed again and again until my throut hurt . i was still in frown town

  434. then i landed in happy town

  435. happy town was even worse. it had GRILLED chicken rule! and no one ever stopped smiling (creepy).

  436. i was freaked out, and then this woman came up to me and put a chicken on my head

  437. she smiled her biggest smile(which was kinda creepy) and said,”you are now the chicken king of happy town for being the 9000000000th visiter!”.
    I freaked out.

  438. and again

  439. I called the cube and asked it to bring me my time machine

  440. but instead of the cube coming a magical triangle came out of the sky and picked me up.

  441. It dropped me into back onto the lady who gave me the chicken.

  442. And I jumped down the ground inside.

  443. And fell into a hole that lead to the under geound world of Giggle-But

  444. The magical triangle pulled me up to somewhere I didn’t know (because of the chicken on my head) and when I finally got it off I saw where I was, in front of Big Mac’s house! And the burger thugs were surrounding me!

  445. I ate the burger thugs! AND BIG MAC!!!!

  446. Then the cube came smashing down on your head and you ended up in Frownie Town (a place full of grumpy brownies)

  447. then i met all the brownies, got knida hungry, and ate all the brownies

  448. I ate to many brownies and nearly blew up.

  449. then u git sick cuz half of the brownies were mad of mud

  450. I walked back home, throwing up mud brownies, then suddenly a ninja with a French-Fri appeared!

  451. i spit up the mud and used the mud to make a mud plane to escape!

  452. and then the mud plane feel apart and you feel in the jungle nex to a lion and woke it up! πŸ˜†

  453. I said to the lion, “Umm… hi? Please don’t eat me!!!”

  454. Then the ninja with a french fri appeared again and turned the lion into a piece of cake!

  455. but i jinxed myself. i got eaten 😦

  456. Then a puffle gets a powers and turns magic then I GOT THAT PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  457. but it ran away and left a box of MAGIC

  458. It was a a a RAINBOW PUFFLE! Then I shouted HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  459. and then a plane heard you and dove down to get you.

  460. But suddenly – THE PLANE CRASHED into your precious rainbow puffle!! OH NOES!!

  461. The plane suddenly blew up and the puffle was didn’t have a graze on him/her!

  462. then u washed the puffle but it turned out to be only blue.

  463. Then, it went to the sea and u couldnt see him/her

  464. then i washed it again. it turned green

  465. It went to the forest and he was lost

  466. then came back scared because he saw garra of the sand village

  467. Hey! why didn’t you put my comment after the plane crash up there?

  468. then he ate your dirty smelly shoe and turned rainbow again

  469. it went into to beach and drown in the sea

  470. and then a 1000 years later the puffle was fosilised and sienctests got it back up to surface and then was put into a musam.

  471. Then the musium caught fire and burned down.

  472. then the puffle become a burned dinofull (dinosor/puffle) and could breath out fire.

  473. somehow,after those 1000 years,i was still alive,living in a solid,gold house

  474. but then the FBI had to come and arrest you because you didn’t pay your taxes

  475. Then you met Bodge and you got really sad because he was quitting and you got so sad you decided t quit your own site…. πŸ˜₯

    (^^ True story.. ^^)

    Then the FBI felt so sad so they married you to Bodge and you lived together in a giant boot which smelled of poop!!!!

    Which you so didnt deserve but it happened anyway and then you smelt so you had to go to the river ad wash but it never came off (Lik my sadness…)

    πŸ˜₯ !!!!!!!

  476. then everything got turned around and ur life was awesome!!!

  477. Then ur life turned to a disgrace. You only ate spiders and you smell of DOGHNUTS!

  478. and raccons attacked you for some donuts

  479. then you kung fued them and got their ‘swag’ and…. a geine came out of a lamp and you got three wishes

  480. and I started to make a wish but then the lamp started shaking around – big mac suddenly exploded out of it!

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