Ruin The Wish

In this comment posting game, someone posts a wish, and you have to ruin it by saying a bizarre result of the wish, here’s an example:
1st Commenter: I wish I had a huge mansion to live in
2nd Commenter: A huge HAUNTED mansion ridden with spiders and bats!

Understand? Well, if you don’t, you’ll soon get the hang of it!
We’ll start with this:
I wish I had lots and lots and lots of money!


567 Responses


  2. kimi u then have to say ure own wish

  3. I wish i was imortal

  4. so u cud be lonely 4eva! muh ha ha ha ha!
    i wish i had the beta tester hat

  5. Beta tester for RUNSCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I wish i rulled the world

  7. Ruled a world full of rebelling and fighting and death!
    I wish I had a cute puppy

  8. A puppy that will take over your free time! DUN DUN DUN!
    I wish I was a member on club penguin

  9. lol jim jam i kno u and interiordes3 are the same person/ use the same computer!

  10. i checked the ip addresses they are the same also jim jam answered ure wish before id approved it, so ya, u are the same person! lol detective bodge!

  11. anyway on with the game!
    a member of the bunnies (a club) on Club Penguin!
    i wish i had a better computer!

  12. lol its not me its my brother he cant be bothhered to change the name lol
    Interiordes3 (not Jim Jam 97)

  13. nt the name the email adress lol what am i talking about?

  14. A computer thats really confusing to use!
    I wish I had a holiday home in Florida

  15. a holiday home that makes u go bankrupt cos u cant afford it then u end up living on a street! lol!
    I wish i had my own personal butler

  16. who puts poison in your food!
    I wish there was world peace.

  17. so we get rid of all our weapons and aliens invade and enslave us all!
    I wish i had a Bugatti Veyron with orange neon and ‘Bodge Rocks’ written on both sides

  18. And you Get your licence revoved for breaking the speed limit!
    I wish i was rearly famous!

  19. famous for being the person with the most eggs thrown at ever!
    i wish i had the power to read minds

  20. but only people who spoke arabic so you couldnt understand what they thought!
    I wish i was telecanetic ( i could move things with my mind)

  21. and then you hit the president and get arrested
    I wish that i could have a muffin ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. but your arms would not have any use so they would fall off lol
    I wish I had 100,000,000 coins on club penguin

  23. ok… lol!
    the problem with moderating comments! Ill ruin both ure wishes! muh hu ha ha ha ha!
    for red: a poisoned muffin that was all green
    for interiordes3: so u cud blow it all on buying a beta hat, which u then find out is just a fake!

  24. oh ya… my wish… um…
    I wish i owned club penguin!

  25. but the old rulers would get angry, hack ur account and there would be no more Bodge! Lol!
    I wish the weather would be nice all of the time

  26. but then everyhwhere dries up and everyone has no food!
    I wish i had fangs

  27. Fangs to KILL! And you would kill everyone else in existence!
    I wish all the hackers on club penguin would stop hacking forever

  28. then there would be too many people on club penguin cos theyd kno there were no hackers and run freely and all the rooms wud be full and our computers would blow up!
    i wish i cud fly!

  29. And a plane would hit you and you woud die!
    I wish I could have to power to stop time

  30. but not restart it so ud be stuck with nothing growing and no-one else and water frozen still!
    i wish i had a collection of wind chimes – lol!

  31. and they would all tangle and it would be a waste of all of that money!
    I wish i was a champion swimmer

  32. then u spend so long in the water that u forget how to walk!
    I wish i had a nice hat

  33. but it was given to you by enemy so it had superglue in it and it was stuck to ur head 4eva!!!
    I wish club penguin always had a party going on all of the time; no normal cp, just decorations all of the time

  34. but then it became normal cp and was just boring!
    i wish i was 12 feet tall! lol!

  35. a nice hat that shrinks every time you wair it

    i wish i was an actress for disney

  36. Where you play the part of an ugly rat or summin like dat
    I wish i was a member for the rest of my life without paying

  37. lol no one answered my 12 feet tall one!
    anyway, now to ruin interiordes’s wish!
    Then the police jail u for stealing a membership
    i wish i was eighteen

  38. and you were really ugly and had spots and your driving licence had been benned forever!
    I wish it was easter all over again today

  39. and the easter bunny hates you
    i wish i lived at disney (i don’t care if i am the bad ppl as long as i am a actress)

  40. but when you were in a play with mickey mouse, you playing cheese and he got hungry so he ate you and he didnt chew you so you spent the rest of eternity inside his belly (awake)

    takes deep breath.

    i wish i ruled a nice distant planet with giant nice aliens made out of chocolate that had heavy machinery that destroyed other planets and everytime they destroy a planet i grow huger and ruled all of space and time with a billion trillion gazzillion jrajjilion slves alien and human and had a lifetimes supply of cheez, waffels and planets and chocolate aliens to eat=]

    destroy that wish =P

  41. But you messed up your act and the directors fire you and dont let you come back not even to disneyland!
    I wish I had a pony

  42. that would kill you
    i wish i could meet Jerry Bruckheimer ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜†

  43. but he sewed you and you went to jail! lol
    I wish i had an alien that i could use to do anything i wanted!

  44. oh and bodge to ur 12 ft. tall one: you were to tall to fit in ur house so u had to live in the street forever!

  45. But the alien turned against you and killed you!
    I wish I could meet johny depp!

  46. i wish i was a cp beta tester

  47. that got banned forever

  48. ok id better answer the two unanswered ones:
    slush360: you grow so big u crush everything else in existance including all the food so u die
    interiordes3: so u cud violate the restraining order and get put in jail
    also apengbomber- why did uanswer ure own? lol!

    I wish i had lots of chocolate!

  49. So you could get overweight and roll down a hill!

    I wish i could go sky diving ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. with out a parachute!

  51. sighs kimi- ur wish?

  52. not again!
    I wish i waz an international pop sensation!

  53. but you were stealing all of the other pop star’s glory so they all ganged upon you and ran you out of business so you lived on the streets.
    I wish I could predict the future- like thats so raven lol!!!

  54. but you used it for bad and got kiled!
    umm acter?!?!

  55. but u didnt get payed much so you ran out of money!
    i wish i cud meet Jack Black lol

  56. and then he’d play a big prank on you and poor slime on you (cuz he was the host of the Kids Choice Awards on Nick!)
    I wish I could read minds!

  57. lol i did that one further up! lol!
    then u cant stop urself reading thoughts and ur in a football (soccer) stadium with massive crowds and ur head blows up.
    I wish i had a second heart so i cud be a timelord lol

  58. Then u had a heart attack!
    I wish i had my own TV talk show.

  59. and then u talk to much and you lose your voice and get fired!
    i wish i owned a thermonuclear fishing hook-lol

  60. Then ot explodes in the water and all the fish are rotten

  61. My wish ahem
    I wish I was a Moderater

  62. A moderator for Exams

  63. I wish I was famous on Clubpenguin and everyone likes me for doing GOOD things- Haha ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    who can ruin that!

  64. <-

  65. ๏ƒœ

  66. hehe ^_^

  67. i can ruin it! muh hu ha ha hah!
    then everyone always asks u 4 favours and u cant help everyone and then everyone thinks ure mean cos u only help some ppl

  68. i wish i had built a skyscraper

  69. that would sway and eventually fall on u

    I wish I was a beta tester

  70. A beta tester for runscape. yeah i know, ive allready ruined that wish with that !
    I wish i descovered a new planet.

  71. a planet with so much gravity, it sucks you down and you cant get back to earth!

    I wish I was a moderator


  73. Phew!

  74. then you acsedentaly bann your self forever
    i wish i was famous (on cp)

  75. And they all love you so much and they all ask to be a cple and u say no coz uve alredy got one and they all gang up on you and kill you
    I wish I lived in the migrator

  76. And Rockhopper kicked u out!
    I wish I had Microsoft Word

  77. then you had to type so much your keyboard would break!
    I wish Flipperz Man will get unbanned

  78. He did, then got banned forever!
    I wish bans were fake

  79. This is a fun minigame!!!!

  80. but everybody swears on CP
    i wish i had 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 coins

  81. but thats waaaay to much so they say ‘you couldn’t have earned that by yourself’ and ban you
    I wish I could go the the club penguin at london zoo this weekend!

  82. But its full so u cant go
    I wish there was a portal to RuneScape

  83. so u cud fall in and never return to CP!
    I wish i owned all the club penguin items in existence

  84. But one day, when Cp switches servers. ALL YOUR ITEMS ARE GONE!
    I wish I had $15 payed IN ADVANCE ๐Ÿ˜›

  85. and the maximum coins for Cp is 1,000,000

  86. bu then the exchange rates crash and its worth nothing
    i wish i had one of them venus fly trap things! lol! (if ure wondering why theres a fly in the room at the moment and i just thought of it so ya)

  87. But you don’t feed it any bugs so it dies
    I wish I had 5,000 coins so I can spend it

  88. But u spend it all and the FOND (Club Penguin Economy System) Goes bankrupt and CP is all dunes with NO SNOW!
    I wish I had an orange puffle, a rainbow puffle, and all the super duper secret puffle!!!

  89. But you don’tfeed them and they die never to be seen again!
    I wish I could go to stage school instead of the 6th form

  90. And you get expelled and there are no more of them exactly like that!
    I wish Survivor was on Club Penguin

  91. then it takes over
    I wish iknew wot survivor was! lol!

  92. Then you got brainwashed lol!
    I wish Total Drama Island didnt have swears!

  93. Bodge no one is answering mine can i start a new chain?

  94. oops sorry ill answer it!
    then some swear loving person blows it up (what ever it is)
    i wish i knew everything

  95. Then ur brain explodes!
    I wish i was 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 years old!!!!

  96. no one is answering mine!!!!

  97. and then you die tomorow
    I wish I can get home-schooled

  98. then u join Total Drama Island Season 2 and get the first voted off!
    I wish I didn’t have an annoying croppy bro

  99. then u get bored of not having one and slouch around doing nothing lol
    i wish i had a one second pizza delivery man lol

  100. And you have too many pizzas and explode!!!!
    I wish chocolate was healthy

  101. then u eat so much u r sick!
    i wish i had a brain lol

  102. that explodes
    i wish uhh hmm oh crud i cant think of nothin
    i wish you could download songs onto cp

  103. And you have to say goodbye to all of those wonderful cp songs like the coffee shop song!!!!!
    I wish I won Britain’s next top model!!!!

  104. and then you find out you won by a glitch and lose all your money to the new winner. i wish that we found a safe way to live on mars where no one dies and everyone is happy and safe.

  105. ruin that one!

  106. But you do far worse than what you did on the fashion show
    I wish you could kill ppl on club penguin

  107. for special’s wish: But the other bacteria living there kills evryone lol
    i wish there was a tv to watch real tv on cp

  108. But the tv would Explode and your igloo would go in flames i wish that i could find out my worst enemeys pass word then play him

  109. for dudeboys: then there start to be cp suicide bombers and the whole game turns into a vicious wargame where everyone dies.
    for sgt lukes: but he gets your pass and bans him
    i wish i owned virgin airlines

  110. and then a air plane would hit a gas can and it would BLOW UP! and i wish cp was a war game and i owned 10000000 armys and 90000000000$$$

  111. and i live!

  112. then your armies turn on u and cage u and the exchange rates mean drop so that there are 90000000000$$$ in every english pound
    i wish i owned every wii game in existance and they didnt blow up, kill me, hurt me or harm anything in anyway or break or um… i dunno… get stepped on by a hippo lol




  115. sgt luke 1st one:
    then you play it for so long you lose your eyesight so u cant play it nymore!
    sgt luke 2nd one:
    but every time u go on fever is on so u get overshadowed anyway and you dont get the benefits of fame

  116. i wish i was a sponge

  117. a sponge full of mud!! ha ha
    i wish i was famous

  118. famoues is Jail!

    i wish that no one on or off this site could ruin this wish!

    I wish i could ruin alll OF YOUR WISHES!!!


  119. But they ruin yours with something so good you blow up rofl
    I wish I banned Sanity 1 for 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

  120. But a moderator found out and you where banned for10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years i wish i known every bodys pass word and i could crash down the moderators penguins!!

  121. but the mods switch their pass and ban the bad penguin
    i wish, by hacking, i could get to be a member for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

  122. But youd die in five minutes and your account would be banned forever and your computer burned and broken and you could never play again!

    I wish I had another wish

  123. another wish in BOOGIE LAND! lol i wish

    was halo of halo 3 and i was on club penguin and they started a war lol

  124. and club penguin shattered and billybob and the mods surrendered and said no more cp :-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    I wish that bodge posted on this blog every 5 mins

  125. Lots and lots of Monopoly Junior money! Haha!

  126. Wat in the world becky1507?!

  127. Ook i wish i was james bond lol and i owned all of the secrete agents in the psa!!!!

  128. And i wish i had a awsome car that was super sweet and blue and had purple neon! !! like off the game
    final drive nitro if you played it

  129. OK first no one answered my bodge posting one ๐Ÿ˜ก !

  130. SL’s first wish: Then the agents turn against u!
    Second: It broke down on the first drive

  131. dude886’s ‘bodge posting one’:
    then i run out of stuff to post about

  132. i wish i had all the items in cp

  133. But the mods see you with the items and say “zomg he has all that?!” and ban u!
    I wish i had all the webkinz in existance

  134. But they all turned evil and destroyed you
    I wish I had an elevator to the moon!

  135. but it malfunctioned half way there and you were stuck for all eternity! wahaha! lol.
    I wish…hmm…there was a cinema in cp!!!

  136. but it played the same movie all of the time and it was a rubbish movie!!!
    I wish that I could meet the penguin band!!

  137. but they turn out to be really mean and obnoxious
    i wish being a member was free

  138. but only for the first day.
    I wish I had Wii fit with a warenty so i could replace it if it broke or somehow got destroyed! Ruin that!

  139. then all the tvs in ure house and ur wii blow up so u cant play it anyway! lol u shud of got home insurance!
    i wish i owned the best bike in the world that was indestructable and couldnt harm me in any way possible and would always remain best in the world no matter what! gasp! out of breath! ruin that!

  140. And one day you were driving along and a truck hit you and you died but the bike did not get damaged so your family had to keep it and it was a painful memory of you!!!!! HA!!!!
    I wish I had a big beautiful house in Hawaii and it coud not get damaged no matter what happened!!

  141. But the house got electrocuted by lightning and it wasnt immune to lightning so you got electrocuted!
    I wish there were olympics for children so i could join and defeat every other living person! HA beat that one! ๐Ÿ˜›

  142. But you turned self-centered and horrible because you won anything so they all ganged up on you and murdered you gruesomely and it was all in a secret island so no one knew that you were dead!!!
    I wish that I could be a famous author at 13!!!!

  143. Hi Bodge I’m new to the site i really like it.
    BUT then people new that you were famous and a kid so they kidnapped you and wanted the president and they wouldnt hand him over so u died.
    I WISH that one day barney would appear at the iceberg and we blew him up and we clebrated with so many penguins and i was famouser than billybob and even the moderators were at the party and even the hacker noobs liked me and never hacked me! RUIN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. then you turned into a sixteen year-old and had no more time for cp! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i wish all these wishes would come true

    ok my wish
    its gunna be a doosie

    i wish for nothing

  146. then the natural order was unbalanced because everyone got what they wanted so you got sucked into a black hole and ended up in the middle of pluto.
    I wish a giant pac man would eat me. (i just wanna see if anyone can ruin that cuz i kinda ruined it already lol)

  147. oh sorry ninjas r real i was answering bidges wish.


    I wish I had something to wish

  149. then u used up all ur wishes wishing for something to wish!!!! I wish… for a………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ROBOT!!!! and he wasnt evil or had a bomb or i dunno….. an elepant stepped on it??????????????????????? it was invincible and never turned against me

  150. It blew up with the world.

    i wish for world peace.

  151. how could it blow up the world? anyway…
    to much peace led to a boring wolrd and we were bored to death!
    I wish that pokemon platmun would come out sooner so i could buy it…

  152. The robot got a bomb and blew it up

    What if the game was really boring

    i wish i was a beta penguin and had the beta hat.

  153. ok i said it wasnt evil and no pokemon games are boring.
    cp had a list of the real beta testers and found out you hacked so you got banned and your parents were really mad and they took computer away forever then your friends were mad u wouldn’t play cp so they blew you up!
    i wish i had more views on my youtube vids… not bad ones though!

  154. (POSTED BY WIIFAN7 10)

    But you would get banned
    I wish that i had lots of cotton candy!!!!! (candyfloss)

  155. u cant answer your own star lol!
    star’s wish: poisoned cotton candy that makes your teeth fall out
    carter: but then you get so many views (like heatblast) that you become snobbish and everyone hates you! :mrgreen:
    i wish i owned wordpress

  156. but im not selfish and id never be a snoob :[
    then old wordpress people get mad and blow u up
    i wish i could meet bodge on cp (hint hint lol)

  157. Andhe would hate you and kill you and hack you and rob your house and take all yur money!

    I wish I was a pie who was getting eaten and never going mouldy!

  158. Umm… And your wish didnt come true and you got eaten while you were mouldy.

    I wish I was Billybob!!!

  159. A pie that tasted so sick they couldnt eat you! ๐Ÿ˜›

  160. my wish would be for,
    a massive chocolate cookie!

  161. And chocolate was actually mutant puffle poo and when u ate it it created a chemical reaction inside you and poo came out of your nose!!

    EWW! lol

    I wish I was a guy called Jim-Bob!!

  162. But no one liked your name so the beated you up

    I wish Cp missions and plays would come out sooner

  163. But then time would go too fast and all computers would blow up!!! Oh that’d be a sad time for me…


    I wish I had giant feet and kicked people in the head!!

  164. but people got mad and experimented with you and there lab and you blew up
    i wish i didnt have to go to school if i didnt want

  165. You get home schooled! LOL and your home school teachers worse than your school teacher!
    I wish I had a pizza the size of the sun!

  166. then the sun got mad and ate it and blew up!!!!!!!!! hehehe
    I wish………………………………………………………………. Time would go faster cuz i wants cps halloween party to come!

  167. then none of your time would be worth while, you’d be whizzing around but nothing really to look at, no feelings made or any thoughts at all, and it would be doom.
    I wish my blog had 1000000000000000000000000000 hits and I was famous

  168. but your figgeres were negative and you were only famous on the worlds smallest island


  169. then it would be like club penguin and look like club would be a copy of club penguin no one would goto it if it were another club penguin.
    i wish i had a sister.

  170. a sister that was a mass murdering brother eating ninja.i wish i was always right

  171. and then you would win every quiz show and your house is full of throphys and you drown in the throphys.
    i wish puffles were real and even kinder then on the computer.

  172. and then they took over and took over the world
    i wish i had tons of clothes

  173. then your room is filled of clothes and your mom tells you to clean it all up!
    i wish i had a non dangerous pet lizard.

  174. that really smelled!!
    I wish for a phone in my bedroom!

  175. a play phone

  176. i wish i had a Lambrigini

  177. A lambrigini that keeps on breaking down!

    I wish that bodge101 would go onto Frostbite on cp!

  178. No on Wool Socks!

  179. on a difrent time!
    i wish i had 200 xtra coins!

  180. but instead you got banned

  181. I wish I could meet bodge

  182. When he didn’t have any time to talk!
    I wish I had skittles (LOL)

  183. that expired!

    i wish i cud wurk here

  184. then got fird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜ก

  185. i wish 4 more time2 think about wat 2 wish 4

  186. cause then a time bomb would explode because you took to long!
    I wish I had another wii

  187. and don’t have enough money to buy a nintendo DS.
    i wish i broke a new world record!

  188. But the record was for stupidest human ever!
    I wish…..
    That I had everything I ever wanted and we had UNIVERSAL (everywhere in every universe) peace and that everyone could get whatever they want and do whatever they want and no one knew how to do bad because there was nothing bad and you never HAD to eat but you could eat for as long as you want and not get a bellyache! TRY TO RUIN THAT BILL GATES!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!

  189. but the universe is in the worse galaxy ever discover by man because it you have/ own/ want/ live in it.
    i wish…
    nobody could make my wish horrible or anyway bad
    BEAT THAT!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ :mrgreen:

  190. but it never ever came true.
    i wish that everyone in the world could get things FREE and money was never invented.

  191. but there is nobody on that world
    i wish my last wish came true

  192. i wish i had 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000dollars in real life and club penguin beat that (evil)

  193. but they couldnt count that high so they just gave you 10 coins on cp and $10
    I wish i had a puppy XD

  194. a man eating puppy!
    I wish my cat could talk ๐Ÿ™‚

  195. a old stuffed toy puppy!
    i wish i had X-ray visson!

  196. that only saw through ppls clothes!
    i wish that it was impossible 4 my computer 2 get a virus, i had the ultimate cp trainer, and thatmy peng was unbanable! (ha!)

  197. But then the Government came to ur house b/c u were hacking (its illigal!!!) and shot you with a gun
    I wish that we lived in a perfect world with everything perfect and that you cant ruin this wish!

  198. then the world go boom lol!
    I wish I could buy a million purple puffles and name them all bubblegum!

    i wish i could fly!

  200. But you couldnt walk so you flew into a saw to get rid of your life but you were still alive so you had to go through the pain till you rotted!
    I wish I could eat candy all I want and i would still be healthy and I never had to brush my teeth because they were perfect and I never got tired of candy! ๐Ÿ˜›

  201. Then an evil fairy ruined the wish and made them very rotten and all the candy became a big giant tooth rottening monster.I wish that I could be a famous author and write a lot of good books.

  202. but it wasted alot of your free time.
    i wish i had a lollipop!( ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  203. But then the lolipop turned out to be pousinous.
    I wish I had more free time.

  204. well you had lots and lots of hm and then you had 2 got to the hospital everyday

    i wish i was cool

  205. You became to cool that you had to hide to save your life from your fans.

    I wish that nobody can ruin this wish.

  206. But instead they just ruined it.
    I wish that who ever that is ruining my wish will get destroyed.

  207. by cotton balls!
    i wish all my wishes weren’t ruined

  208. but that never came true!
    i wish 4 …

  209. a big bear to eat you!
    i wish that i had a blog

  210. heh, didnt have time to read it all, and bodge, A further up you wished for a second heart and become a time lord… You watch doctor who?

    and copied other peoples information and got it shut down!

    I wish the cybermen, daleks, slitheen, time lords, the face of boe and the ood had an alliance together and ganged up on Bodge101! (no offense, sorry) Beat that Doctor Who fans!

  211. But bodge got surgury to look like a girl nd no one can hit a girl! Except maybe me of course… ๐Ÿ˜›
    I wish that we had world peace and there was no global warming or global cooling and it was a perfect universe and every other universe was perfect anf we had no sins and that whoever ruins this wish will die slowly and in the most painful way possible.
    *the next morning*
    The wish came true but only the last part and now I got gas. *poot* ๐Ÿ˜› Bye-Bye

  212. but it will not
    i wish i was tall

  213. Oh, and to answer blueflame’s last question, Great! Your last wish was not ruined! But you didn’t wish for something else, so your wish came true!

  214. but someone asked you to rule the continent, therefore, you are a ruler!

    I wish johnpikachu will understand that these aliens (except time lords) hit humans regardless gender. No, don’t ruin that. The real one is

    I wish I was popular

  215. But you were so popular that a comet thought you were popular and came down from the sky and crushed you!
    I wish that a giant stuffed bunny destroyed the city with me in it! (LOL try to ruin that wish!)

  216. and it did

  217. i wish 4 a fghrfvafdrfuyrtrwgger6fg d8regjgrejrwefer weeeg

  218. then the world blew up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u guys start a new chain

  219. I wish I could meet bodge

    Cookieloo, on November 2nd, 2008 at 1:42 am Said:
    When he didnโ€™t have any time to talk!
    I wish I had skittles (LOL)

    duh2, on November 2nd, 2008 at 4:19 pm Said:
    that expired!

    i wish i cud wurk here

    duh2, on November 2nd, 2008 at 4:21 pm Said:
    then got fird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    duh2, on November 2nd, 2008 at 4:22 pm Said:
    i wish 4 more time2 think about wat 2 wish 4

    Cookieloo, on November 3rd, 2008 at 2:10 am Said:
    cause then a time bomb would explode because you took to long!

  220. oh i got it!
    i wish………………………………..4 THE WORLD 2 EXPLODE
    (try ruin that ish cuz it wuz alrey ruined! ๐Ÿ˜† )

  221. bodeg y rnt u posting?

  222. then all the cute puppies and kittens and more importantly YOU would die! Even me!
    I wish there was a military base at CP

  223. The reason CP had a military base was so the could catch and ban random penguins, and Dudboy607 was the number one on there ban list!
    I wish I could have a regular sized, un-tainted, not empty, in a un-breakable glass, nice and cold but not freezing, glass of water. ( Try to ruin my wish, I fixed every flaw of it)

  224. but it never came true! hahaha
    I wish for an omlette, ON A PLATE!

  225. but the omlette wasn’t cooked!
    i wish i knew all the unbreakble wishes

  226. i mean unruinble

  227. But you wished that you would know all the unruinble wishes, but you didn’t wish for A unruinble wish (It’s confusing but you’ll know what I meant after reading what I said a couple of times. Come to think of it, what I just said is confusing!)
    I wish I died and I died lonely ( Try to ruin my wish, it seems to be unruinble!)

  228. But rose from the dead by… Dragonballs?

  229. I wish for Perry the Platipus

  230. then pheines and ferb would come and steal it from you

  231. i wish i lived in cp ๐Ÿ˜†

  232. i wish you couldnt ruin my wish of me getting infintiy amount of coins and money

  233. Some Iglooless Penguin Steals it All.
    I wish for Pie!

  234. people you cant say it nevr came true
    that cheating

    ok here i go

    but cp banned you and you got arrested!
    I wish bodge will start posting on the games again and no swearing or bad things or spam

  235. but bodge’s webset was shutdown by his mom

    i wish this wish was unruinable

  236. i mean website

  237. Then it isnt ruinable… You didnt wish for anything else

  238. I wish for a Particle of Oxygen

  239. but yoou accidently split it so it had the force of an atomic explosion
    i wish for a non poisoned, edible, perfect bannana that couldn’t be stolen.

  240. but you did not have money to buy one

    i wish nobody could comment after this unruinable post

  241. but I did! MWAHAHAHAHA! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i wish club penguin had orange puffles in the pet shop.

  242. But it never existed (yet)
    I wish for a head

  243. but ypu already have A head!
    i wish club penguin had a second Gary

  244. The two Garys were evil and disected you.
    I wish that my website had 1000000 hits.

  245. but for some reason,the other sites had 49993293 hits!
    i wish i wasn’t alergic to anything!

  246. But i die in 3 days
    i wish i was a djinn ( gennie)

  247. but you where lock up in a lamp for ever
    i wish i was a puffle with a extremly nice owner that always gave him food and never died

    beat that :mrgreen:

  248. but then someone found out the penguin’s password and banned the penguin forever.and now you have no owner!
    i wish all blogs had games like this! :mrgreen: !

  249. that got hacked

  250. i wish i was my penguin on CP

  251. then u got banned

    i wish i had a famous blog

  252. hey chheddachez its me again i needed to go to the bath room

  253. hey do you hear me?

  254. i wish the the treasure book was in the gift shop

  255. i wish i was in the all the penguin times

  256. but nobody read it
    i wish the owner in my last wish was human!

  257. ALL the way bak 2 dudeboy 607: i didnt say wich world!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ๐Ÿ˜†

  258. but it never came true!
    i wish it wuznt cheatin wen u say that the wish never came true unless u no of 1

  259. ya im a frend of big mac


  261. I wish I work at clubpenguin even though I am under 18

  262. But Billybob would fire u!
    I wish for penguins everywhere

  263. Then they die from the heat!
    I wish I had a computer of my own that was indestuctible.

  264. It would be to hard to use!
    I wish I had the powers of water!

  265. but then ningas,the power of snow,and the power of fire came up and started beating you up for no reason.
    i wish…
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. i know!…
    how about…
    i wish bodge had a page!

  266. i mean i wish bodge had a contest page

  267. A contest page of bad penguins!
    I wish I knew Club Penguin on 2005!

  268. A contest page of bad penguins!
    I wish I wiil be a ninja in Club Penguin

  269. but you never won
    i wish i could control water

  270. as what Brry3321 said the power of snow and fire will rise and beat you up for no reason
    I wish for a wish

  271. so you could wish for a wish so you could wish for a wish so you could wish for a wish so you could wish for a wish so you could wish for a wish and you keep on going until you loose your voice
    i wish ants would stop crawling in to houses!

  272. then uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sumone ruin both his and mine in the same comment
    i wish it wuznt cheatin wen u say that the wish never came true unless u no of 1

  273. But then your friends dont like you!
    I wish I was a mermaid!

  274. then you get stuck in a fishing net!
    i wish i knew my they called it a “mer”maid

  275. I wish I’m a Killer That Polices Dont know

  276. But the government knows!
    I wish I am the owner of Club Penguin!

  277. but you did a bad job and no one came to club penguin.
    i wish people would stop mistaking me as a boy!

  278. But secretly you are a boy and nobody ever told you about the aceident till now. lol
    I wish I could fly and who ever ruins this wish will die painfuly and slowly (and you can’t say that it never came true cos thats cheating)

  279. So birds could painfully peck ur brains out!l LOL i wish i was the richest famous penguin in cp

  280. then u got banned since the mods thought u hacked!
    i wish for an unspoiled, non poisononed, edible bannana that i had enough money to buy and nothing stole it and you cant ssay it didnt come true thats cheating

  281. but there are some penguins on cp that have the top limit of coins and you were so famous that it was it was hard to take pics because people always crowd around you.
    i wish i had a time mashine that was indestructuble!

  282. but it brought you to the past!
    I wish that I am famous in Club Penguin

  283. you’d die overcrowding
    I wish to fish for a wish to fish

  284. And then you cought a shark and the shark ate you!
    I wish for nothing

  285. no air, oxygen, yeah, that’s what you wished for
    I wish for a laptop

  286. A laptop that turns in to a independent robot!(who hates pepole)
    I wish i rulled a planet with nothing but oxigen,water,food,friends,games(lots of games). and a computer.

  287. Oxigen is not how you spell oxygen so…
    Oxigen is a man eating gaint who can NEVER be stoped! MUHHAHA
    I wish for this wish to not come true!

  288. If that’s not a wish then…
    I wish for my site’s views to go up!

  289. And you’ll have such high veiws that every one will go to your site and sites like this amazing BODGE101.WORDPRESS.COM will have to shut down and you’ll have a constant crowd of penguins always round you and you’ll hate it and you will lock yourself in a dark, dark cupboard until the sun shrivels up and turns black and the planet is taken over by Moon Men.


    I wish… I wish… I wish I could live in a happy land of rainbows and smiles where I’d never get unhappy or annoyed EVER!!!

  290. But it got suspended!
    I wish I am famous!

  291. and die of overcrowding (bodge, you should put a notice NOT to use popular anymore)
    I wish

  292. You wish what?

    I wish I could wish.


    I wish i had a universe of good people who never rebel and are not independent.

    P.S.Oxigens are friendly

    Beaยจt that

  294. But animals aren’t friendly!
    I wish I was a fish who never eaten on a dish and nobody fished.

  295. But the water you are swimming is dirty and you died!
    I wish I am the lion and all the animals in the forest will bow to me!

  296. but ate sandwiches…
    I wish for for a grammar mistake

  297. But accidentally,you used the correct grammar…..
    (actually you did on your comment! :lol:)
    I wish I was simple….

  298. You became so simple everyone laughed at you and you had no friends and you got beat up a lot until I (yes ME) came and undid your wish!
    I wish for PUDDING!!!

  299. A pudding that exploded all over you when you went to eat it!
    I wish I had a penguin ๐Ÿ™‚

  300. Pudding that tasted like fresh poop!

    I wish for ………………………. Dora The Explorerer!

  301. Poly Penguin: A penguin with a bad name
    shawn1202: That tore MAP!

  302. What is your wish roadcrosser?
    (so that I can ruin it!) ๐Ÿ˜†

  303. ok uhh… a cupboard

  304. With mice
    I wish for a penguin

  305. A BANNED penguin! MWA HA HA
    I wish for domination! MWA HA HA HA! (Wow I’m evil today)

  306. You turn nice and give all your food to the pour and you don’t have any left and you starve.

    I wish for a big giant cookie.

  307. with no chocolte chips or chocolate chunks!!!!! (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN)

    i wish 4
    Wally470, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:36 am Said:
    You turn nice and give all your food to the pour and you donโ€™t have any left and you starve.

    I wish for a big giant cookie.

  308. which broke
    I wish for a seplling mistake

  309. and u mispelled “spelling” (wich actually happened:lol:

    i wish 4

    Wally470, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:36 am

  310. ????(i don’t know how to ruin it!) Anyway what is your wish?
    Wally470, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:36 am?

  311. its just that!

    Wally470, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:36 am!

  312. whats your wish?

  313. what make a new one no one knows what that means!

  314. i wish for my brother to only take a five minute shower instead of one for an hour!

  315. but five minutes wasn’t enough so he was still dirty
    i wish i had a bunny

  316. that had rabies non-stop and there was no cure and it loved to bite its owners in the eye.
    I wish I had a slice of pie

  317. an evil bunny
    I wish for a battery

  318. A battery with that’s burned out!
    I wish for a wish that wished that wished a wish! (LOL, try to ruin what I said, it only makes sense to me!)

  319. Your house blew up
    I wish I had some muffins.

  320. a bran muffin! (no one likes bran!)
    i wish for a cradboard box

  321. cause your a hobo!
    i wish for lucky the incredible wonder pup!

  322. The last dog named lucky I knew got hit by a car and your dog did the same lol.
    I wish I got CPEPF (Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force) for Ds

  323. and it can’t break

  324. but u didnt have a ds!

    i wish 4
    Wally470, on November 25th, 2008 at 1:36 am!

    and dont skip it this time!

  325. But you got Wally471, on November 26, 2009 at 1:37 am!

    I wish for an another wish!

  326. but other people well use your wish

    I wish I was dum

  327. SOOOOOOO dum you fell off a GIANT cliff and you thought you could fly

    i wish i wish !
    (No one can ruin it MUAHAHAHAH!)

  328. Which means that you cant wish (ha yes I did it).
    i wish that I will never get banned in clubepnguin (and the clubpenguin team said that that was ok and they didn’t change there minds ( ha bet that).

  329. but then u dicided to swear and do bad things and the team was realy angry because u made CP bad and nobody came there!
    i wish for a happy tree!

  330. But the tree suddenly got mad when he wanted more pop so he slapped you
    I wish i Had some noodle soup

  331. poison noodle soup
    i wish CP membership was free

  332. So that when all non-members will get free memberships and they became many so Club Penguin went to a renovation!
    I wish for a good wish that I can ruin

  333. But it’s a wish that gets boring after 10 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! LOL
    I wish for a puffle so big that it terrorized CP and I was CP,s new leader! MWA HA HA (And I destroyed the moderators so they can’t ban me!)

  334. you forgot about super PENGUIN so SHE went and told you mom then you got grounded for 8,197,375,946,273,937,384 YEARS!
    I wish for lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots OF SNOW!!!!!

  335. But you got lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of LAVA!!!!! I wish I found Watex on Clubpenguin.

  336. But you know that watex is banned so you go crazy and are in a mental asylum, FOR LIFE!
    I wish for shjfdabgfdshgkhafjl( LOL, unruinable random symbols)

  337. ืŸษพษŸษษฅสžฦƒษฅspษŸฦƒqษpษŸษพษฅs ยกuสop วpฤฑsdn ส‡uวส ส‡ฤฑ ส‡nq
    สoืŸืŸฤฑd uสop วpฤฑsdn ษ ษนoษŸ ษฅsฤฑส ฤฑ

  338. Then I turn it back the right way. That was a easy one.
    I wish that I had a dog that we would all ways be together and that the dog and I would never died (Bet that. And you cant say it never came true cos that is cheating).

  339. but the dog REALY,REALY,REALY,REALY smelled!
    I wish why paradox was called paradox

  340. But when you wish for it, a movie screen pops up and gives you a lecture about how the word came about, and the lecture was really boring!

  341. and all of them were so cool,you wanted to watch them all! so you stayed up watching movies for a year without sleeping and when you were done,you’re eyes were damaged and without sleep,you saw crazy things that wasn’t really there!
    I wish for tiny,simple,normal ant

  342. I wish i bogde messed this one up

  343. For Brry3321:
    A tiny ant that bites you everytime the ant sees you!
    I wish for a solution that can solve everyone’s problems!

  344. But u got a solution that spoils everyone’s(including yours)problem!
    I wish for a wish that never came true!

  345. But it came true!
    I wish for a wish that everybody wishes!

  346. Everybody wishes that you get bahned.(MUAHAHAHA)
    I wish that that.
    P.S. the word in () are from the evil side of me.

  347. and “that’ cant be a bad thing.

  348. (ANSWER MY WISH!)
    *makes puppy eyes*

  349. But you got this this
    I wish I am a ninja!

  350. well u can now cause card jistu but anway
    then u got banned cuz card jistu dindnt come out yet

    i wish for nuthing
    (try ruining that ahahahahhaahahahahah)

  351. but then the nuthingness you wished for would drive your wishless self crazy and you’d wish for something but you couldn’t cuz you already wished for nuthin.

    he he that makes no sense.. oh well

    i wish my dad would get a decent job.

  352. He got a decent job but he was kicked out!
    I wish someone led me a 12 months membership in Club Penguin!

  353. But the one who led you the 12 moth membership was a hacker and the club penguin team found out and you were baned for ever.(The hacker hacked club penguin to get your membership)HAHAHAHA UR BANED!!!

    I wish for something that cant be a killer,bad ,or any of other bad things.

  354. since it wasn’t bad,you got a cute,pink,soft bunny.
    infact,it was so cute and pink,you exploded!
    i wish people could put clothes on puffles

  355. But puffle cloths looked ridiculous! (That was easy)
    I wish for Supercaliforniahawaiialidoucios with a globo! ( A tiny little slimy bouncy ball!)

  356. but you got a huge slimy bouncy ball!
    I wish for something ridiculous

  357. But you got something normal and boring!(Ha ha ha!)
    I wish for a Club Penguin DS so I can enter command room.

  358. but u stole it!
    (that wuz easy)

    i wish 4… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  359. wwe adam: but then u had 2 watch wonder pets 4 a whole day!
    (it stinks badly)

  360. You didn’t make another wish. Oh well, I’ll do it for you.

    duh2: I wish for a corn dog.

    …A corn dog that actually turned into a rabid DOG and ate your insides!

  361. and your wish???

  362. I wish for a cup.

  363. The cup you will get this coming Christmas is BROKEN and CANNOT be used ANYMORE because some pieces are MISSING!
    I wish for a perfect score in our EXAMINATIONS!

  364. A perfect score that meant you are going to DIE!
    I wish for a bouncy ball.

  365. that bounced to break the ceiling. I wish that bodge101’s blog will be shut down!

  366. and you will be banned here FOREVER!
    I wish for a wish that will grant all people’s wish so that people can wish anything they want including me also!

  367. But the wishes people made INCLUDING YOURS were pointless!
    I wish for a wish that wished that wished that wishes wished for wish wished wishes on wishtober, wish day! (LOL!)

  368. Then they chose to cancel wishtober and wish day.
    I wish I never got hungery And thirsty.

  369. But then they wouldn’t grant your wish! GASP!
    I wish for MalaMala FuFu SPIT! Meow.

  370. But you got FUFU mala mala SPOT! quack.

    I wish for a simple wish that could not get boring.

  371. … But that simple thing got lost and you could never use it again!
    I wish for super duper awesome igloo that never melted, never froze, never got boring, never got blown away, never got me banned, super penguin never told my mom that it was so awesome that she had to take it away or leave clubpenguin, never got overcrowded so I died, my puffles ACTED like angels(not fallen ones), and my wish came true!

  372. but it included a bomb!
    I wish for a cube

  373. but it turned into a square!!!!!!!!

    I wish for a super duper awesome igloo that never melted, never froze, never got boring, never got blown away, never got me banned, super penguin never told my mom that it was so awesome that she had to take it away or leave clubpenguin, never got overcrowded so I died, my puffles ACTED like angels(not fallen ones), it NEVER has a bomb,and my wish came true!

  374. chanchan2nachoz you are not alowed to do that it never came true.
    but it included a stink bomb and the cos the igloo was so great the stink stayed there.
    I wish that I never got thirsty or hungery and it came true and the wish made shore that my mouth was always moist.

  375. maybe a penguin who wouldnt tell ur mom but would blame u 4 things and maybe an igloo that was 2 small 2 fit into.

    i wish i had all the money in the world

  376. All the PLAY money!
    I wish for a wish that cannot be changed, no matter what!(Try and break THAT!)

  377. maybe a wish that cannot be changed in your dreams, but in real life outside of dreamland it never came true

  378. what?

  379. o and i wish 4 a pony who wouldnt eat me or anything

  380. well eventually you were bored with the pony cuz he wouldn’t actually do anything.

    I wish.. for more wishes!

  381. You got less wishes!
    I wish for a TRUE FRIEND….. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  382. But your friend used you and got your account!
    I wish for a puffle eating puffles easting puffles eating puffles eating puffles eating puffles eating puffles… EATING PUFFLES

  383. But then it was so gross u blew up!
    I wish for an unspoiled, unrotten, bannana that i had enough money for and nothing happened to it

  384. and then i stepped on it

    i wish 4 my cuz 2 stop hurting me

  385. she did but then she started to hack your c.p account! ha ha ha

    I wish for everyone to have a happy holiday and new year!!!

  386. but your sis did!
    I wish for a square

  387. But you got a circle!
    I wish for…. A super dramatic sound effect!

  388. I wish for a lifetime membership in every online game i go to…
    and a boufriend who loves me 4 who i am.

  389. im very romantic,and deep, hahaha!!

  390. Buy you got a boyfriend who loves only your money haha

  391. ha ha ha! what do you wish for huguini1?

  392. i wish a wish that wishes for me to transform

  393. transform into a blind pile of purple goo!

    i wish for starbucks

  394. starbucks?
    never heard of gold blocks?

  395. By the way huguini1I said that I wished for a boyfriend that would love me for who I am not for what I have.

  396. Ok i’ll answer Caligirl18’s wish:
    But you got 1 star buck (play money type).

    I wish for a piรฑata that inside has soft candies.
    And the shape of the piรฑata was original.

  397. and the candles were lit and you died
    i iwsh for play money! ๐Ÿ˜›

  398. but you got shreded play money

    by the way starbucks is a place to get hot chocolate nd coffe nd yummy stuff

    I wish for a snow day

  399. But it got so snowy had to eat coat loaf because the stores were buried in snow!
    I wish that I could play games that don’t require your email address!

  400. and then all those games are deleted by the owners.

    I wish for a city made of candy and sweets and i could never get fat or sick or tired or ill.
    hahah beat that!!

  401. but the candy turned ROTTEN!!!!
    (You didn’t get sick you just couldn’t eat them!!!!)

    I wish for 291roger!!!

  402. but you got 391roojor instead

    I wish for a penny!

  403. but your pet dog swallowed it!
    i wish this wish comes true

  404. but your wish is that you wished you were eaten.
    i wish for a pice of paper that wasnt ripped or shredded, didnt give me a papercut, and wasnt evil

  405. But it got BURNED.

    I wish for 190roger, on December 21st, 2008 at 9:10 pm!

  406. by the way roadcrosser im an only child

    but u get 189jerry, on November 11’th, 2007 at 8:50 am

    i wish for pokemon (the original episodes)

  407. but instead you got lokenom!
    i wish this wish is a wish

  408. but u get nothing
    i .wish for halo 3

  409. but it turned into helo 7!
    i wish i could fly to the ground!

  410. but you died
    i wish for a poisoned pankake

  411. A poisoned pancake that died before you!
    I wish for a giant marshmallow :mrgreen:

  412. that ate you and got bigger and bigger and destroyed evrything in its way!
    I wish to have a penguin member wich its membership will never stop and for nobody to be able to steal it.

  413. but you got into hacking people’s penguins and accidently hacked your own penguin!
    i wish a cute,kind bunny dressed as carrot would come to my house and do the tango! lol ^ _ ^

  414. and then he was transform into a rhino and it would sent you to hell!!!!BWAAAHHHHAAAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!
    I wish for an imaginary boyfriend that when I imagine him, everyone else around me can see him.

  415. but whhile you were doing the tango a rabid dog bit the bunny and it turned rabid too. then it bit you.

    i wish for homeless ppl to not b homeless

  416. But you become homeless!
    I wish for a viking penguin.

  417. but the horns poked and killed you
    I wish for food

  418. plastic food!
    i wish the wish within this wish has a wish that makes all the wishes happy!

  419. that wish won’t come true cuz it doesn’t make sense!

    I wish i was a really famous singer and i could control everyone really good so nothing went wrong!

  420. Hey Bodge im going up to where you live to see my grandparents. I may meet you.
    I could do cuz i made a sign that i could where that says

    ‘ IM TEAMABO FROM CLUB PENGUIN ‘ Then a little pic of my player card.

  421. I wish i had pizza!

  422. and then that pizza would rot before you could eat it…In fact, you could first eat the pizza and then it would rot..ha ha ha!!

    I wish for Membership For Life!!! On CP!!!

  423. i wish i could walk againg and get out of this wheelchair

  424. but you didnt pay atention to the price and the bill was $900000!
    I wish all my wishes made sense

  425. They made sense but it ruined everything cuz you wished by accident.

  426. I wish for a molecule of air.

  427. I Wish That I Could Ban all the mods on club penguin and take over it so it would be club wwe! LOL!

  428. But club wwe was a game no one liked, so it only had 5 players!
    I wish I could have all the lego power miners sets; I don’t care flaw is in them!

  429. But you didn’t have one!
    I wish for a 2 year membership!

  430. but u get a 2 second membership

    i wish for a guitar

  431. But it had broken strings that are STUCK and can NEVA be replaced!! Bwuahaha. I am on a roll today ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I wish for a camel that SPITS at meeh! ๐Ÿ˜€

  432. but it spits acid

  433. oh and i wish for $10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. AND NONE OF YOU CAN HAVE ANY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  434. but you used the money to free the murderers from jail and the murderers killed everyone! (including you)
    i wish this wish is a wish that anyone can wish for when they eat the wishes that the likes wish and then my wish comes true!

  435. but… ummm… a giant sandwhich ate your wish.
    i wish for a poisoned, acid bannana nut muffin
    lol how r u gonna ruin that its already ruined but you still have to try

  436. But the health community came swapped your poisonous banana nut muffin for health reasons!
    I wish for blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah! (LOL blah blah)

  437. Then the blah blah monster come and ate you!!
    I wish that there was a giant land of ice cream and I made it blow up and I ate it all then it came back and I could eat as much as I want!!! :mrgreen:

  438. but u got sick, very very sick from it and died
    i wish that i had my own world that i ruled and nothing could ever ever happen to it and nobody colud ever ruin it. BEAT THAT!


    By the way ctj1998 and your wish didnt come true becuase it was a selfish wish…
    I wish what ry525525 wished for, but for him not me.
    others before oneself is what I think…sometimes…(LOL!)

  440. He got out of the wheelchair, but the wheelchair smacked you in the stomach! (Sorry.)

  441. But it turned into TTTHEEE GRRREEAAATTTT CHRISTMAS TREE! Muhahaha
    I wish I got credit for all the cheats I found! Oh and my wish came true!

  442. Yes,you got the credit, but those cheats were for FREE MEMBERSHIP and the MODS found out and baned you for LIFE! (You wanted the credit!!!!)
    I wish for a pen that looks alike like the NORMAL pen in my hand!!! (Its not a monster!!)

  443. But it was a ROBOT pen that squirted ink all over you!! ๐Ÿ˜†
    I wish for a non-poisened, edible, non-robot and non-monster pie that I could buy and it was a friendly ninja who never turned evil and he helped sick people and homeless people and if anyone at him he would regeneate no matter what.

  444. sirena321, i was kidding! lol

    and your wish was so long that the wish fairy got bored and fell asleep, so it didn’t come true
    my wish is to have 10 more wishes

  445. But all your wishes malfunctioned and they became head cheese! Bleh! It tastes horrible!
    I wish for a Gary The Gadget Guy Plush!

  446. Oh, no! My Menorah ish gonee :[…Lol.
    But then you got a Guy Gadget The Gary hsulP!!!
    And it was all raggedy. And worn out. And full of sticky moldy DoNuTs on it ;P

  447. ANNNDDDD…I wish for SHUTTER SHADES! (Search it…Oh, and I already have one, so you can ruin it, and I won’t mind. Lol)

  448. Then shutter shades said that was broken so they took it back and then they shut down there site and all their store’s.LOL!!!!
    I wish that I never got thirsty or hungery and it came true and the wish made shore that my mouth was always moist.

  449. Yeah you got your wish, but since you weren’t hungry you couldn’t eat so you went R.I.P. .
    I wish for ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I don’t know…………………………………………..Looney Toons???

  450. But then you gots NERDEH Tunes! And you had to keep listening to a really annoying nerd laugh(No offense, okay? I’m a nerd…okay NORK, too, so yeah. Meh apologies. :))
    I wish for a bucket of FRENCH FRIES! Or as they call it, CHIPS. Lol

  451. but they were too unhealthy and you also R.I.P.ed
    I wish for sickness!

  452. but you got health instead.L…..o…..l……….Does that make sense?: /

  453. Anyway I wish 4 a better computer.Mine Sux!!

  454. you get an even WORSE computer i wish for a laptop

  455. But you spilled coffee on it! LOL!
    I wish that I could fly and I could live forever! And my came true!

  456. I mean my wish came true!

  457. but then you lost your power and fell to your doom.
    i wish for world peace!

  458. but then sum1 got bored and it became world doom!
    I wish for milk

  459. but the milk expired in 2001.
    i wish for, ummmmmm, someone to tell me what to wish for

  460. they told you to wish you were dead and you listened
    I wish for a non-poisened, edible, non-robot and non-monster pie that I could buy and it was a friendly ninja who never turned evil and he helped sick people and homeless people and if anyone at him he would regeneate no matter what and the wish CAME TRUE

  461. but it only came true in your dream that lasted for a second!
    i wish all my wishes are worth wishing

  462. But they couldn’t grant your wish and decided to just give you a latex glove that has been blown up to make a balloon, by while you held it while walking, some stupid kid running with a needle came and poked it!
    I wish for a barbecue stick, and for it to POKE me in the eye!

  463. But it poked you in the nose!
    I wish that that I could have a yummy steak! And it wasn’t stale and wasn’t tainted! And my wish came true!

  464. but then it came to life and it ate you
    i wish for everyone in the world to have a nice, healthy life. now please dont ruin the wish

  465. But you wish EVERYONE, but you did not include yourself! So you died. Sorreh.
    I wish for Bodge to have more page views.

  466. NO! Not my steak!
    All those page views were viewed by one person over and over again!
    I wish for Kirby! (Look it up)

  467. but then he turned into meta knight
    i wish this wish is worthful that i wish someone will ruin this wish!

  468. oh yeah, well your wish doesnt become worthful so that u cant wish will ruin this wish! ( idk what i just said :p )
    i wish for my site to have a million hits ๐Ÿ˜€

  469. But you only got two!(Sorree.)
    I wish for nothing.

  470. Kirby how could you! (LOL)
    But you got something!
    I wish for King Dedede! (Look it up)

  471. i wish i was a fluffy bunny named vlad that gave out cookies

  472. teh fluffy bunny put poison in da cookiez

    i wish i had some socks

  473. Sharklionjay: But you got King Dododo
    Ur #1 fan: But you turned into a blue blob named vlad! (That was my version of Vlad that I invented)

  474. HOLY SNAP, I GOT SOMETHING?! Whooaaaa! (Lawl)
    77hockey: But you got shoes!
    I wish for a laptop.

  475. you get a monitor.
    I wish for boyfriend…(yep, again…)

  476. But someone else got a boyfriend, not you

  477. I wish for a book

  478. but you got a leapfrog virtual talking thing-a-ma-jig.

    I wish for a coin code ๐Ÿ˜€

  479. but you got a code on how 2 get banned in 1 second flat

  480. oh yea! i wish for the next person to ruin the wish to go ruin someone elses wish

  481. But I ruined ur wish instead! *RUINSSS!* Lol
    I wish for PEACHEZZ!

  482. Spoiled Peaches

    I wish for a wish that wishe for a wish that makes the wish unruinable that wishes for a member penguin that is older than beta and was not banned

  483. But he got hacked!
    I wish for a Kirby for Wii game! And it worked!

  484. u got a brand new penguin. NONMEMBER AND NO ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  485. I wish for everyone to go to

  486. and then everyone ruins the site!!!!
    i wish i could fly

  487. ๐Ÿ˜†

  488. and nothing bad everh happened to me. i never flew out of earth. i could wlk when i wanted to. the earth never blew up. i never crashed. i never met evil creatures of any sort (animals, people, candy, etc.) (ruin that) ๐Ÿ˜†

  489. But then the planet exploded!
    I wish for ๐Ÿ’ก Kirby, Meta Knight, And King Dedede! (Look all three up!)

  490. remember quote “the earth never blew up” unquote. so that fails. my wish still lives.
    and for your wish they all gang up and kill you.

  491. Wyvern98: The planet that blew was mars! So the earth into chaos! There Wyvern98, you happy?

  492. i wish for 1,000,000,000 dollars

  493. But you got 1,000,000,000 cents instead!
    I wish for a french fri!

  494. ok got me

  495. goddy: ๐Ÿ’ก then you get ubsessed with greed and everyone hates you

  496. i wish for a pumpkin that wasn’t cursed.

  497. but some animals from nowhere ate it.
    i wish everyone on earth could be imortal and everyone had the power to make the world bigger

  498. the pumpkin would be huge and it rolls on you and you are flat

  499. brry3321 two things…

    1st have you latly seen the contests page on my blog?

    2nd your wish. the the earth blows up and sence you cant die you suffer with no air

  500. i wish i had a picture that was worth nothing.

  501. Oh sure leave me hanging..

    I wish I was a year older

  502. But you got 100 years older instead!
    I wish I met Kirby!

  503. then he ate you. no one’s replied my wish yet. i wish i had a picture worth nothing

  504. u would meet kirby and be stuck in a video game forever!

  505. i wish i had more ppl come to my blog

  506. Umm.. I…. Dont know what exactly to put… ๐Ÿ˜†
    Oh yes!!!

    Many ppl will come and u will be frustrated! ::?::

  507. Umm.. I…. Dont know what exactly to put… ๐Ÿ˜†
    Oh yes!!

    Many ppl will come and u will be frustrated! ::?::

  508. I wish I can play in my computer all the day. ๐Ÿ™„

  509. and you didnt have time to eat all day!
    i wish for a fish that will give me another wish

  510. But the fish only gave you stupid wishes!
    I wish wish wished wish wisher wished whistle malinali 09. 0984ydhhlvj! Try ruining that!

  511. Anyway it will be ruined cuz the fairy of the wishes didnยดt understand it!!! XD!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I wish I was very rich. ๐Ÿ™„

  512. very rish with vacumecleaner lol

    I wish i had every ds game ever made

  513. Instead the wish gave you very rich CHOCOLATE(and only one piece)!!!!!!!!
    I wish for a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath.

  514. But he ran away!
    I wish I knew how to fly a plane!

  515. But on your first try to fly a plane you crashed and everyone died!
    I wish for a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath and he does not run away and this wish came true.

  516. then one day it was oppisite day and then the dog was very smelly,had fleas,..and ya those other stuff and the dog ran away and when it was not oppisite the dog ran too far away from you and couldnt come back
    i wish this wish was ruined

  517. And was by ME!LOL!!!
    I wish for a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath and he does not run away and this wish came true and it was never oppisite day.

  518. but it had bad looks
    i wish i was the wind

  519. And your mum and dad thought you ran away so they started looking for you so they started a search party you and when they gave up they thought you were dead.
    I wish for a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath and he does not run away and this wish came true and it was never oppisite day and he had very good looks.

  520. But that dog was not yours!!!!

    I wish I was a moderator

  521. But then BillyBob fired you.

    I wish for a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath and he does not run away and this wish came true and it was never oppisite day and he had very good looks and the dog is my dog.

  522. But your dog was illegal so you got arrested!
    I wish wish for a giant clam!

  523. But you got a dog that Does not smell does not have fleas,flies,ticks or heart worm can not die can not get sick is very nice to everyone is very nice to me too and can talk all languages which includes English French German Spanish Dutch Russian ect. also all animal Languages Also has very nice breath and he does not run away and this wish came true and it was never oppisite day and he had very good looks and the dog is my dog. ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wish I was an author on Billybob’s site.

  524. Then billybob told you were fired for annoying him

    I wish I was a member

  525. then you are banned forever for not being on club penguin for one trillisecond. and u dont get a refund for your membership.

    i wish i had a happier life

  526. But u didnt had time to play in Club Penguin!

    I wish I was a mod in Club Penguin

  527. but then got banned for ever for saying”im a mod see!!!”

    I wish naruto and all justsu’s were real!!!!

  528. With their powers they would destructing ur house! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    I wish I… Umm…. I…. had a…. hmm no… I wish I…ran out of ideas!!…. Umm… OH YA! I WISH HAD A CP TOY!

  529. so it will come alive and jack your money

    I wish i was Naruto uzamaki

  530. I wish I had a bunny.

  531. Then I get a bunny. But the bunny turns out to be ………….. a bunny zombie from beyond the grave.

  532. i wish i had my own webpage like bodge

  533. then the webpage crashed your computer and every time you got a new one… it crashed!
    i wish i had one dollar that i didnt care for.

  534. but then you cared for it when you died
    I wish more people go onto my site.

  535. then they all hack it and turn it all into Portuguese chess!

    I wish I was Rockhopper

  536. U turned into a horrible pirate!

    I wish I was a mod

  537. until you banned bodge

    I wish bodge wasnt quiting

  538. he is quitting; to become a suicide terrorist.

  539. he is quitting; to become a suicide terrorist.

    I wish i was ripped.

  540. What the hay? But you were to ripped and were as slow as a snail!
    I wish bodge didn’t quit, he didn’t become a suicide terrorist, he didn’t die, he didn’t get banned, he always liked clubpenguin, it wasn’t opposite day, and he didn’t get any life threatening disease, and he didn’t do anything stupid like smoking weed!

  541. everything u said didnt happen happened XD

    I wish i had a celery stick…..

  542. but instead you had brocali

    I wich I was a CP member

  543. You were a CP member that had no money and NEVER COULD GET ANY COINS!

    I wish i was famous for my blog on CP on CP and everyone wanted to meet me.

  544. But you got surrounded by penguins and you couldn’t breath!
    I wish that I had an alienware computer! THAT WORKED!

  545. until it exploded

    I wish i could bann billybob

  546. But Billybob banned u. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wish for a kitty.: )
    I always wanted one but my dad dont let me, my mum doesnt mind.

  547. U got one but u r alergic

    I wish that Bodge101 doesnยดt quit CP

  548. I am not going to ruin that.


    I wish I knew bodges password

  550. but he kept it

    I wish I had lots and lots and lots of money!

  551. I will rip all of it up into little pieces and put it down the drain!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol!

    Ok my Turn!

    I wish i knew Fevers Password

  552. Also, if the money was all over you you would suffocate and couldnt breath!

  553. I wish i had some alphabetti spaghetti

  554. intil it spelt I MISS BODGE!!!

    I wish I knew justsus.

  555. you knew how to eat cookies instead

    I wish i had a invincible thing that couldnt be ruined and nothing bad could happen to it and noone could stop it it is to powerfull.

  556. until it exploded

    i wish i was a REAL penguin

  557. You were a real jerk instead (Not trying to hurt your feelings, just couldnt think of anything else :D)

    I wish i had a puffle that didnt have fleas and wasnt poorly and never was sick and learned all languages like spanish german polish and noone could ever harm it it could never explode it had a forcefield it is invisible it can destroy anyone from a looooooooooooong distance with only just looking. It has a formuala which is ‘Can never be unwished on’

  558. (non-takin djsplash)until you never got it.

    I wish I ruled the world and got pokemon platnuim for free.

  559. Aw! Y Bodge is leaving!! He can stay!

  560. You didnt rule the world and pokemon platinum was on sale at one billion pounds!

    I wish i had a Mcdonalds Happy Meal!

  561. but you get a jack in the box kids meal

    i wish for a mastercheif

  562. I want pekemon platnum but I don’t have a DS

  563. so you buy eskimo clothes and freeze yourself!!

  564. i wish i could fly

  565. Fly up to the cieling and braking your head! Lol.

  566. i wish i had a wish to ruin

  567. i still wish i had a wish to ruin

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