Kimi’s Kolumn #2

Greetings penguins of the world! I have returned! Muh ha ha ha hah! And I bring great tidings of joy! Lot’s of fun, exciting stuff! Such as some glitches and tips! Enjoy!

Rockhopper finding tip:

If you walk your red puffle, take it to the town centre and dance (this does have a point, I’m not just messing!), if it turns slightly left or right, it means he’s on the server you are on and that is the way to go, if it just bounces normally, he isn’t on that server, or not online at all (if he’s in a secret room this doesn’t work).

Into Korner news, this month’s party will take place next week, on Monday for a whole week. It will be the puffle party, which won the vote! The Korner will be open normal time (10:30pm PST (Penguin Standard Time)) at the usual place (Kimi 07’s igloo, server Belly Slide). Please bring along your puffles, and wear puffle clothing if you have any.

That’s all for now!

Hasta la vista, baby!

😆    😆   😆     😆      😆     😆     😆    😆  

~Kimi 07