Club Penguin Times Issue #163

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out today. Here are the top stories:

Sensei speaks out at last, and tells us of the Dojo, his whereabouts and ninjas:


We are given tips on how to decorate a Christmas igloo:




Finally, here are the upcoming events:


Look out for the new Snow & Sports catalog coming out tomorrow!

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Club Penguin How To Beat Sensei & Become A Ninja

Do you want to know how to defeat Sensei and earn your ninja mask? Do you want access to that ninja room? Here’s a tutorial:

How To Beat Sensei- Written Guide

First, reach black belt level in Card Jitsu- any other level and he beats you easily:


Next, click on Sensei and choose Sensei mode and play it until he makes a mistake, it is usually around the seventh game. Even after he’s made his first mistake, you have to be careful. Try to trick him with lots of consecutive cards of the same type. When you beat him, he will give you the Ninja Mask.

I will post later with how to reach Black Belt level, so stay tuned!

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Club Penguin Times Issue #162, Secret Ninja Room & Catalog

A new newspaper came out today. Here are the top stories:

They tell us about the brand new, extremely popular game: Card-Jitsu:


And we hear about the “fast path” to becoming a ninja (buying Club Penguin Trading Cards):


Here are this week’s events- they tell us the name of the new play, coming out tomorrow:



It looks like there’s going to be a lot happening tomorrow!

Now, onto the new secret ninja room. It is called “Flying Flippers Emporium”. Here is a picture (courtesy of Wwe Adam):


You can fight other ninjas on the mats, throw snowballs at the gongs and buy special items from the catalog! Click here to see the “Martial Artworks” ninja catalog, where you can find a special Dojo igloo, a ninja suit and a hand gong (for members only, sorry).

I will be posting ninja tips very soon, so stay tuned!

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Club Penguin Ninja Training/Card-Jitsu Cheats/Secrets/Guide

The new ninja training game, Card-Jitsu came out today! Here’s a guide:

Before you can play the game, you must talk to Sensei and recieve a deck of cards. Click on the cushion to go to him:


 He will explain to you how to play, how to rise through the ranks and how to become a ninja, including animated demonstrations! The card deck will appear in the awards section in your player card:


After giving you the instructions, Sensei will put you up against a random opponent. Once the game starts, you will have twenty seconds to choose a random card, trying to imagine what the other person is thinking. Snow beats water, fire beats snow and water beats fire- so it is a lot like “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, except that each card has a value on it (these are important if you get two of the same type), and that there are funny animations to go with each win, draw or loss:


Once you have finished this first game, click on one of the mats to play another, or click on the Sensei. If you go to the Sensei, there are two modes you can play in: Competition Mode and Sensei Mode:


Competition mode is the normal mode, against another random penguin; Sensei Mode is where you duel against the Sensei himself:


The duel against Sensei is impossible with only the Starter Deck. To duel him (and stand a chance), you will need to work your way through the ranks. The more wins you get, the higher your rank will get. There are nine ranks in total- from White all the way up to Black! There’s a free belt with each rank.

Good luck on gaining that Black Belt!

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Club Penguin Dojo Grand Re-Opening Party Cheats/Secrets

The Dojo Grand Re-opening party started today! Here are the cheats:

The Geto Slippers can be found in the Dojo Courtyard:


There is a shed which looks like it will be where the Card-Jitsu game is kept:


Note the symbols- fire, water and snow- just like in the paper.

If you wait a while inside the Dojo, you will be able to play the Gong with snowballs:


Check out the music- it’s oriental-style! I wonder if it’s room music or party music?

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Club Penguin Times Issue #161, Mystery Penguin Revealed & Card-Jitsu

A new newspaper came out today. Here are the top stories:

The mystery penguin has been revealed, and he has confirmed that the Dojo will become a school for ninjas:


He has also revealed that the new game will be called Card-Jitsu (which explains how the Club Penguin Trading Cards will help), and will be how he trains his pupils. You have to master the game to become a ninja.

The Dojo’s grand re-opening will be on November 17th. Here is the invitation:


The Club Penguin playwrights have recovered from writers’ block, and have announced that their new play will be released on November 21st:


Here are the events this week:


Make sure you check out all the rest of the paper!

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Club Penguin Ninja Poster

Go to the Dojo and click on all the lightbulbs and the “Wear A Hard Hat” sign to get a ninja poster:


Now we can be certain ninjas are coming! I’ll round up all the evidence tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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