Bodge101’s Leaving Party Pics, Contest Winner & Party Review

Hey guys! Bodge here! My leaving party was a blast! I couldn’t have wished for a better send off! I’m so touched that so many people came ūüė• .¬† Now, the winner of my whole hoard of free penguins is…







Wetty5! Well done Wetty! I’ll email you the penguins! If anyone’s wondering how I chose the winner, I assure you it was perfectly fair! Now, here are the pictures I took of the party:

What a great party! I’ve travelled a long way in my Club Penguin career, but¬†I never expected such a great leaving party as that! ūüėÄ Unfortunately, my party filmer couldn’t be there, but it doesn’t matter: we had a great time! ūüėÄ Thanks for such a great party! ¬†I’ll post¬†my final goodbye later today. Feel free to comment what you thought about the party below!

Until next time…

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Bodge101’s Leaving Party

Update: Great party everyone! I’m touched that so many people turned up. ūüė• I’ll have the pictures and prize winner up as soon as I can!

As you probably know, I’m quitting Club Penguin- everyone’s time comes in the end! To celebrate all the good times, I’m hosing a party with all my friends and fans! Here are the details:

  • When: Sunday 15th February, at 12:00pm PST
  • Where: starting at Matterhorn Plaza
  • Who: Anyone can come!
  • Why: To celebrate all the fantastic times we’ve shared!
  • What: An massive party, with dancing, sled-racing, find four and much more! PLUS: I will be giving away my whole hoard of free penguins to one lucky visitor!

I hope you can all come! I’ll be adding as many people as I can, and the party will be filmed for Youtube!

Until next time…

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Quitting Forever & Leaving Party

Hey guys! Bodge here! I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but I’m quitting Club Penguin and my blog, forever.¬† Every penguin¬†comes to a certain time, when Club Penguin becomes boring, and the space in your life for it gradually seals up, and you quit. This happens at different times for different people. For me, my time has come. But I can definately say this: the¬†many hours¬†I’ve spent with the Club Penguin community has definately been worthwhile- I’ve learnt so much about myself, about what I can achieve if I just put the work in, like I have with my site, and about so many other cultures, across the world. Club Penguin blogging isn’t just about the game and the “fame”, it’s about making friends from across the world. That’s the most important part. And even though I have had 400,000 views, I will always look back on the friendships as the best part. All the people I’ve met and got to know, all the people who encouraged me and helped me along. Thankyou to you all!

I know you’re sad I’m quitting, but don’t be: just remember all the good times, and to celebrate all the fun we’ve had over the last year and a half, I’m throwing a massive party, and everyone is invited! At the party I’ll be giving away my whole¬†hoard of free penguins to one lucky visitor and the whole party will be filmed for Youtube!¬†I’ll post the invitation later, so stay tuned!

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Club Penguin Member Dance-A-Thon Cheats, Fiesta Party Update & AC3000 Uncovered

The Member Dance-A-Thon Party has finally begun! Here are the cheats:


You can pick up a free Boombox in the Dance Club:


There’s a cool welcome message that welcomes you to the party and lists the names of the penguins in the room:


You can bust some moves in the cool new dancing game:


And there are cool new break dancing moves if you dance with the Boombox:


DJ Cadence is popping up¬†in the¬†three floors of the Night Club and giving away a free item! Catch her while you can! I’ll try and get a tracker up soon!¬†

Remember¬†to check out the party room (The Roof) and the brand new game!¬†If you are not a member, go to my 40 Free Penguins page, packed full of cool member accounts,¬†so you don’t miss out.

Now, next week the annual Winter Fiesta party will begin- and this year it’s set to be even better than ever! There’s going to be new surprises, and even more cool mexican decorations! You can kick off the Fiesta fun early with tomorrow’s Furniture Catalog!


You may remember a month ago when the AC3000 mysteriously appeared in the Lodge Attic. Gary The Gadget Guy has finally revealed the purpose of the machine. Here’s what he had to say:

“There was a lot of snow used as decorations for the Chrsitams Party, so we decided to store it for another event. The AC3000 will maintain a perfect temperature for the snow to be preserved. You may recall we last used the cooling¬†device for the Festival Of Snow in 2007. I’m excited to utilize this invention again.”

Could the snow be for a second Festival Of Snow? What do you think?

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Club Penguin January 2009 Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek

A new furniture catalog comes out on Friday, packed extra-colourful new items for your igloo! Here’s a sneak peek:


Let me know what you think!

In other news: the Member Dance Party starts tomorrow, and every member in Club Penguin is looking forward to it! But don’t worry, non-members, there’s going to be another party later this month! ūüėÄ

Until next time…

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Club Penguin Member Party Sneak Peek & More Free Penguins

Club Penguin are working on an exclusive member party (their first since the opening of the Cove) for mid-January. Here’s a sneak peek:


The party will start on the 15th, and it’s more than just a party- wait till you see what else the team have planned! Last week, Billybob said that the new dance fashions would be useful later in January- could this be what he means? I’ll have more details next week!

I’ve updated the 40 Free Penguins page with over 30 awesome new (and old) accounts! Check it out here!

Finally, would you like to become an author on this site? Click here to apply!

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1 Year Of The Best Club Penguin Tips- A Look Back

Today is the 1st Anniversary of The Best Club Penguin Tips! 300,000 views. 10,000 comments. 580¬†posts.¬†My site has travelled a long way in a year. Let’s take a look back at all the good times we’ve had over the last year:


22nd December

This was the day I started¬†this blog. Click here to see my first ever post, just as I was coming to terms with how to use¬†Wordpress. Back then, I didn’t know how to put pictures into posts, and my posts were very short- I had much to learn.

27th December

This was when I got my first membership. I got it just in time to buy the Christmas stuff before it was shut away for the year. Because I didn’t know how to post pictures back then, I never had any pictures of me as a non-member, except for this one:



4th January

This was the date of my first major site update. I updated the theme (to the Digg 3 theme which I still use today), added music and my original custom image header, which was a picture of my penguin’s face.

7th January

At this point I had just started to use pictures, and was coming up to my first 1,000 hits. Here is a Web Archive of the day, when I had just 818 views.

12th January

On this day I held my first party: my 1000 Hits Party! Here’s the invitation from it:


It was a great party! Here is a Slideshow of the pictures I took of it:

16th March

This was when I released my massive page network, Bodge Library, which many of you may remember- I only deleted it a few months ago when I did a page clearout. You can still find the many stories I wrote here.

15th April

This was the day that one of Club Penguin’s biggest updates ever (CPIP) went horribly wrong. I lost all my items: member, non-member, awards, colours and awards! I came very close to quitting that day- as I couldn’t bear to go through Club Penguin without all my items I’d been gathering for nearly a year. But, eventually, the items came back on 19th April.

15th May

This was my penguin’s 1st birthday. I celebrated with a party (three weeks later) and a penguin autobiography you can read here.

27th-31st May

This was when I got suspended from posting on my site because of using too many tags. The ban would have been lifted sooner, but I was on holiday in Wales, and didn’t get back until the 31st, so really I’m not entirely sure how long the ban went on for.

10th June

This was the date of my first and only Club Penguin ban. Luckily it was only for 24 hours.

19th October

This was the day my site underwent some major changes to make it what it is today. I deleted 40 pages (yes, I know I had a lot), updated the sidebar with most of the current widgets, updated the blogroll and much more.

28th September

This was the date of my 100,000 Hits¬†Party, which, in my opinion, was the best party I’ve held yet (although the 300,000 Hits/1 Year Anniversary¬†Party last weekend was good). Here are some snapshots of the party:

20th December

My 300,000 Hits/1 Year Party was on this day (two days ago)! It was a great party (although it didn’t last long). Here are some snapshots:






So there we have it- one year of my site! It’s just flown by, hasn’t it? There’s just a few people I’d like to thank for such a great year:

  • All the friends I’ve made throughout the year who have helped me so much
  • The Club Penguin staff, for making Club Penguin so awesome
  • And, of course, all my fans and visitors without whom this site would’ve even have got started.

What a great year! Comment below on which bits of the last year you found most memorable!

Until next time…

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