Club Penguin How To Beat Sensei & Become A Ninja

Do you want to know how to defeat Sensei and earn your ninja mask? Do you want access to that ninja room? Here’s a tutorial:

How To Beat Sensei- Written Guide

First, reach black belt level in Card Jitsu- any other level and he beats you easily:


Next, click on Sensei and choose Sensei mode and play it until he makes a mistake, it is usually around the seventh game. Even after he’s made his first mistake, you have to be careful. Try to trick him with lots of consecutive cards of the same type. When you beat him, he will give you the Ninja Mask.

I will post later with how to reach Black Belt level, so stay tuned!

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Club Penguin Times Issue #161, Mystery Penguin Revealed & Card-Jitsu

A new newspaper came out today. Here are the top stories:

The mystery penguin has been revealed, and he has confirmed that the Dojo will become a school for ninjas:


He has also revealed that the new game will be called Card-Jitsu (which explains how the Club Penguin Trading Cards will help), and will be how he trains his pupils. You have to master the game to become a ninja.

The Dojo’s grand re-opening will be on November 17th. Here is the invitation:


The Club Penguin playwrights have recovered from writers’ block, and have announced that their new play will be released on November 21st:


Here are the events this week:


Make sure you check out all the rest of the paper!

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