Last Goodbye & Thankyou

It is finally time for me to depart from the fun, world of Club Penguin, and venture off into the unknown. I do so with regret, but I know I have to move on, as all penguins do, into the future, and to bigger- but not necessarily better things. I have learnt much in my time in Club Penguin, and not just about the game itself: about friendships, about what I can achieve if I set my mind to it, and so much about all the different cultures, the countries, and, most importantly the people from around the world. I have learnt about blogging, and business, and, most bizarrely, chocolate! :mrgreen: I will truly miss all the great friends that I have made in my time, and I’ll always remember the awesome memories: the parties, the contests, so many fun times with my buddies… And I’ll miss answering your comments, and hearing what you have to say about the events; I’ll miss meeting my fans, and talking to them personally… So much that I’ll miss… 😥 😥 But I have to move on, as will you all someday! The only thing I can say now is thankyou, thankyou all so much for giving me this chance! 😥 Thankyou for helping me, and supporting me, throughout my Club Penguin “career”! I may have been “famous”, but to me hits don’t matter- a man is defined by the number of friends he has, not the number of views on his website. Thankyou, thankyou all of you! 😥 There’s a few people I’d like to give an extra special thanks to:

Munky101- without whom my site never would have begun- even though it was kind of an accident! 😀 Best accident of my life, that’s for sure! 😀 Also for being such a great friend, throughout my CP life.

The Source00- who always helped and supported me, and has long time been one of my best CP buddies!

Kimi07- for being my best buddy in Club Penguin and real life.

Coolieperson- who helped me grasp the basics of blogging when I started- whenever I needed help with something on my blog, she was always there.

Nice Reddy, Californya63 and Aquaclear72- for being my good Club Penguin and WordPress buddies, and introducing me to so many of their friends, many of whom I still know today, and who have become great buddies of mine.

Interiordes3- for being a good friend and loyal site viewer as long as I can remember.

Aussie229, Doggking & Sonic30132- for being my great friends on both Club Penguin and WordPress, and always helping me when I needed help.

Ojoc & Blowsight10- for being excellent authors and buddies, and helping make this site what it is today.

I’d love to list all the awesome people I’ve met, and all my awesome Club Penguin buddies, but the list would be too long, and grow old before reaching the bottom! :mrgreen: Thankyou all so very much! I’ve loved my time here in Club Penguin, and have enjoyed every bit! Goodbye, my friends, and good luck in your future: in Club Penguin and the rest of your lives! And remember, your childhood doesn’t last forever, so savour every bit of it! Goodbye! 😥

For the last time…

Waddle on!


You’ll keep on waddling, waddling on,

And your times in Club Penguin will soon be done.

But although they are done, they are not gone,

For the memories, and the good times, still live on.

And as you remember them, you’ll remember the fun,

And the times that you spent, with old Bodge101.

And as you remember, you’ll know they’re not done!

And you’ll still be waddling, waddling on.

Goodbye everybody, and good luck! 😥 I’ll miss you all so much! 😥 Goodbye! Thankyou, thankyou all! 😥


1 Year Of The Best Club Penguin Tips- A Look Back

Today is the 1st Anniversary of The Best Club Penguin Tips! 300,000 views. 10,000 comments. 580 posts. My site has travelled a long way in a year. Let’s take a look back at all the good times we’ve had over the last year:


22nd December

This was the day I started this blog. Click here to see my first ever post, just as I was coming to terms with how to use Wordpress. Back then, I didn’t know how to put pictures into posts, and my posts were very short- I had much to learn.

27th December

This was when I got my first membership. I got it just in time to buy the Christmas stuff before it was shut away for the year. Because I didn’t know how to post pictures back then, I never had any pictures of me as a non-member, except for this one:



4th January

This was the date of my first major site update. I updated the theme (to the Digg 3 theme which I still use today), added music and my original custom image header, which was a picture of my penguin’s face.

7th January

At this point I had just started to use pictures, and was coming up to my first 1,000 hits. Here is a Web Archive of the day, when I had just 818 views.

12th January

On this day I held my first party: my 1000 Hits Party! Here’s the invitation from it:


It was a great party! Here is a Slideshow of the pictures I took of it:

16th March

This was when I released my massive page network, Bodge Library, which many of you may remember- I only deleted it a few months ago when I did a page clearout. You can still find the many stories I wrote here.

15th April

This was the day that one of Club Penguin’s biggest updates ever (CPIP) went horribly wrong. I lost all my items: member, non-member, awards, colours and awards! I came very close to quitting that day- as I couldn’t bear to go through Club Penguin without all my items I’d been gathering for nearly a year. But, eventually, the items came back on 19th April.

15th May

This was my penguin’s 1st birthday. I celebrated with a party (three weeks later) and a penguin autobiography you can read here.

27th-31st May

This was when I got suspended from posting on my site because of using too many tags. The ban would have been lifted sooner, but I was on holiday in Wales, and didn’t get back until the 31st, so really I’m not entirely sure how long the ban went on for.

10th June

This was the date of my first and only Club Penguin ban. Luckily it was only for 24 hours.

19th October

This was the day my site underwent some major changes to make it what it is today. I deleted 40 pages (yes, I know I had a lot), updated the sidebar with most of the current widgets, updated the blogroll and much more.

28th September

This was the date of my 100,000 Hits Party, which, in my opinion, was the best party I’ve held yet (although the 300,000 Hits/1 Year Anniversary Party last weekend was good). Here are some snapshots of the party:

20th December

My 300,000 Hits/1 Year Party was on this day (two days ago)! It was a great party (although it didn’t last long). Here are some snapshots:






So there we have it- one year of my site! It’s just flown by, hasn’t it? There’s just a few people I’d like to thank for such a great year:

  • All the friends I’ve made throughout the year who have helped me so much
  • The Club Penguin staff, for making Club Penguin so awesome
  • And, of course, all my fans and visitors without whom this site would’ve even have got started.

What a great year! Comment below on which bits of the last year you found most memorable!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Club Penguin New Stage Production Sneak Peek & New Settings Menu

Here is a sneak peek of the new stage production, coming out next Friday:


Also, there is a new settings menu on Club Penguin! You can now mute the music wherever you go! Click the question mark to see it:


Until next time…

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Dojo Grand Re-Opening Party Cheats/Secrets

The Dojo Grand Re-opening party started today! Here are the cheats:

The Geto Slippers can be found in the Dojo Courtyard:


There is a shed which looks like it will be where the Card-Jitsu game is kept:


Note the symbols- fire, water and snow- just like in the paper.

If you wait a while inside the Dojo, you will be able to play the Gong with snowballs:


Check out the music- it’s oriental-style! I wonder if it’s room music or party music?

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Ninja Poster

Go to the Dojo and click on all the lightbulbs and the “Wear A Hard Hat” sign to get a ninja poster:


Now we can be certain ninjas are coming! I’ll round up all the evidence tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


Coins For Change Return

Because of the incredible response from so many penguins last year, the Coins For Change Project will return this year!

Last year, Coins For Change divided $1,000,000 between three worthwhile global causes: the environment, kids health and kids in developing countries. Click here for more detail.


Starting December 12th, you will be able to donate your virtual coins to determine how much of the money goes to what cause.

Until next time…

Waddle on!