Gary Autographed Backgrounds

Gary The Gadget Guy is giving out cool signed backgrounds (like Rockhopper) in the Secret Lab! Here is a picture:

He will be travelling around servers, but it will be easier than finding Rockhopper as he will only be in one room. I would suggest checking the most popular servers. Good luck with finding him!

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Mission 8 Tutorial

Mission 8 is a great mission- possibly my favourite! But it is rather complicated- so if you can’t work it out: never fear! Just follow my easy-to-read tutorial or watch the tutorial video (courtesy of Chinsetakout). You’ll be an A class agent in no time!

Written Tutorial by Bodge101

1. Talk to G about the earthquakes until he tells you to go to the Docks.
2. Go around the gadget room and pick up the Flying Fedora Hat and the Hammer.
3. Go to the Sport Shop and take the pegs from next to the tent.
4. Go to the Beach. Pick up the net.
5. Go into the lighthouse and ask the penguin for his balloons. Also get a barrel of Cream Soda and shake it about!
6. Go to the Dock and talk to Herbert until he goes. Pick up the Lantern.
7. Go to the Coffee Shop (via the Town or your teleport) and help the penguin pick up the cookies. Just click on them and drop them into the pot by clicking again.
8. Accept a cookie from the penguin.
9. Give the puffle the Flying Fedora Hat, then the cookie.
10. Get the piece of map.
11. Go to the Plaza, to the queue at the Stage.
12. Talk to the penguin with the newspaper, then get him a pizza from the Pizza Parlour.
13. Ask for his newspaper, then take the piece of map out and put it with the other piece.
14. Go back to the Gadget Room and ask G for the Helium after clicking on it and having a conversation about what Herbert’s doing.
15. Return to the Town.
16. Take a balloon out of the box by clicking on it, then click on the helium.
17. The balloon will fill with helium, then you need to click on the Gift Shop with it. The shop will lift up.
18. Click underneath the Gift Shop with the net, but be quick- the balloon won’t hold it up forever!
19. Click on the net with the pegs. The Gift Shop is now fixed!
20. Go back to the Dock, with your fully assembled map, and follow the directions the map gives you (they change every time). Use the lantern (or the Night-Vision Goggles if you are a member) to see.
21. When you reach the end of the tunnel, get your spanner (wrench) out of your Spy Phone and click on the gear in the drill with it. Put the gear in your inventory.
22. Move into the next room and talk to Herbert until he runs away as the boiler’s about to blow. Answer your phone then click on the boiler.
23. Re-assembling the boiler.
How to play:
Click on the piece you want to connect to the pipe line and click on the piece you want it to replace. They will swap over. Keep doing this until the pipe ends at the top and bottom are connected.
24. Answer your phone then head back to the HQ. G is waiting by the map of Club Penguin.
25. Talk to G, give him the gear, then accept your medal and gift. Well done! You’ve completed the mission- don’t forget to have a look at your prizes- they’re pretty cool!

Well, there you have it! The written step-by-step guide! If you’re still struggling, watch this tutorial video by Chinsetakout!

Thanks Chinse!

I hope you enjoyed he mission and I’m sure your looking forward to going into the ‘offensive’ against Herbert next time- I know I am!
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Secret Letter Revealed

Last Thursday, a secret letter was hidden in the paper! I haven’t had time to post this yet because I’ve been busy. the letter was from the PSA, telling us to recruit more people for the agency. If you click on the word ‘secret’ on page A4, it opens up the letter:

Here’s what it says in English:

Now more tham ever we need trained agents on alert.

Your assignment until further notice is to help train new agents. Coach them on keeping Club Penguin safe and helping other penguins.

Be ready for anything. I know we can count on you!


I wonder how we’re actually meant to train them? The job’s sort of self explanatory, isn’t it?

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Cool New Clothes & Wigs

The new clothing and wigs catalogues are so cool! There is medieval fashion (including a blacksmith’s apron and dragon costume) and three brand new wigs! I will post the full story with pictures later today or tomorrow- I’m always really busy on Fridays!
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New Wigs & New Clothes Tomorrow

Some new wigs are coming out tomorrow- along with a new clothing catalogue! It shoul definately be a good day for fashion on the island! I think that everyone will probably be wearing the new wig(s) tomorrow- each time new wigs have come out there has been at least one really good one- why should tomorrow be any different? Also I think the ‘On The Job’ section will be either the security/waitor outfit or something completely new! Well, those are my thoughts! Just thought you might like to hear the thoughts of someone who might think different to the thoughts in your head (lol- how many times did I get the prefix ‘th’ in that sentance? Five times!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooo! Lolz!)!
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New Newspaper? Not Today

I don’t get this: for as long as I can remember- Club Penguin have released the new issues of the Club Penguin Times at the right time. But this week, something has happened and now we are getting an issue from several weeks ago! Issue #130! I don’t know what happened but something obviously went wrong! If you go to the newspaper archive it has them as if the past few weeks had never happened! No doubt Club Penguin will fix this soon but for now we’ll have to do with no new paper- and that means no new writing contest!
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Funny Music

Hey I found this random weird bit of music from Penguin Chat 3 (I didn’t go on Penguin Chat 3- but I know the music’s from it)! It’s weirrrrddddd! Check it out: