G’s Letter

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday- I didn’t have time! Anyway, G left a message in the newspaper. It was the paper in the pocket of his lab coat in the picture of him. If you click on the paper this letter comes up:

It says: To unlock this file turn all puffles black.

To read the full letter, you have to click on the puffles on the letter until they are all black. Here’s the full letter:

I think the point where he says “time” is a hint on what he’s going to do in the next mission.

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. The pics from my party have been delayed again- next time I won’t take as many! The slideshow should be made by tomorrow.


Events In April

April sounds like it’s gonna be just as action packed as March! I can’t wait! Here’s just a few things you chould look out for this month:

  • A Brand New Mission!
  • The Return of Rockhopper!
  • Book Room Update!
  • New Igloo!
  • New Room!

Sounds good- doesn’t it! I wonder where the new  room’s gonna be? Possibly Rockhopper’s private quarters!

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Invention Name Poll

There is a poll at the iceberg to decide what G’s invention to save the Migrator should be called. Here is a picture of it:


Here is it zoomed in:


I voted Aqua Grabber. I hope that wins!

Until next time…

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Mission Guide: Avalanche Rescue

Need help with the fourth mission? Well look no further! Just follow my step by step guide and you’ll complete it perfectly in no time! Anyway, enough talk, lets get on with the mission guide:
First, click on G. Then, ask him about the fur and then about the avalanche. When he’s done speaking, ask him about the life preserver shooter. He will open the gadget room. Round off the conversation and enter the room. Next look around the room until you find this:


Then pick up the life preserver shooter (top left), add it to your inventory, and go to the lighthouse. Look round until you find the rope in the boat:


Then add it to your inventory and proceed to the ski village. When you get there, talk to the crying penguin and say you’ll help him, pick up the tuft of white fur beneath the ski lift mechanism, then enter the Sport Shop. Once inside, look around for the green penguin manakin and click on the belt. this will happen:


Put the belt into your inventory, then go back outside. Once back in the ski village, click on the end of the ski lift to zoom in. Then, take the belt out of your inventory and click on the mechanism with it. Once it is firmly in place, zoom out again and talk to the penguin. Then enter the Ski Lodge. Look around until you find this:


Click on the rod to pick it up then put it in your inventory. Combine the rod with the rope and life preserver shooter, then make your way to the mountain. Go down Ridge Run and work out by trial and error your route down the mountain. When you reach the end of the route, click on the end with the gadget you made.

Once the gadget is in place, move the cursor with the gadget to where the sticks are and click. This gets rid of the sticks. Then, click on the penguin underneath the sticks and drag him across to above the penguuin below the one on the branch and click. Then, when back up, click on the penguin on the branch and put all three behind the rock. This puts the final penguin within reach. Pick up the other three and click above the fourth. Well done! All penguins rescued!

When you return to the mountain, click on G and give him the white fur. Round off the conversation and you’ve completed the mission! Well done!

For guides on the other secret agent missions, look in my blog’s secret agent missions category.

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New Show At Stage

The new show at the stage is Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. As most of you probably know, it is about superheroes. There are many features of it, including special effects and cool new costumes! Here are some key features:

Explosion Special Effects: there are three sets of explosives rigged on the stage. In the middle and on both sides. You can activate them using the red buttons on the switchomatic 3000.


Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy blasts: flip the pink or blue switches between the red ones and the lever to make power blasts appear to match what happens when you wave.


Super Puffle and Nightime background: pull the lever to make the super puffle stuff come up (the lights with a puffle and SP on them) along with the yellow puffle in a cape jumping onto a building. Flip the switch furthest from the lever to make the daytime background turn to night and the one next to it to make a car ride up to the monster with a car horn noise.


In case you didn’t understand which buttons to press, look at the diagram below and look for the numbered information below it:


1. This lever activates the super puffle stuff.

2.This switch activates Gamma Gal’s ray beam.

3. This switch activates Shadow Guy’s ray beam.

4,5 & 6. These activate the explosives at different points on the stage.

7. This switch activates the car.

8. This switch activates the change in background, ie. day or night.

Thankyou for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to answer. Enjoy the new production!

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